Questions & Answers – July 22, 2024

Anonymous: Respected, How many generations on the father's side and how many generations on the mother's side is considered incest and such marriage is prohibited according to Vedas? Thanks in advance for the explanation! All the best, Swami Ram Swarup: According to...

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Questions & Answers – July 21, 2024

Anonymous: Respected, 1) Do the Vedic scriptures forbid all opiates and hallucinogenic substances? Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, Vedic scriptures totally forbid the said subject, being false. Anonymous: 2) Did the Vedic rishis, munis and yogis possibly use opiates and...

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Questions & Answers – July 20, 2024

Anonymous: Respected, here is a quote from Wikipedia about the critical edition of the Mahabharata: "Between 1919 and 1966, scholars at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune, compared the various manuscripts of the epic from India and abroad and produced...

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Questions & Answers – July 19, 2024

Anonymous: Is Intercaste marriage allowed in Vedas like shudra man marrying a Brahmin woman etc. is it permitted. Can a man of lower varna marry a woman of higher varna What do Vedas say about it? Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, I paste my article below----...

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Questions & Answers – July 18, 2024

Anonymous: Pranam Guruwar, I come from a Vedic background with my father's family being arya samaji and doing havan on every major festival. But my kama has been my biggest enemy since birth. As far as I remember I always was too sensitive and my kamendriya were very...

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Questions & Answers – July 17, 2024

RM: My pranams to acharya I am a South Indian from the south I want answer following questions I am doing daily Sandhya vandhanam what to do if I stop idol worshipping can I do agnihotra 2 times daily is it enough 2. Will I get deeksha from acharya? When? Please...

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Questions & Answers – July 16, 2024

Anonymous: मैं योग साधना सीखना चाहता हूं लेकिन दीक्षा नहीं लेना चाहता। मैं सीखना चाहता हूं कि योग साधना द्वारा आत्मा को ईश्वर से कैसे जोड़ा जाए। Swami Ram Swarup: Beta, you can search yoga teacher anywhere in the country and start learning yoga philosophy. Anonymous:...

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Questions & Answers – July 15, 2024

Mani Iyer: If Ramayana was written millions of years ago,what is the evidence?What was the script used to write it because millions of years ago humans didn't know how to write. Waiting for your answer Swami ji Swami Ram Swarup: Valmiki Ramayan was written by Rishi...

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