Lav: Pranam swami ji sabse phele kaun dharm aya
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

After final destruction of the universe at a stipulated time, the creation process begins again. At that time, no parents were alive so the creation is called non-sexual creation. In non-sexual creation, there are no sects and religions because at that time there are no learneds, gurus, acharyas etc., who could give the knowledge to non-sexual creation, everybody being ignorant.

So, knowledge of four Vedas, just as in every creation emanates from God and is originated in the heart of four persons who after attaining the knowledge of Vedas are called Rishis. I mean to say, the first religion comes on the earth which emanates direct from Formless, Almighty God, which is called “Vedic Dharma”. Present sects did not exist at that time. The said sects have come into existence within a period of two thousand five hundred years.

Anonymous: Guru ji,Charan sparsh guru jee hum pure vegetarian he even onion garlic bhi nahi khate lekin kuch samay pahle kisi ne ek baat kahi “ki aap log non veg isliye nahi khate kyonki wo live he or aap hatya nahi kar sakte but jo plants and vegetables khate ho wo bhi to live he. kya apka bhagwaan kahta he ki kisi mook badhir jeev ki hatya karne se paap nahi lagega hatya to aap bhi kar rahe ho ped podho ko kha kar” tab se man bahut ashant he kya sach me podho, vegetables fruits wagera ko khana bhi hatya kahlayega….

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

In this regard, I paste my article below please. After studying the article, if you still have query you may send it again and I would happily answer it.

All plants come under udbhij yoni but have been earmarked by God as vegetarian food of human-beings. Similarly, the non-vegetarian food has been earmarked by God to be taken by wild animals etc., and not humans. Matter is quite clear, please. You see, non-vegetarian food is earmarked for carnivores. When a lion catches hold of an innocent, even an innocent calf, deer; the lion catches hold of them by their necks and such animals lose their life suffering great pain. And their pain, suffering can be seen/observed by anyone. But the plants/vegetables’ life has been fixed by God. That is why, crops/vegetations are cut but human-beings do not see any sign of suffering, fear on their part.

Secondly, fundamental laws made by God are clear in vedas wherein the lord of universe has given orders that vegetarian food should be consumed by humans. Then how can consumption of vegetarian food be considered in the category of violent act or sin.

You see, management has been made by God of providing vegetarian food to humans to survive otherwise nobody can tell as to how human-body is to be kept alive to make the soul to live within body. You need to eat something to survive and that is the vegetarian food as per the law of God.

Kiran: Namaste swamiji charna sparsh. I have requested to send yoga a divine Vedas (english) & sandhya mantra which is Hindi version
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The books are being sent to you, please.