Brief Summary of Preach – May 21, 2019

In these mantras there is Stuti, Upasana and Prarthana. Also, people who have taken deeksha, if they chant mantras, it has a value. If you do jaap, even for one hour, it will benefit you tremendously. It is important to maintain purity in the ashram. Impurity isn’t...

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Brief Summary of Preach – May 20, 2019

To listen Vedas is tapah. If you listen Vedas then other translations then it is fine. When the pralay happens, all the books will be destroyed. The knowledge of Rishi’s book will remain. If you read Samhita, it is not Vedas. When pralay happens in the next Shristi,...

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Brief Summary of Preach – May 19, 2019

Yajyen is Vishnu - name of God. Without Yajyen there is no other way to get out of dukh. Avidya- dukheshu sukah, people think that dukh is sukh. Even murderers think that they are sukhi. God is Supreme Judge. He doesn’t need witnesses. He is inside you and seeing. He...

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Brief Summary of Preach – May 18, 2019

A lot mistakes happen in Ashram. Why does it happen? It shouldn’t happen. It means no one really loves Guru. It is just selfishness. You should not have this ego. You have no respect for Gurudarbar. You should be scared of blaming the ashram or Rishi’s family. Why you...

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Brief Summary of Preach – May 17, 2019

YouTube links for morning Yajyen: Evening Yajyen If you rest and talk then your time is wasted. Ashram in Sanskrit – Aa ((from all directions), shram (hard work). Anyone...

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Brief Summary of Preach – May 16, 2019

Raja Dashrath was knowledgeable of Vedas and would do palan poshan of the whole world. It is the king’s responsibility to ensure that people get appropriately distributed with the items that they require. God has given everything. Now there is no equitable...

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Brief Summary of Preach – May 15, 2019

From tomorrow we will try that the Yajyen starts at 1000 since there is Vedarambh Sanskaar. There are people with hard heart, you should be humble and leave pride,  leave anger and do satkaar of pitrah. Without this everything is just selfishness and you get...

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Shrimad Bhagwadgeeta ek Vedic rahasya has explanation of each shloka of Geeta with the reference of Vedas. 


Vedon se Mrityu Rahasya Jano contains knowledge about death from Vedas, which is a bitter but fundamental truth that has to be understood. 

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It contains compilation of some basic knowledge of Vedas such has Maths, Science and others. It is a must read book. 

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