K Guruprasad: Crores of Pranams at your lotus fee Guru Maharajji. We hope that you are keeping good health. Sorry to bother you with a question in your busy schedule, however, need your maarg darshan. Its been since long time I have been longing for a place to grow Cows especially those ones which have stopped giving milk. However due to space constraints in Bangalore it was not practically possible. As you know there is one person in Tamilnadu who is very poor and who has shown keen interest in Ved prachar in the last few months. He has been loosing his income as the daily labour needs on weaving industry has come down and also he is unable to do such heavy labour job due to health problems. So, my thinking was to buy a small land near his village and build a go shala which can like maintain 3 to 4 cows and putting this person who can take care of the cows. Earlier in Hindu book fair event as well we had discussions on this and he showed keen interest on saving cows. My idea is to pay him for maintaining the Go shala and maintain cows by way of collecting donations from people whom I know are interested genuinely in contributing for such cause on a monthly basis. Alternatively I’m searching a place near Bangalore area as well if we could not get a place in Tamil Nadu. Being a normal human, I know we have Kubuddhi and hence wanted your Maarg darshan if this could be working well. Always at your lotus feet, your son from Bangalore.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you all, my son. The idea to serve the cows is the best idea, cow being our mother. So, this pious deed can be taken in hand but the donor must be arranged first. After collecting the donations, the pious deeds can be started. Even the land should also be purchased from donation which will also include your donation.

Raavi: Sat Sat pernam guru ji, meine suna hai ke hmare sashtron ke accoding girl or boy never give their heart to each other before marriage. Or agr aisa hai n even both having premarital relationship b/n them from 5 to 6 years.Or Baad mein agr koi ek cheating kerke doosare se relation break kerke kahin or apne aap ko settle ker leta hai to phir iss kaam kiishwar se dono ko kya punishment milegi. Or jo relation mei true tha wo iss kam ka prashchit kaise ker sakta hai. very sorry for such type of question ,but i m confused not able to find right ans from ay where?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually, the fundamental law of God made by Him in Vedas are always unchangeable, Rigved mantra 3/56/1 refers. So, when it is stated inYajurved that before marriage, the opposite sex should not give their heart to each other then the break of the said rule is itself a punishable offense keeping behind the situation that the couple gave their heart to each other out of one left and other remained true. The punishment is awarded by the God Himself which always remains unknown by all human beings and inspite of repentance the punishment will stand and the meaning of repentance is this that the such sin should not be repeated again in life.