Ripal S: I would like to know the timings for Havan Vidhi.
Swami Ram Swarup: Timing of doing the Yajyen in the morning is when the rays of sun touch the earth and in the evening before sunset.

BK: Namaste, when we moved to our new house, due to last minute hush hush and change of plans, we couldnt perform Gruh Pravehs Puja properly. We did kalash poojan within week but I am not very much satisfied yet. It has been a year now that we are living in the house, and having good experience. However, I am still thinking of either Vastu Shanti puja or something as we couldnt perform gruh pravesh. Could you please advise, in this case which pooja should be performed?
Swami Ram Swarup: Grah Pravesh is done after doing the Yajyen. In the Mahabharat epic, Vyas Muni states that when Pandavas build house in Khandav Van, then Shri Krishna advised him that do not enter until you perform the Yajyen with Ved Mantras. So this is the eternal and everlasting procedure to enter the new house as per Vedas. Therefore, Vastu Puja and Kalash Puja, etc. are not required because they same does not exist in Vedas.