Sagar Mohammed: I happened to read your dialogue with a brother regarding the topic, Is prophet Mohammed (pbuh) mentioned in Vedas? There you admit that you accept prophet’s teachings but not with the label of being Muslim. Sir how can you at the same time accept his teachings and be against it? If you accept it then you are required to follow it. And when you follow it you will become a Muslim. Not every one who has born in a Muslim family is actually a Muslim because they don’t really practice but simply accept. Also if you accept his teachings then you have to accept what he has told. He has taught that there have been many many (1,24,000) prophets before him and some of them were given books. The book of christian brothers is one of them (as mentioned in Quran). Vedas may also be among them. He further says that all these books were later on get distorted due to human interventions and that unlike them Quran will be preserved by Almighty. And so if Vedas were from God (we do not know whether it actually is) then by now it will have some mistakes due to human actions. It doesn’t mean that it does not contain any good. At the same time all the good things in it are incorporated in Quran and ways to implement them are mentioned. So why can’t you accept Islam if you accept prophet Mohammed (pbuh)?

Swami Ram Swarup: Hindu, Muslim and other sects have their own ways to follow which cannot be objected by anyone that is why, I tell to accept Qurann Sharief’s teachings. Similarly, the teachings of the eternal knowledge of Vedas, which emanate direct from God in the beginning of the earth, has its own path. That is, Vedic dharma, Vedic path. As already said, Vedic knowledge advents in the beginning of creation when no other sects exist. So, Vedic path is not a sect. It is universally applicable to all human-beings, keeping aside the question of its acceptance or refusal. Now, sects have come into existence and every sect has its own right. I have gone through four Vedas several times where I have not found any avtarwad, please. To be a Hindu or Muslim is a personal matter, please. Teachings of any sect may differ from Vedas’ teachings but it makes no difference to follow the sects by the concerned human-beings. They are free to follow their individual paths. Vedas tell that there was, is and will remain only one formless God. So, when any religion would accept the said truth of Vedas, it does not mean that he would be an arya samaji or Hindu etc. We should respect all religions, which is only a way to promote international brotherhood and in this way no problem of sects should arise. I mean to say, while following our own religion and respecting other religions we should promote international brotherhood and it is also a true preaching of all religions not to harm anyone, live and let live, God being our father- we all are brothers and sisters, keeping aside the religions. The Sanskrit language used in Vedas by Almighty God is Divine Sanskrit language. Therefore, question of its alteration or addition is not possible, please. The said language is known by learned of Vedas who under guidance of his acharya learns Vedas, does name jaap of God performs daily yajyen and does hard practice of ashtang yoga philosophy. Then the devotee attains Samadhi. At this juncture, the ved mantras are originated in his heart. Secondly, several Brahmins in the country have traditionally been studying and learning Vedas by heart. Therefore, based on the said two dignitaries i.e., Samadhivaan purush and Brahmin who learns Vedas traditionally by heart right from the beginning of the earth, no question arises regarding addition or alteration of Vedas. Since, rest of the ordinary people do not know divine Sanskrit, so how can they alter Vedas because Sanskrit taught in schools, colleges and universities is not divine Sanskrit and such students are not even able to pronounce Veda mantras properly then how can they alter Vedas.

I respect Prophet Mohammed as I give respect to Lord Jesus and other dignitaries but how can I be a Muslim, Christian or other.

Rashmi: Dear Guruji Maharaj, charan sparsh and pranaam, Guru ji God is revealed through a guru only, that’s what Vedas say. Can you let me know the mantras with meaning. As far as I have understood only during creation God becomes the Guru of first four rishis then the secrets of yoga vidya is revealed through a guru.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. My dear daughter, there are several ved mantras with advise to make contact with learned acharya of Vedas to learn the Vedas. In this connection, I mention the following concerned mantras. As regards their meaning, it will take sometime, please wait because as you know annual yajyen for Sixty four days is being held. Samveda mantra 252, Rigveda mantra 1/144/7, Rigveda mantra 1/162/21, Rigveda mantra 1/163/2, Rigveda mantra 1/145/5, Rigveda mantra 1/145/1 and Yajurveda mantra 2/32.