Supra: In future too , I will ask you questions as I feel nice to read “You are welcome, my daughter “.
Swami Ram Swarup: You are most welcome, my daughter. My blessings to you.

Martin: Hello there Swami, What about indulgence, how good/bad is it? Is it a sin?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hello, yes to indulge in illusion, in unnecessary, anger, pride, greediness, in sinful sexual act and other bad deeds is sin. Actually to do the deeds against the Vedas is called sin.

Anonymous: Parampujya maharaj ji lo sashtang dandavat pranam. Maharajji I am in search of a boy for marriage of my daughter and I have also enganged a huge amount of my money with a wrong person who is deceiving me. Due to this my family is not supporting me. Guruji give me some courage and your valuable blessing to across this troublesome consequences. Very much sorry to bother you but I am hopeless and helpless…..
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you my son. Please shower my blessings on daughter. I pray to God that suitable match will be available soon. Try your level best and let the result be given by God. Do not worry everything will be good.

MAG: Respected Guruji, From where can we get the right havan kund? What should be the size and metal of the kund? Can only wife do the havan if the husband does not believe in it? Can I get ready made havan and wood in the shop? Is it worth using it or one needs to prepare samagri herself? Can a 7 year old child sit in havan? How can I remember all the mantras given in your book guiding on havan? Can I do havan with gayatri mantra forever or do I need to learn the complete procedure? Thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. hawan kind can be obtained from market or it may be procured from blacksmith who can make the hawan kund by giving him your order. kund can be made of iron, size is chosen according to number of public. For example- if there are more members then size of kund will be big, if devotees are less in number then hawan kund can be small. Yes, the wife can do the hawan alone.

Yes, please as quoted above you can purchase readymade hawan samagri to perform daily hawan.
Yes please child can sit in hawan. Practice makes man perfect therefore daily practice of doing hawan will enable you to remember ved mantras by heart. In this process, God also helps the devotee.