Questions & Answers - February 03, 2016

M: Parnam swami ji. Mai janna chatha ho ki maut ka time sbka fix h ya fir koi us sey phele b ja sukta h mera wife ki achank pain hua or 24hrs sey b km time me death ho gye isi 4jan ko tb sey upset ho ki aisa ku hua mere two bahuth chote ek 6 year or ek only 1year unki kya gulti thi ki god ne unki maa le li plz swami ji ,kya god sb aache k liye he krta h ager to isme kya acha hua meri to life he olti ho gye ..

Questions & Answers - January 31, 2016

Shubhangi: Respected swamiji namaskar. I am 2 month pregnant. Please tell me about garbhsanskar Rituals. And suggest book for good baby.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you, my daughter.

Tips for Pregnancy

It is said in four Vedas that "Mother is the creator of child's future." It is in her hands that how she builds her child's future by adopting good spiritual preaches, which are all mentioned in four Vedas. Some of the aforesaid preach are written here.

Questions & Answers - January 30, 2016

Charu: My heartiest greetings to Guru ji, I have just started following this site and try to read questions and their answers. This aspires me to ask my queries here too, I would like to know what vedas says about it. My first query, Is it allowed for a man to have multiple wifes and if yes then is it same for woman too? Second query, As per the vedas, is it necessary that in a couple guy should be elder to girl, if yes then what should be the age gap between the two? Third query, what is the right age for a guy and girl to get married as per vedas?

Questions & Answers - January 28, 2016

Harsh: Swamiji kya yeh naari ki vedic duty hai ki woh shaadi k baad apna ghar tyaag kar apne pati k ghar jaaye..swamiji eshwar ne aisa niyam kyun banaya? Swamiji India meinkuch aisi societies hai aur africa mein bhi jahan ladkeshaadi k baad ladkik ghar jaatey hai aur aisi societies centuries se hai..agar yeh ved virudh hai tohswamijiaisi society abh tak exists kyun kar rahi hai? matriarchal yaani stree pradhaan society kyun iswar komanzoor nahi issey kya kharaabi hoti hai? kynki iss baat kolekar feminist logo ne kaafi vivaad khada kar diya hai..

Questions & Answers - January 25, 2016

Prashant: Namskar Gurudev.... I pray for your divine soul.... Please help me understand meditation.... I recently started chakra meditation myself learned from internet. I feel strong flow of liquid starting from my head flowing down to my forehead, throat and then to heart. When i started feeling this liquid flow to my throat my throat felt fiery and helped me clear my voice and since then i never had any throat related diseases. This liquid flows towards my point of concentration. I can direct this liquid to my forehead just by concentrating towards my forehead or throat or heart.