Rishi Spark: What is niyoug according to Veda?
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, I paste my article below:-
In niyog, widow gets her children through niyog but remains always in her husband’s house, who has gone to heavenly abode.

The rules made in Vedas do not break the justice. So, to apply the procedure of Niyog, the pativrat dharma is not damaged, if the rules of Vedas are fully obeyed. I mean to say, the woman and man were selected by the elders and with the consent of both man and woman, they must be well educated in the knowledge of Vedas, brahamcharya etc. They, would have been following the performance of daily hawan, Ashtang Yoga Practice, name jaap, they must have full control on their five senses, perceptions and mind. When the lady becomes pregnant, both should cut their physical relation immediately forever and the lady must reside in her husband’s house like Amba, Ambalika, Kunti. Newly born baby should be given the name of the father who is husband of the lady etc. This procedure is adopted with the concurrence of all family members, elders, society not alone. So, at present I never see such widow or her family and so called selected man who have been following strict path of the Vedas.

Amba, Ambalika were learned ladies and the children were got by them from Vyas muniji who was renounced Ved mantra drishta Rishi and Yogi. He has written Mahabharat (Bhagwad Geeta) and Vedant Shastra.

Kunti who was also a vidushi got children from a Rishi/Yogi named Surya dev, Dharam Raj, Indra Dev etc. Now, from where such Yogis and such Vidushi women will be made available? So, due to the lack of knowledge of Vedas, such procedure is totally not applicable nowadays because mostly the people now see the lady for sexual enjoyment etc., only which is a sin and vice-versa.

Shweta: Kya kabootar palna shubh hota hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Kisi ko qaid karke rakhna aur is prakar uskee azadi chheen lena theek nahi hai parantu yadi kabutar ko khula chhod kar usey palte hain to ismein koi burai nahi hai . Han! uskee dekh bhaal aur safai ka bahut dhyan rakhna chahiye.