H: Namaskar, I want to experience samadhi.Sir can you please help me as what should I do for attaining samadhi & for increasing dhyan dharna. For me my goal is attaining samadhi so this my request from my heart please help me in attaining samadhi.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskar. Samadhi is attained under guidance of a learned acharya of Vedas and yoga philosophy. In this connection, I paste my article below-

Attaining salvation

The way to attain salvation is also mentioned by Almighty God in Vedas. So he who studies Vedas from a learned acharya, does daily Yajyen, name jaap and ashtang yoga practice, becomes entitled to get salvation. So one should immediately take shelter of learned acharya of Vedas for the same.

Dharam megh Samadhi is attained after deep study of Vedas and hard practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy doing holy Yajyen, regular contact with learned acharya of Vedas.


As regards Vedas and Patanjali Yog shastra sutra, the meaning of Yog is Samadhi. Samadhi means when an aspirant studies Vedas from learned acharya, does daily Yajyen, makes contact with learned acharya, follows Vedic path, does hard practice of ashtang yoga philosophy under guidance of learned acharya and after practising ashtang yoga well i.e., Yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharnna, dhyan, he attains the 8th stage of Samadhi where he realizes God. So the stage of realization of God is called Yoga where all chitta vrittis of aspirant are stopped and the aspirant becomes unable to listen, to see, to taste, to touch, etc. He even forgets his body and himself. So yoga is not asan, pranayam or meditation. There are parts of yoga. So practice of ashtang yoga is done to realize God wherein automatically the aspirant becomes free from all kinds of diseases but according to Vedas, the practice of ashtnag yoga is not targeted to be free from diseases alone.

Anonymous: Pranam Panditji, I have already submitted my question on and I have not received any reply, please give answer of my question urgently. Thanks
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I think your question has already been answered, please because no pending query remains here. If you have not received the answers then please send your question again.

Nidhi: Are deeds of people interdependent? eg would a wife suffer for something that her husband did? or would a parent suffer for something that their kids did? Or is the karma of each and every individual independent of the other?
Swami Ram Swarup: Everybody has to face his/her own good or bad deeds of pervious lives. As is stated in Rigveda mandal 10/135/1,2, bad deeds give sorrows whereas good deeds – happiness. Everybody is free to do bad or good deeds. As per Yajurveda mantra 7/48, result is awarded by Almighty God in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively.