Questions & Answers – January 15, 2021

Anonymous: What is "pachka or panchack" (a period when some rituals or works should not be performed specially an "antishthi kriya") is there any information about it in the vedas? Or if so is there any specific ritiual/ceremony to ward off/nullify the effects of...

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Questions & Answer – December 23, 2020

R: Baba ji charno me koti koti Pranam! Prabhu Kaya guru moksh Avastha me bhi apne Bakhto (putra aur putriyo) k paapo ko maaf karte hai? Kripya Apna gyan de and forgive me if I asked anything inappropriate.🙏🏻 Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Jo...

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Questions & Answers – December 13, 2020

Anonymous: What is the meaning of First Mantra of Atharvaved i.e 1/1/1? Can I put aahutis of it? Swami Ram Swarup: महत् तत्त्व,अहंकार और पाँच तनमात्राएँ, ये सात तत्त्व है जिनसे संसार के सब रुप बनते हैं क्योंकि इनका निर्माण प्रकृति के तीन गुणों से होता है। इसलिए रजस,...

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Questions & Answers – November 22, 2020

Van: So you want to say that Krishna is not God? Swami Ram Swarup: Those who consider him God, they go ahead and should go ahead but the learned of vedas know that Avtarwad is not promoted in vedas, so learned of vedas never accept avtarwad. Anonymous: Namastey...

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Questions & Answers – November 20, 2020

Richa: Prabhu ji kr charno me Pranam 🙏🏻 Baba ji I have question regarding beggars. These people always use to ask for money from everyone. Do we need to give them every time. Even some of them seems very young and healthy but many of them are old age,child and...

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Questions & Answers – November 18, 2020

Anonymous: I am from Ukraine. When I studied history of Ukraine and Russia, I found out that Hinduism used to be the history of Russia and the oldest Swastik is also found in Ukraine only. I'm actually a student but I want to read the Vedas. I wanted to know where and...

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Questions & Answers – November 09, 2020

Anonymous: Koti koti Pranam Guruji..After reading your answer I felt very bad and had tears that you take so much of our pain , where we are not worth of it..and don't even realize it...please forgive all our sins and give us good budhi & aashirwad that we all...

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Questions & Answers – October 12, 2020

Harish: Guru ji Parnam, As per VEDAS, whether cremation can be performed after sun set or same is performed before sun set.Is there any reference of Ved Mantra in this regard. Parnam Guru Ji. Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you, my son. Yajurveda mantra...

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