Saamveda Mantra 1


(Agna = Agni) O God!(Veetaye) to give us wisdom (Havyadaatye) to give the best pious matters, mind etc., (Barhishi) in Yajyen/in heart (Aa Yahi) come i.e., appear. (Hota) O! donor of all matters (Grinnanaha) preaching duties. (Ni Satsi) sit i.e., appear in heart.

Saamveda Mantra 1


(Agna = Agni) O God!(Veetaye) to give us wisdom (Havyadaatye) to give the best pious matters, mind etc., (Barhishi) in Yajyen/in heart (Aa Yahi) come i.e., appear. (Hota) O! donor of all matters (Grinnanaha) preaching duties. (Ni Satsi) sit i.e., appear in heart.

Meaning:- O God! to give us wisdom, to give the best pious matters, mind etc., come i.e., appear in Yajyen/in heart. O! donor of all matters, preaching duties, sit i.e., appear in heart.

Idea:- The devta of this mantra is "Agni". Devta means the subject of the mantra. So in this mantra, the subject is Agni. The meanings of word "Agni" are several in Vedas like God, Fire, King, Chief of army, Acharya etc. Here, the spiritual meaning of Agni is "God". According to Sanskrit Grammar, from "Ag" dhatu, Agni word is made, the meaning of which is "agrinni" i.e., which always comes at top i.e., at first. It is also but natural that the name of God is recited first in every matter before its starting.
Even God remains always first before the creation. So here the meaning of Agni is God. Saamveda is also Upasana Kand i.e., teaches specially for worship of God. And this is the first mantra of Saamveda where the meaning of Agni is God.

Veetaye= When time comes and the universe meets with final destruction then every spiritual master, learned person, Acharya, Guru etc., leave their bodies too. So in the new creation, there remains nobody to teach about knowledge (science), deeds and worship etc. The people of unsexual creation remain ignorant. Further, the knowledge is always gained by somebody when the same is given by somebody. So, there remains only Almighty, immortal God from Whom the knowledge of four Vedas emanates and is originated in the heart of four Rishis. That is why, He is the first Guru of the four ancient Rishis. Thereafter, the knowledge is given by alive Rishis and Munis traditionally. The tradition is still in force and will ever remain being eternal. So it shall not be out of place to mention that Almighty God is our first Guru.

Therefore, the word "Veetaye" indicates that we all human beings must pray God to give us wisdom through our Acharya. It doesn’t matter whether we belong to any sect but our God is one Who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and gives us knowledge of Vedas.

Havyadatye = Rigveda mandal 10, Sukta 129 too clarifies that before the creation there was nothing (sun, sky, air, water, life etc.) except God, souls and Prakriti, all unseen. And God creates every matter. When we utilize the matters like sun, air, bodies, food, gold, buildings, cars etc., without prayer/worship of God, then we all come under the category of thankless human beings and in result every matter of the world gives us problem, unsatisfaction, sorrows etc. So we pray God saying havyadatye. In Yajyen, God is stated to appear. The meanings of Yajyen are Heart, meditation etc. So we pray to God that in our Yajyen or while meditating in our heart, You kindly appear. The same is the meaning of the words "Aa Yahi" and "Ni Satsi".

Hota relates to the meaning of above quoted word "Havya daatye".

Grinnanaha relates to the meaning of the preacher i.e., God from whom the knowledge of four Vedas emanates.


We must follow the path of eternal Vedas which emanate direct from Almighty God. God is complete in all respect because nobody dares to say that there is any minutest shortcoming in adorable God that is why people say Him Almighty. Therefore, the knowledge of four Vedas is also complete in all respects, right from straw to Brahma.

Saamveda mantra 2


DEVTA = Agni

(Agne) O God! (Tvam) You are (Vishvesham) all (Yajyenaam) of Yajyen (Hota) Lord i.e., by whom the Yajyen is completed (Devebhihi) by learned (Manushe Jane) within man- aspirants (Hitaha) established.

Meaning :- (Agne Tvam Vishvesham Yajyenaam Hota) i.e., O God! You are the lord of all kinds of Yajyen. (Devebhihi Manushe Jane Hitaha) i.e., You are
established within the mankind by Devaha i.e., learned of vedas.

Idea:- Here the meaning of the word "Agni" is also Almighty God. So God is ‘Hota’ i.e., Lord of "Vishvesham Yajyenaam" i.e., all types of Yajyen. ‘Hota’ means God by whom all the Yajyen are completed. Geeta shloka 3/15 states "Brahma Nityam Yajye Pratishthitam" i.e., God is ever present in holy Yajyen. The idea is this that when an aspirant/Yajmaan performs Hawan, Yajyen/Agnihotra with concentration, faithfulness and all efforts then in his Yajyen, God is ever present to listen prayer and bless all. It means God has accepted offerings in Yajyen by aspirants. That is why, God is Hota of Yajyen. The meanings of Yajyen are actually several. But will be considered as per the subject and references of the ved mantra. In Yajurveda mantra 1/1 the main and beautiful meaning of Yajyen is Devpooja, Sangatikaran, Daaneshu.

Dev = He who gives us. So mother, father, atithi, acharya and God give us birth, nursing, knowledge, path of salvation and everything respectively. So they are our alive Devtas and are adorable.

Sangatikaran = Services by means of body, mind, money to satisfy the acharya to preach us knowledge of Vedas and Yoga etc., in return.

Daaneshu:- Services and donation to right person, place and society according to Vedas, as per one’s capability. So one must avoid donation to false places.

An article of mine can also be seen on donation on this web site.

There are other 5 kinds of Yajyen i.e., Brahma Yajyen, Dev Yajyen, Balivaishvadev Yajyen, Pitri Yajen, Atithi Yajyen.

There are other Yajyen like study of Vedas, Amavasya and Pornnamas Yajyen etc., etc.

(1.) To do daily hawan with ved mantras is Dev Yajyen. Worship of God by Hawan, Name jaap, Pranayaam etc., regular contact with learned acharya is

(2.) To do meditation, study of Vedas under the guidance of learned acharya is Brahma Yajyen.

(3.) To satisfy by doing services to elders, mother, father, grand father, grand mother etc., who take care and nurse the children are our Pitar. So to provide them with food, clothes, residence, money, sweet talking etc., is Pitri Yajyen. Similarly, such parents must be honest, God fearing and learned etc.

(4.) To give some part of food to animals, birds etc., daily is called Balivaishvadev Yajyen.

(5.) A learned of Vedas is called ‘Atithi’ where such Atithi is honoured by families then it is called Atithi Yajyen by the families.

But the process, rules and regulations etc., to perform the Yajyen are taught by learned acharya. So in all 4 Vedas, it has been made clear that holy Yajyen is accepted by God when Brahma is established in the Yajyen. Here Brahma is alive learned acharya who is learned/ philosopher of 4 Vedas.

In this connection, Rigveda mantra 1/25/12 & 13 throw light that those who maintain Brahmacharya and control their 5 senses, perceptions and mind etc.
They only become entitled to obtain blessings of God to realize divine merriment.
Further the mantra states that as the sun enlightens the earth by killing darkness so a learned acharya of Vedas enlightens the people by divine knowledge/ light of Vedas, Yoga philosophy etc., to kill their illusion.

Therefore, here the word "Dev" is given for the learned acharya of Vedas who preaches the above said knowledge to make the people able to realize God which is the main motto of the human life. So the mantra says "Devebhihi Manushejane Hitaha" i.e., by the blessings of Dev- learned acharya, The Almighty God is known by people. Hitaha means established/known. Further idea is that God is ever worshipped through learned acharya. Then only people become able to establish/know/realize the Almighty God within their heart.


Human life is meant to realize God while discharging all moral duties according to Vedas. Because Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanate direct from God and we may say that Vedas are eternal constitution of universe made by God. Therefore we must obey Vedas. We must try to sit in holy Yajyen where Brahma is present to listen Vedas and realize God.