Preach Summary from Annual Yajyen 2015 - Day 21

Under the leadership of Swami Ramswarupji, Yogacharya, a Yajyen spanning 64 day is being organised at Ved Mandir, Yol. On the 21st day, devotees made the offerings from the mantras of Rig Ved. While explaining a mantra from Rigved, Swamiji said that like birds live on a tree, on the same tree their offsprings are born, attain maturity and have their own families. When the time comes the parents of these offsprings grow older and attain death.

Preach Summary from Annual Yajyen 2015 - Day 20

Under the leadership of Swami Ramswarupji, Yogacharya, a Yajyen spanning 64 day is being organised at Ved Mandir, Yol. On the 20th day, devotees made the offerings from the mantras of Rig Ved.

Before starting to worship God, mankind should listen to Vedas and know the qualities, deeds and characteristics of God.

Mantra says that the God by whose worship the learned attain salvation and at the time of Grand Dissolution (pralay) the three worlds assimilate - without knowing the God (as described earlier) no one can attain the pleasure of salvation.

Questions & Answers - June 10, 2015

A K Kashyap: Swami ji thankyou very 2 much for give me answer of my question (be attract). pahale to mujhe laga tha ki mujhe is type ke question puchhne chahiye ya nahi. phir meri antarman ne kaha ki mujhe aise vyakti se jis par mujhe vishwas ho sab kuchh kaha dena chahiye evam ye inspiration mujhe (the power of the posotive thinking) written by norman vincent peale evam sri bhagwat gita ch-16 sl-2 se mili.
Swami Ramswarup: You are welcome, please. Bahut achchha beta, aapke vichar bahut achchhey hain, mera aapko phir se ashirwad. Sadaa sukhi raho.

Preach Summary from Annual Yajyen 2015 - Day 19

Under the leadership of Swami Ramswarupji, Yogacharya, a Yajyen spanning 64 day is being organised at Ved Mandir, Yol. On the 19th day, devotees made the offerings from the mantras of Rig Ved. On this occasion Swamiji explained from Rigved mantra that the Chief of Armed Forces should ensure the best training for soldiers so that at the time of war, our army can crush the enemy soldiers and ensure security of our people.

Questions & Answers - May 03, 2015

P: Dear Pandit Ji, I need your suggestions for the following points:
1. I am manglik girl wants to marry a non-manglik boy.
2. I know that they are some issues in our relation beacuse I am a manglik girl and there would be resistent from both the families.
3. Please provide me with some alternatives and help me on this.
Looking forward for your answer.
Thank you.

Questions & Answers - May 02, 2015

Anonymous: Namaste Guruji, I regard you a great scholar in my life I have seen. My question related to panic. For Example I am in Private Job and in office I daily visit website to know answers of different question asked by people. I read them due to my curiosity to know the answer. But I always live in panic while visiting Ved Mandir website because I think my boses may get angry on me if they come all of sudden because for them materialism is everything. How to overcome from panic?

Questions & Answers - May 01, 2015

Akshay: Swamiji pranaam apse main pehle bhi prshn kar chuka hu aur vedon ke bare me apni jigyasa aur badhi hai .main apse puchna chhta hu ki- 1.kya ved mandir aakar main vedo ka gyaan le sakta hu 2.kya main atmagyaan aur ishwar ko paa sakta hu 3. Apne yam niyam ke bare me bataya to jitna jaan ska uska utsukta se palan karne ka icchuk hu kripya aap mujhe bataye ki kya main himachal aakar aapse ved gyan le sakta hu.
Swami Ramswarup: Mera aapko ashirwad. Yeh, aapke oopar Ishwar kripa huee hai ki vedon ke bare mein aapki jigyasa baadhi hai. Sadaa sukhi raho.

Questions & Answers - April 30, 2015

M: Respected Guruji, I have too many vices within me like lot of anger, Guilt, fear etc. I have started performing havan one time in the evening as per procedure mentioned by you. I will start doing it in them morning also. I pray to god to get me freedom from all vices at the end of havan. I also pray to seek forgiveness for some major sins.
My questions are:
1. Is it right to perform havan with such motivation of getting freedom from vices and sins? I do not see any transformation within myself.

Questions & Answers - April 29, 2015

Sida: Pranam Guruji. Guruji if a person is in any pain or problem but he still stays determined to continue his duty is not wrong na.
I mean I study while walking and it gives me some pain in my feet and back (NOT a medical problem but pain due to physical exertion), some blisters too. But I still continue to study, even though some times I get some headache but i still study and I forget about it..... I hope all these acts have nothing to do with HATH YOG, and there is no wrong if I am forcing my body and mind to go beyond its limits when doing hard work to get success.

Questions & Answers - April 28, 2015

Ashish: Guru ji pranam..apse ye jan na chahta hu ki kya hum gayatri matra ka jaap kisi bhi samay like kaam pe ,driving karte samy ya jab bhi time mile kar sakte hai ya nahi ?
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. Pehle to aap guru mantra ka jaap arth sahit aasan par baith kar subah sham karein. Doosra driving chhod kar, aap jab marzi Gayatri mantra ka jaap karein.

Anupam: Swami ji namaskar, please give me correct translation and explanation (punsavana sukata) Atharaveda 6.11.1-3.

Questions & Answers - April 27, 2015

Arya V: Adarniy swamiji,atmiy naman ,vandan,charan-vandan...
1. Main ek adhyapak hoon aur aapke aashram me vedik shiksha diksha hetu kab as Sakta hoon?
2. Maine hrishi Dayanand ko parha aur iske baad mujhe ved parhne ki prabal iccha hui ,abhi main ved ka Hindi bhashya parh raha hoon,mere Mann me sarvatra vedic dharm ka prachar aur sthapna ho aisi tivra tadap hai,iske liye mujhe kya karna chahiye?
3. Main Sanskrit sikhna chahata hoon,kripya margdarshan kare.

Questions & Answers - April 25, 2015

Dr. Manjiree: Please send me Vedon Se Mrityu Rahasya Jano and Vedanche Divya Gyan.
Swami Ramswarup: Dear daughter Manjiree, my blessings to you for a long, happy life. I appreciate your vedic views. Really, God has blessed you with His blessings to understand the deep Vedic views. I heartily thankful to you and again bless you. Books are being sent to you.

Ayesha: Chandra grahan hone walaa hai tho pregnant ladies ya kisi bhi insaan nee kon konsi sawdhaniiya barakhni chahiyee.