Questions & Answers – December 14, 2018

R: Parnam Guru ji. Kya ap mujhe bata sktey hain K kaise main ApnaHaklaana Control kar sakta hu. Maine kafi books read ki hain or KafiSpeech tehripist se v baat ki hai. Lekin mera Haklaana thik nhi horha. Bachpan se hi main Haklata hu Lekin 15 se 19 saal me Haklanaband...

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Questions & Answers – December 13, 2018

MG: Respected Guruji, if someone had kept quitefriendly relations with the neighbours earlier in spite knowing someirritating habits of the neighbour. But the relation broke due toverbal fight. There were few bad experiences with the neighbour. And at times the...

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Astonishing Human Body

By Swami Ram Swarup Ji Every country has its own constitution to govern the people. Similarly, the unchangeable Lord of universe i.e. Almighty God, in the beginning of every creation makes a constitution to govern all the human-beings, in the shape of FOUR VEDAS. In...

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Questions & Answers – December 04, 2018

Sourabh: Braham rishi namastubhaym Respected guru ji 1. Kindly throw some light on first creation and please thŕow some light on what was there before first creation 2. Where do mukt jeevatma live and what is the purpose of mukt jeevatma after getting mukti. What is...

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Questions & Answers – December 03, 2018

Harish: Guru Ji Pranam, I had posted the below question with answer in a group of Swadeshi Trust and they are asking to translate the same in Hindi for further publication. Is Brahmins only entitled to do puja ? Why women are not entitled to chant all the Ved mantras...

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Questions & Answers – December 02, 2018

Merwyn: What is Vedas? Swami Ramswarup: In this regard, I paste my article below:- Vedas’ Philosophy God has made universe and blessed us with human body to do pious deeds to attain salvation only. He has not made any heaven or hell. All have to face the result of...

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Questions & Answers – December 01, 2018

PR: Guruji Charan sparsh. Kuch din pahale apne ek office ke colleague se ved mandir or aapke bare me pata Chala. Vo or unki family bahut salon se aapse jude hein or ved marg par chal rahe Hein. Mein bahut salon se bhatak rahi magar kabhi Shanti nahi mili or na he...

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Shrimad Bhagwadgeeta ek Vedic rahasya has explanation of each shloka of Geeta with the reference of Vedas. 


Vedon se Mrityu Rahasya Jano contains knowledge about death from Vedas, which is a bitter but fundamental truth that has to be understood. 

Pravachan Sangrah

It contains compilation of some basic knowledge of Vedas such has Maths, Science and others. It is a must read book.