Worship Almighty God

By Swami Ramswarupji, Yogacharya Amongst the human-beings, when a person, after listening and studying the vedic thought becomes capable to know alive and non-alive matters of universe perfectly and thus becomes aspirant, then he must desire to realize God. You see,...

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Questions & Answers – November 03, 2019

Edward: Pranam Swami, why is it that in most verses of the Vedas eg -Atharvaveda 01/16/04 three animals are not to be kill, the cow, the horse and human being, and why other animal - like the pig, dog, vulture etc are not protected. And also in the days of Mahabharat...

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Girl Child- The most revered creation of God

By Swami Ramswarup, Yogacharya Next to God, the universe is indebted to girl child, who transforms into woman, first for life itself and then for making it worth having it. Margaret Mead says- Every time we liberate a girl child, we liberate a man. Ironically, the...

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Brief Notes from Yajyen – October 22, 2019

Earlier children would take Vedic knowledge and then enter Grahastha. People are unable to get complete knowledge. Even if they do not get complete knowledge, a lot is needed to realise and to make their life a success. People who listen Vedas, keep doing Yajyen and...

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Brief Notes from Yajyen – October 21, 2019

Swamiji conducted weekly Yajyen, conducted on every Monday. In his preach, he said: You should sit in dhyaan for at least an hour daily. Less than that you will not achieve and will take a long time. Yajyen is bigger than dhyaan. It has stuti and you can chant the...

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Brief Preach from Yajyen – October 20, 2019

Swamiji performed the weekly Yajyen conducted on every Sunday. In his divine preach from Vedas, he said: Food, money, etc. do not matter as much. Without Yajyen, you cannot live. These days the world does not do Yajyen. So, Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansaar (Sage Nanak says...

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Brief Notes from Yajyen – October 13, 2019

Swamiji conducted Yajyen today on the occasion of Purnmasi. In his divine preach, he shared: People can make whatever arrangement that they want with their mind to be happy. The fundamental is that if we do not do the worship of God and follow Vedas, they cannot be...

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Brief Notes from Yajyen – October 12, 2019

Swamiji conducted Yajyen and shared his preach from Vedas. In his divine preach, he said: Everytime, everywhere you should remember that God is everywhere in each part of the world and He is watching you everytime. I keep explaining you again and again and you should...

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Swami Ramswarupji answers questions of readers

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You can ask questions on your personal problems. Please note that no medical advice will be given. 


You can ask questions on several scriptures such as Upanishads, Shastras, Ramayan, Mahabharat and others


Spiritual advice such as meditation, yogabhyas, yajyen, chanting, daily prayer, swadhayaye, etc. 

News & Current Affairs

Please feel free to ask questions on news and current affairs. Swamiji replies as per Vedas. 


You can ask questions on all major religions. Swamiiji gives answers as per Vedas.


Feel free to ask questions on improvement such as in education, career, personal life and others. 

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Yajyen is performed daily in Ved Mandir. Public Yajyen is organised on every Sunday, Monday, Purnmasi and Amavasya. Additionally, it is organised on several occasions.

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Annual Yajyen is organised from April to June since 1979 with aahutis and discourse from every mantra of Vedas. It is done personally by Swami Ramswarupji. 

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Vedic Books


Shrimad Bhagwadgeeta ek Vedic rahasya has explanation of each shloka of Geeta with the reference of Vedas. 


Vedon se Mrityu Rahasya Jano contains knowledge about death from Vedas, which is a bitter but fundamental truth that has to be understood. 

Pravachan Sangrah

It contains compilation of some basic knowledge of Vedas such has Maths, Science and others. It is a must read book. 

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