Anonymous: Someone whom I knew committed suicide. I went to console his wife. I felt guilty that because by God’s grace I have a Guru, who has achieved supreme truth and is guiding us directly in all matters, we as a family are doing havan, and yogaabhayas, learning Vedas etc., if we had shared and make people understand the truth and to do havan, may be this could have been averted. Seeing the faces of all ladies I felt further guilty, that by your and God’s grace I experience divinity, when I put forth problems in havan they are solved, yoga abhyas makes me near to God, I feel your presence, am I not selfish. I should at least tell about havan and Vedas and this truth that we worship all yogis today, how to get protection from God and increase happiness by doing
havan. Further how should we interpret his death a prarbdh or result of bad deeds, please explain me. I feel guilty, I have not helped the society.P lease guide me? I sincerely feel ladies/elders should be told this truth. please guide me. I also want my family to turn to God and havan. They keep on having problems.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter. It is sad news about suicide but really it is a kind of sin also. On one side, the people say that life is a struggle, we must face it even happily, on other side, due to illusion, people accept the defeat from life and commit suicide. The people at this stage, even forget the consequences that he has committed a sin. The punishment of which shall be given by God. Secondly, he is throwing his family into ocean of sorrows. My sympathy is with the family of the departed soul.

If people had been performing daily hawan, following the Vedas path then such unfortunate incidents are always avoided. In the past ancient times, that is right from Satyug to Dwapur, there was not a single case of suicide, due to the effect of daily Yajyen and yogabhayas, but now, his family must be patient to face bravely the circumstances and to defeat the poverty and sorrows. Protection starts as soon as the devotee starts performing hawan after getting Deeksha. But, this fact is not known. People duly indulged in illusion do not even want to know and hence the problem. Family of departed soul should sure be advised to chant Gayatri mantra with meaning and do hawan with it or to chant name of God- Om and to do hawan at least by chanting – Om swaha. It would make the family able to understand Vedic knowledge at later stage.

The death of the person in due to his own weakness i.e., illusion i.e., result of present deeds because God has never punished any one to commit suicide. But this is not the appropriate time to explain the fault of the departed soul to his family or elsewhere. Because they are already plunged in grief.

Yes, I give my heartiest blessing to your family and you should do your pious duties to mould them towards eternal, Vedic path. Time to time, you should also make contact with your others to guide them. My blessings to you all, my daughter.

Shaikh Manjur Ahmad: Vastushatra ke anusar ghar ke bicho-bich banaye gaye jine ke niche ke store gaddhe ke labh aur hani batanye.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually, vastu shastra is not accepted by learneds of Vedas/spiritual masters. It does not exist in Vedas and shastras. And if I’m not mistaken, I‘ve not even found the vastu shastra matter in holy Quran Sharief and Bible also. Yet, if anybody recommends it and accepts it, they should continue their faith.

You know, God is everywhere. He is formless and can be worshipped anytime, anywhere.
As regards labh (gain) and hani (loss) it is the result of our own deeds pious or sins respectively and result thereof is always awarded by Almighty, formless God who is the creator of the universe.

S A: SWAMIJI pranam day by day after reading questions and answers all my illusions are getting over I can see things more clear and understand that there is ultimate satisfaction in Vedas. Just by reading your answers aim so happy that I feel I don’t need anything in life just keep reading your answers. What it would be for a yogi who had attained the Samadhi?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I appreciate your interest in Vedic eternal culture. God sure helps and protects those who follow His (God’s) immortal voice in the shape of Vedas. I also bless you for a long, happy life. You know, motto of human-life is only to realise God but while discharging all moral duties towards himself, family, society and nation for which knowledge of four Vedas is required to be understood where all unlimited matters including pious deeds, moral duties, science and worship have been mentioned in detail.

Sagar: Pranam! In London because of long and dark winters there is no sunlight. I go to work early morning 6.00am and when I come back it is and again it is dark. Now to perform havan both times without sun-rays is it advisable? Please advice.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you. Yes, please. Havan can also be performed even in night. In that case, mostly physical benefit is lost but hundred percent benefit of worship is gained. Physical benefit means the matter which is offered in burning fire like ghee, havan samagri etc., which are spread in atmosphere to purify it etc., these shall not be obtained.
So, please continue your havan which is the worship of God.

Bipin Badheka: Pranam, Guruji. Charan Sparsh. (1) It is stated that in the evening we shall do havan facing west. But if as per position of location at home east is more comfortable then whether it is okay if we face east side in evening? Whether it will make any difference or any consequences? Please guide.
(2) It is stated in your book that explanation of Kundalini Jagaran is confidential. Is this because mere reading and doing of it can be harmful and shall be learnt from Acharya personally? Also I think long ago I had seen details/explanation of Kundalini Jagran with pictures in one of book of a Pandit. So please guide us on this subject. Pranam
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

1. If a devotee sits facing the east at home in the evening then it will not make much difference since God is everywhere but fundamentally the face is situated towards the sun, the sun sets in the west i.e., why ancient Rishi-Munis and present too, sit in the evening facing the sunset.

2. Uptil now, I have not become able to know the factual preach about the usually kundalini jagran, please. That is why, I usually state that it is confidential. You know, its clear description has not even been mentioned in Vedas, six shastras, upnishads, Ramayan etc. Yog shastra is one of the best holy book teaching ashtang yoga philosophy wherein kundalini description also does not exist. So, it is better to keep it confidential and tell those who are really ascetic and true aspirants. Otherwise, what happens is that people listen and then start preaching merely on bookish and oral knowledge and gather money from ignorant people.

Moreover, Brahma vidya/Yog Vidya is not so inexpensive/cheap that it can be published or taught everywhere. Only deserving devotees are entitled for the same in Vedas. I tell you in short about real story of Kathopnishad-
Once Nachiketa obeying the order of his father went to Yamraj (the story is personified, please because God is Almighty and does not need assistance of any Yamraj etc., for Himself).
Nachiketa requested Yamraj to bestow him with Brahma vidya and Yog vidya. Yamraj offered-
1. Rule of entire universe.
2. To bestow Nachiketa with age as long as time of final destruction.
3. To have most beautiful ladies to serve Nachiketa.
4. Huge money, assets etc.

On the condition that Nachiketa would not ask for learning Brahma vidya/Yog vidya i.e., spiritualism. Nachiketa refused to avail any offer but remained firm on learning Brahma/Yog vidya.

Now, you can imagine that the Brahma/Yog vidya is such a priceless/invaluable spiritual asset. How?

I mean to say that ancient Rishis as well as present Rishis never ask for money in lieu of preaching spiritual vidya but ask for deserving devotee as quoted above. That is why, Kanopnishad states that mere listening, studying and preaching on the matter of spiritualism is really insult of it which is a great sin.

So, a devotee should always learn yoga philosophy and indulge in it only. That is, he should do practice daily ashtang yoga philosophy under guidance of learned of yoga and Vedas’ philosophy. Kundalini shall automatically be awakened. It is astonishing that why we are after only kundalini jagran and chakras etc., we are not sincere in listening to Vedas, doing havan, name jaap etc., to do worship of God. Probably, most of the saints, based on bookish knowledge tell about Gooda chakra, Swadishtan chakra etc., divine scenes/light of inner side, five divine voices, kundalini etc., to attract the people towards them and to collect more and more money.