Rashmi: Guruji maharaaj, Pranaam and charan sparsh, Maharaaj I have few questions which i am asking to you for guidance:- 1. Guru ji maharaaj how people can overcome -ve thinking ? Can by others prayers this can be solved for eg. mother for son , husband for wife etc.

Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you all, my daughter.

(1) Negative or positive thinking generates in the mind (mann) only. If a person tries to control his mind by always doing pious deeds, meditation, Yajyen, daily deeds of family, discharging moral
duties towards family by doing yogabhyaas, study of vedic books, services rendered to elders etc., then negative thinking gets over forever. We’ve to try to make our mind busy in the said pious
activities always. However, one should never be afraid of negative thinking, because it does not harm. For example if a thinking generates in mind, that there has occurred a serious accident or that
accident might occur of a dear person, then it does not mean that the accident will occur. It is only a thinking and nothing else. But when the thinking is being generated time and again in the mind then it may cause pschyco disease. So, it must be cured, as quoted above. Simple prayer is not fruitful until accompanied with hard work/efforts accordingly. That is, if we pray that our health should be cured then this prayer is not useful. But if along with the prayer, we do hard work to take medicine in time, awake early in the morning, do daily exercise, take proper food etc., then God will help us to cure us at the earliest. So, along with prayer hard work is also required.

Amrita: Swami ji, Pranam, I have two basic questions. First is that, People say that eating egg will not make one as non-vegetarian and therefore it is allowed even for vegetarians. Second, since my heart doesn’t allow me to eat egg and I’m two months pregnant, egg will be nutritious food for me. What should I do?Please suggest. Dhanyavaad, Amrita
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Yes, my daughter, the egg should not be taken, being non-vegetarian food. You may take other nutritious foods like all vegetables, fruits, milk curd, paneer, soya products under the guidance of doctor/dietician.

Arun: Mai kya karu mujhe kuch samjh nahi aa raha hai.
Swami Ram Swarup: Jab kuchh samajh nahin aata to samajho insaan kisi na kisi baat se
puzzled/ pareshan hai. Aap pareshani ka ya puzzle hone ka karann dhoondhein aur usko solve karne ke liye prayatan karein.