Anonymous: Swami jee? Rig veda 10/79/6 kar arth batein isme jo akhiri shabd hai use gram katne ke bare mein hai kya??
Swami Ram Swarup: Due to heavy bond of work on me for daily spiritualism, it is not possible to send the meaning of your requisite mantra.

Mantra ka aakhiri pad hai-“Gamivaasihi”. Iska arth hai ann ke paudhe kee tarah. Bhaav yeh hai ki jaise drati ann ke paudhe ke tukde-2 karke chchinn-bhinn kar detee hai, usee prakaar jo bhi sansaar mein janam leta hai, Parmeshwar uske pratyek ang ka vibhaag karke uska sanhaar karke usey apne mein le leta hai aur yeh aap bhi jaante hee hain ki jub murda shareer chita pe jalta hai to uske ang ke tukde-2 hokar jal jaate hain.

MC: Pranam Swamiji, aapka swaasth theek hae na Swamiji? The environment at present outside home especially in colleges tend to mislead the mind, friends speak untruth, break rules of behavior due to ignorance, and show themselves to be good, so the real problem happens to helpful persons, who are being utilised. How would I know who is good or bad, and how should I remain away from bad friends.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Han, beta, main theek hoon. Dear son, nowdays, it is not possible to recognize that who is the faithful or good friend etc. Actually, in the absence of vedic knowledge, almost all people including students are unable to control their senses, perceptions, mind and intellect. As a result, several students are indulged in addiction etc. and they tell lies also. So, however, I tell you, student who does not make spending fun of others, tells almost truth, is not indulged in any kind of addiction and opposite sex, has good health and his body does not smell, respects others especially teachers, parents and elders, he can be considered a good friend. And a student who has no such qualities, you should try to be away from him.