Gaurang: Why statue of Eagle (Garud) is made on Ghanti (hand bell)?
Swami Ram Swarup: Statue of eagle on ghanti is a self made custom.

Kajod: मेरा भविष्य
Swami Ram Swarup: Ishwar ne aap ka bhavishya aap ke haath mein diya hai.

Future is based on pious deeds, hard working towards a right path and God helps those who help themselves.

It depends on your hard working and pious deeds. One should worship God daily to get His blessings in every matter. Good job, education, richness, happiness etc., is the result of previous life’s pious deeds and present life’s hard working, dedication, devotion, hardworking, honesty etc. And in this life one should always also do real worship of God to finish the obstacles if any which may be due to previous life’s bad deeds. So worship is always required along with hard working, devotion, dedication towards right path to get progress in the life.

H S: Swamji my life is very poor and not job & not marriage and I have very afsat? Please help me.
Swami Ram Swarup: We all have been blessed by God in human body to face the result of our previous lives’ good or bad deeds. Problem comes in the life due to the effect of our own deeds. However, we can do worship of God daily to destroy the bad effect of our deeds and sorrows etc. Thus, the God has given our future in our hands. We must do hard work with full dedication and devotion to earn the money and must do daily worship of God to kill the sorrows. God helps those who help themselves. So, a man should never be lazy.


As you know, this all is always in the hands of Almighty God Parmatma. But God helps those who help themselves. So, I am sure that you‘ve been doing hard work to seek the job. I pray to God to fulfill your desire soon. Also, please chant Gayatri mantra daily and do hawan with Gayatri mantra daily both times. In the end of hawan, please pray to God to fulfill your desires. I hope God will sure listen to you.