Questions & Answers – March 29, 2024

Anonymous: We are three siblings who are joint owners of an ancestral bungalow which is run down infested with large number if bats and containing bat urine and bat excreta. My twin sister and younger brother are insisting on donating it to our Acharya as it is...

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Questions & Answers – March 28, 2024

Anonymous: अहम् सूर्य इवाजनि। इसका अर्थ समझा दीजिए। धन्यवाद। Swami Ram Swarup: (अहम् सूर्यः इव अजनि) मैं सूर्य के समान प्रकाशमान् प्रसिद्ध हुआ हूं क्योंकि (अहम् इत् हि) मैंने ही (पितुः) परमेश्वर से (ऋतस्य) सत्य वेद की (मेधाम्) बुद्धि (परि जग्रह) धारण की है। Samved...

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Questions & Answers – March 27, 2024

Iqbal: How can I gain the true knowledge of Vedas? Vedas are not book. It should be learnt from a Acharya. How to make sure that this person is a true Acharya? I am a Muslim. Would any Acharya will agree to teach me Vedas? Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please, any acharya...

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Questions & Answers – March 26, 2024

Anitya: Namaste guruji! Are "shudras" allowed to learn vedas. Because traditional acharyas are against it m They popularly quote bramhasutra (1/3/38) for their claim. Swami Ram Swarup: Dear Anitya, According to Yajurveda mantra 31/11 no caste system has been made by...

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Questions & Answers – March 24, 2024

Anonymous: Hey Swami ji, please tell me how to do meditation, currently I have watched many videos of your pravachans and of your disciple's videos. I do daily gayatri agnihotra and chant om. Please guide me how to meditation, currently I am a student living in the...

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Questions & Answers – March 23, 2024

Anonymous: Is heaven or hell as per the Vedas? Swami Ram Swarup: As per Vedas, no heaven and hell exist anywhere. Heaven is based on the result of pious deeds done according to Vedas. The result of pious deeds is happiness awarded by Almighty God. And the happiness,...

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Questions & Answers – March 22, 2024

Anonymous: Pranam Guruji. I want to read Vedas, specifically Rigvedas. I completed my Graduation and Post graduation and currently pursuing Law from Delhi University. My prime question is - can I take a diksha for this spiritual purpose from the Guruji at Vedmandir...

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Swami Ram Swarupji answers questions of readers

What kind of questions can you ask?


You can ask questions on your personal problems. Please note that no medical advice will be given. 


You can ask questions on scriptures such as Upanishads, Shastras, Ramayan, Mahabharat, etc.


Spiritual advice such as meditation, yogabhyas, yajyen, chanting, daily prayer, swadhayaye, etc. 

News & Current Affairs

Please feel free to ask questions on news and current affairs. Swamiji replies as per Vedas. 


You can ask questions on all major religions. Swamiiji gives answers as per Vedas.


Feel free to ask questions on improvement such as in education, career, personal life and others. 

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Yajyen is performed daily in Ved Mandir. Public Yajyen is organised on every Sunday, Monday, Purnmasi and Amavasya. Additionally, it is organised on several occasions.

Annual Yajyen

Annual Yajyen is organised from April to June since 1979 with aahutis and discourse from every mantra of Vedas. It is done personally by Swami Ram Swarupji. 

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Vedic Books

Swamiji’s publications are available in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi and other languages. These includes books and audio.


Shrimad Bhagwadgeeta ek Vedic rahasya has explanation of each shloka of Geeta with the reference of Vedas. 

Vedon se mrityu rahasye jaano

Vedon se Mrityu Rahasya Jano contains knowledge about death from Vedas, which is a bitter but fundamental truth. 

Vedic Pravachan Sangrah

It has compilation of some basic knowledge of Vedas such has Maths, Science and others. It is a must read book.  (2 Volumes)