Questions & Answers - December 18, 2014

S: Pranam Guruji All the time I am too much conscious about any sin that I may do or even think. I have to study but over a large period I am concerned about that if i am doing something wrong. Even while doing havan or meditation I am more concerned about any wrong I may do like may sit in wrong way, put ghee in wrong way even thoug I do as you have guided us to do. In my class rather than focusing on studies my attention is more to remain away from girls as even talking to them may lead to sin. Guru ji vedas tell that GOD is omnipresent and knows all and better than us.

Questions & Answers - December 17, 2014

Sri Vivek: Dear Swamiji, Namesthe. Yourself asked to pose the question in November, hence I post my question now. Can you explain in detail the Medical Science in Atharvana Veda ? Best Wishes, Truly.
Swami Ramswarup: Atharvaved describes the several types of medicines pertaining to stomach etc., to maintain the human body free from all kinds of diseases. In this ved, the knowledge of Almighty God and His divine qualities are described. Therefore, it also pertains to spiritual matter.

Questions & Answers - December 14, 2014

S: Pranam Guruji Guruji is it a sin to eat stale food that may be 6-7 hours old or one day old. As my parents are working so they make the vegetable in the morning and we may eat it till the night. Pranam Guruji.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. Yes, the food which is taken after three hours of its preparation that food is considered stale food and is not good for health. Now a days people are taking being helpers. (helpless)

Questions & Answers - December 10, 2014

Abdul: Is Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) mentioned in the Bible?
Swami Ramswarup: It has been a long time when I was young and read Holy Bible. But now, I am seventy-four plus and have forgotten most of the names mentioned in Holy Book Bible. So, sorry I do not know that name of Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) is mentioned in the Holy Bible.

Priya: Pranam guruji, I came to know garlanding of dead bodies is not mentioned in vedas. Can we do havan near dead bodies to purify the atmosphere of room?

Questions & Answers - December 09, 2014

Sudheer: Respected sir, As you said there is no ghost or evil spirits, I would like to recall my experience and would like to understand your view on this. Few years back, My cousin brother died in road accident (21 year old) and I went to participate in all funeral activity in my native town near Mangalore as it’s my duty to do that. Due to office work , I back to Bangalore on the same day. This incident happened during my travel time. I got the Bangalore Bus around 8pm and exactly 8:30 pm I felt like somebody kissing me from start from my leg to my face.

Questions & Answers - December 08, 2014

Rashmi: Guru ji maharaaj pranaam, I have received thee books. Guruji maharaaj how is your health. We always pray to you for your good health. Guru ji maharaj could you pl tell us specific mantras in which we pray to god to control anger with meaning to include in Dainik haavan. Please explain the meaning of aum ye te shatam varun ye saharastram ---- marudbhayah swarkebhayh idam na mam. Katyanan strotra 25,1,11 and aum aysach agne asyanabhishastipasch...... idam agney ayase idam na mam. With regards Rashmi

Questions & Answers - December 06, 2014

Rohan: Pranam Maharaj ji. Charansparsh, Hope you and every one in the family is in best of health, I pray to got every day for your speedy recovery and long life.
Please convey my warm regards to Guru Mataji as well.
Maharaj ji, Once you were telling us that every business is run to earn profit, that is the purpose of running the business,no wrongdoing(charging extra money) is to be commited while selling or offering services,

Questions & Answers - December 05, 2014

J: I am a 32 yrs old girl still not married. I am fed-off of this life. Never got success in life in any manner.I want to know about my marriage. Whether marriage is written in my fate or not. When will it happen, I want to know about that guy & whether it will be a within caste or other caste & my parents will be happy on that, how will be my married life? Please tell me, so many bramhan-pandit predicted & gave so many suggestions to do (fasting, vrat & all) on that but no use all were failure.