P: Dear Pandit Ji, I need your suggestions for the following points:
1. I am manglik girl wants to marry a non-manglik boy.
2. I know that they are some issues in our relation beacuse I am a manglik girl and there would be resistent from both the families.
3. Please provide me with some alternatives and help me on this.

Looking forward for your answer.

Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Yes, you may perform marriage with non-mangalik boy happily and without any fear because mangalik matter, kaal sarp yog, present palmistry, teva, pitri dosh, vastu, nav grah poojan etc., are not mentioned in Vedas and therefore are man-made philosophies which are false, being against the Vedas. Nobody thinks about the said fraud, self-made path that why it is applicable only to Hindus because if it would have been true then first the said matter must have been mentioned in Vedas and should have been applicable to all human-beings like air, water, food, breathing system etc.

Again My blessings to you, my daughter.