Anonymous: What is vyabhichar yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: The word “Vyabhichar” itself is hateful/sinful, its meaning being following an improper or sinful course. Secondly, in Vedas, there is no mention of Kundali etc. So, being against the Vedas, such Vyabhichar Yoga etc., is totally false. Learned never accept it.

Malti: Is it true that man made from panchbhoot can never be parmatma as ageing,disease & death occurs only to all spiritual souls only. We never read ever that Raam Krishna Shiva were ever old in their bodies hence they were truely God. Where as so many sadgurus who have taken birth are indeed very high souls with their sidhis who have come for the uplift of humanity. Gurur bhramma…is all fine till complete awakening has not happened to the body as the guru does helps to uplift us. Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: The body of the human being is made of panchbhoot i.e., Agni, Vayu, Jal, Akash, Prithivi. In the human body, which is non-alive matter, two alive matters reside. First is Almighty God Who is Omnipresent and second matter is soul. Due to the presence of soul in the body, it works like to see, to smell, to hear, to walk etc., etc. when soul goes out, the body becomes dead, which actually is already dead, being non-alive matter.

Yes, soul can never be God because qualities of soul and Almighty God are different from each other. For example- souls are several but God is one. Soul is bound due to the effect of his previous lives’ deeds and experiences pleasure/happiness and sorrows due to his own deeds whereas God is ever away from any bindings or facing of result of any deeds, etc.

In this regard, I’ve written a book Vedanta and Eternal Vedas Philosophy (in English) worth Rs. 31.00 excluding postal charges. Study of the book will give you immense knowledge of Traitwad i.e., three matters – Almighty God, souls and Prakriti. Book can be sent to you on receipt of your postal address if you desire.

The fundamental law of nature is this that Almighty God never comes in the womb of the mother, only souls comes. Secondly, the matter which is made, gets destroyed one day and body surely becomes old. So, body of Sri Ram and Krishna sure became old under fundamental law of nature. Body is made of five tatva (matters) quoted above and five tatvas are always destroyed and converted into its original reason. As regards God, because He does not come in the womb of the mother, does not take body so God never becomes old but ever remains unchanged.

As a matter of fact, the qualities of all souls of the universe always remain same and unchangeable i.e., all souls are purest alive, immortal etc. so no question of being high souls.

Yes, several Yogis attained Samadhi, realized God and are called supreme amongst the human beings.

Soul actually has forgotten his quality as said earlier. After completion of worship soul starts knowing himself and God as well. Such Yogis are called Supreme as said.

Guru gives Vedic knowledge in which daily yajyen with ved mantras and practice of Ashtang yoga Philosophy is preached along with other worldly matters. When an aspirant gets knowledge from the guru and practices the same, he attains Samadhi.