Rahul Radhakrishnan: Dear swamiji, You in your replies to some one recently
mentioned that the sins we do in previous life decides what we get in present life and for the sins we do in present life we get result in next birth. SO DOES THAT MEAN THAT IF A PERSON DOES MANY MANY BAD DEEDS IN PRESENT LIFE, HE WILL NOT SUFFER AT ALL IN PRESENT LIFE DUE TO THESE BAD DEEDS? Please clarify.2. AGAIN IF I DO GOOD DEEDS LIKE CHANTING GAYATRI MANTRA DOING DAILY STUIDY OF VEDIC BOOKS ETC THEN WONT IT NEGATE OUR

Rahul Radhakrishnan: Dear swamiji, You in your replies to some one recently
mentioned that the sins we do in previous life decides what we get in present life and for the sins we do in present life we get result in next birth. SO DOES THAT MEAN THAT IF A PERSON DOES MANY MANY BAD DEEDS IN PRESENT LIFE, HE WILL NOT SUFFER AT ALL IN PRESENT LIFE DUE TO THESE BAD DEEDS? Please clarify.2. AGAIN IF I DO GOOD DEEDS LIKE CHANTING GAYATRI MANTRA DOING DAILY STUIDY OF VEDIC BOOKS ETC THEN WONT IT NEGATE OUR
PREVIOUS LIFE’s BAD DEEDS? 3. Recently I read an interview on a Vedic website in which Swami Dayanand Saraswati had told a person that MOKSHA is not permanent. He was saying that the souls after a stipulated time get rebirth. This is because it is not possible that for finite good karmas he will get merriment for unlimited amount of time. As this contradicts justice. He also said that if it is like this then liberated souls will increase in number and it will get crowded. So since these are Dayanand ji’s views it has to be Vedic. But I don’t remember you saying anything of this sort about moksha. Please clarify.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Shantiparv of Mahabharat, Bheesham states- The secret of deeds is really very deep and difficult to understand. I have also been mentioning the said matter in the website yet several questions still arise. I am happy that doubt must be put to be solved. Please read the article on Karma philosophy. If a person does many many bad deeds or good deeds in present life, the total said karmas will be added in sanchit karmas, as told above and thus will not be faced in present life. Good deeds, chanting Gayatri Mantra, doing daily study of Vedic books etc., is a worship according to Vedas. So naturally, the bad deeds to be faced in present life will be burnt according to the states of worship (Minimum or Maximum). Views of swami Dayanand are always based on Vedas so are hundred percent correct. I have also clarified the same in my so many preaches here. So the pious deeds of real worship gives result in the present life.

SC: Angulimala was a cruel dacoit. He was killed many peoples and collected their fingers. A huge sin was done by him. But it is known that he done this, to pay gurudakshina to his Guru. By his own wish he did not done that crime and you told that paying gurudakshina to Guru is a duty of disciple. If he was not done this crime then also he was wrong for not doing his duty. In this way the sin of killing people was done by the Guru.Swamiji what do you think about it. In your opinion what should Angulimala do when Guru asked such type Gurudakshina? Swamiji you accept that Hiranykashypu was lived on this earth. I want to know that how was Hiranykashp’s life ended. Was it by Narasimha, then how was Narasimha born? And when Holika sitted on pyre with
Prahlad. Then, only Holika was burned but Prahlad not dead. Why not Prahlad was not burned?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. Anguliwala did not commit crime to give guru dekshina to his guru. Actually, it is said that due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, the true
definition of guru is mostly not known. Nowadays, he who wears saffron or white clothes or grows his hair and moustache or remains in langoti only or takes addiction like sulfa, afeem, bhang, cigrattes etc., or makes several luxurious ashrams where huge crowds of
people gather etc., is called guru.

But in Vedas, definition of guru is different. Rigveda mandal 10 states at the beginning of the earth, in non-sexual creation, knowledge of four Vedas direct from Almighty God in the heart of four Rishis named Agni, Vayu, Aditya(Surya), Angira. This process is eternal and is automatically repeated after final destruction in new creation.

Based on the above Rigveda Mantras, Patanjali Rishi in his Yog shastra sutra 1/26 states-“Sa Eshaha Poorvesham Api Guru” i.e, Almighty God is the first guru of our fore fathers i.e., above quoted Four rishis. God thus gives the knowledge of Vedas once to the said Rishis and thereafter the knowledge of four Vedas is attained by others who become Rishis and have been giving the eternal knowledge of Vedas uptil now. The said process is also eternal. The God thus makes a tradition of giving knowledge through Vedas. So He who gives the knowledge of Vedas, which contains science, and matters(Gyan Kand), Deeds (Karma kand) and worship (upasana kand) and the knowledge right from straw to Brahma, is rightly considered Guru, Acharya, Sanyasi, Yati, Sant etc., being authentic according to Vedas.

Pious deeds like Yajyen, Ashtang Yoga Practice, Jap, Tapasya, fulfillment of moral duties for family, society and nation are mentioned in Vedas. The said knowledge to be implemented in the life is given by Guru/Acharya to his disciples. In Yajyen, there is no scope of violence etc. So how a learned guru/Acharya will accept the views of story of Anguliwala- that he used to commit the crimes like cutting fingers of innocent to offer guru dakshina to his guru?

Narsingh Avtar is not possible according to Vedas, please. Nature plays its part. The human body whether dead or alive when places on pyre, will sure be burnt and turned into ashes until scientific action is involved to protect the body. So the purannas’ story sometimes can be considered only to give or spread the eternal Vedic knowledge. But the stories can’t be accepted completely if the same is not scientific. That is why, I have been writing on E-mail, in books and preaching that everybody must listen to Vedas knowledge to finish illusion.

Lakshmi: I am getting severe mental tension due to kaal sarp dosh.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mental tension is really due to being unaware of Fundamental law of God mentioned in Vedas. Such tension after some time create psychiatric problem too. So, please believe in God’s knowledge of Vedas and oversight the kaal sarp dosh which is not mentioned in Vedas.

You are a gentle lady. Women have been compared to earth in Vedas. Earth tolerates all the good or bad actions of pubic peacefully. But women have to bear the situation of home pertaining to her husband or family members gently and happily. One day, she gains success sure because God helps her. So it is better to avoid dispute by you firstly, by neglecting the hard wording of family. Dispute always generates more disputes. If one side is calm, knowledgeable, tolerant and cooperative then dispute gets over one day for sure. We must always try to get victory on the ravages of hatred by spreading love.

I will advice you my daughter to control yourself peacefully. You have to protect your
marriage, family and make it gentle and strong and have to look after your son too. Your absence or absence of mind will directly effect the future of your son. Please chant Gayatri Mantra or holy name of God-Om daily both times. After sometime, you may also
start havan with Gayatri Mantra daily offering atleast twenty one aahuties daily. God will sure help you.

Harinarayan: What we feel that sometimes our existence is in human body, sometimes in mind and sometimes as quite independent. Can we feel our existence (attachment) simultaneously in all? I think we only can enjoy all (completely) if we can utilize all simultaneously.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually the meaning of existence is the realization of oneself. We all are souls who reside within human body. The existence of soul while being awake is in left eye, while in dream, in throat and while in sound sleep it is in heart. If you mean attachment as existence then attachment is a result of illusion and its effect is imprinted in chitta. According to own choice, the attachment is with the selected matters like family, gold, assets, friends etc., etc. By doing worship according to Vedas, illusion can be got over and therefore attachment also gets over and the person feels peace and happiness all times.

Pooja: How to get rid of sins? Why people suffer and how to get rid of suffering? My mother in law used to pray a lot -etc-fast a lot but she suffered while she was 75 years till 81 years.
Swami Ram Swarup: To kill the sins, regular advice of a learned Acharya of Vedas is essential. Vedas tell that jaap, tapasya, Yajyen, name jaap of God and Ashtang Yoga practice makes an aspirant to attain Samadhi wherein the aspirant realizes God. At this juncture, all the sins done in previous lives are burnt please. So is the case of sufferings/sorrows/tensions /diseases etc. Vedas tell that only prayer and fasts donot solve the problems, please. The above quoted worship is required.

Prakash Lakhani: With the blessings and inspiration of GOD I am planning to write a Book on Adhyatma in Hindi. This book will be mainly based on Vedas and will be in easy language to be understandable by common readers. Since I have very little or no Knowledge but made commitment for such a big project and You are Authority on this subject I require your blessings, guidance and information from Vedmandir website for this from time to time. Please give me your blessings for this.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dhanyawad. Aap ko bhi nav varsh par shubh asheervad. Sadaa sukhi rahein.

Your views to write spiritual books in Hindi are highly appreciated. Such books sure inspire people to worship God. My heartiest blessings are always with you to do such a pious job. And really I shall be waiting for your book. I think I do not know your postal address otherwise CDs on my preach (blessed by God) and spiritual books could be sent to you by post.

Preeti: I want to tell you that I really work hard to get good grades but sometimes the results I get are below my expectation. Why is it so?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas as well as Bhagwad Gita always tell that we have to work hard selflessly but result is awarded by God according to Vedic law. So, hard working never goes in vain and is counted in the life keeping aside the result, what so ever. So, please never become nervous if the result is not according to your expectation. God tells in Vedas, try, try and try again. So be brave and go ahead please. Rest is all in
the hands of God.

Jagdish: I request you to please let me know about my health. I am SHRI HANUMANJI BHAKTA
Swami Ram Swarup: You know, God helps those who help themselves. So to maintain good health good diet, daily exercises and morning walk to take plenty of boiled water daily and medical advice is essential. Your worship will do nothing in this matter please. However, when you will take care of your health as quoted above, then sure
God will help you.

Surendra: I had been practising Gayatri japa for last three years, I do japa of gayatri atleast three malas per day, by movement of lips in silence and it takes at least 15 minutes per mala. As I want to increase the Gayatri japa to 1008 per day which I find difficult. So sir whether they is any other method of gayatri japa avaliable to do japa in mind with other person coming to know about it and while doing other work. And
which is the easy rhythm of japa and to remember in mind, and whether they is any sample of audio and website especially on this on internet And the other then what is want to ask you is what was the method of japa followed by Sir. Pandti Sirrama Sharama and other great sadhaks of gayatri who used to do japa thousands of times day without stop. I would be greatfull if you kindly guide me.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is very difficult to do Gayatri Jaap or any jaap 1000’s of time daily. However, silent jaap is far better then reciting the same. So, please try to do jaap in mind without chanting. Actually jaap by Prannayam is more beneficial but it should learnt from Acharya personally. When you will be able to do jaap silently, then it may continue whole day by breathing system, even while discharging moral duties daily. In such practice then mala is not required.

Mahesh: I am on darker side from my kin i.e I am blackish my face is black in colour and I was not black from my birth. I became so as I grew up so please I request you to reply a me with some home treatment if its there.
Swami Ram Swarup: If your skin is not back by birth than prepare a face- pack consisting of following ingredients:
1. Multani mitti
2. Sandal wood powder
3. Dried orange peels (powdered)
4. Dried pomegranate peels (powdered)
5. Haldi (turmeric)
Each of them ingredients may be mixed in small quantities in the base of honey and applied on the effected area for half an hour and then scrub the face and wash it away. However, this is not the permanent solution. It may give good result or not but it is not
harmful at all.

You see God has made black complexion of human-beings on the earth. It does not mean that black skin is bad. One must be a learned. So many persons having black skin have done supreme work for the society and are still doing in South Africa, U.S.A. etc.

Nelson Mandela is an example. So one should never think about black skin because it is an asset given by God Himself. Within fair skin or black skin, there is soul. Soul resides with in body. We are souls and not body, skin, hand or eye etc. One should love good qualities and hate bad qualities/sins. So no question of thinking about black/fair skin but pious deeds and good qualities. Physical charm is not everlasting. So we must love with heart and good qualities. He who loves the physical charms, his love with his body even will be vanished away one day and then he will fee experience great sorrows with in him.

There is a real story of Rishi Ashtravakraji. King Janak saw a dream in which he realized that he was a beggar and hungry. He was wandering in search of food. He reached a place where Yajyen was being organized but the food had been served and finished. He took a piece of chapati which was left over and thrown on the ground. As soon as he was about to take piece of chapati in his mouth, a kite attacked the king and snatched the piece and flew away. King, due to the bad effect of hunger, fell down on the ground and became unconscious in the dream. Suddenly, the king was sleeping in his palace, woke up and was worried about the dream. He thought weather on the dream he was beggar and badly hungry or he is king and has every luxury, palace, kingdom, wealth etc. He asked himself, what is truth?

Then he arranged a meeting of learned Acharya of Vedas to get the answer of the question, raised in his heart that whether the incident of dream was true or not. At a stipulated time several rishi-munis, purohits, learned of Vedas gathered in the palace. Thousands of people also attended the meeting to listen to reply of the question of the king. Because king had announced every where his question and invited the Rishi-munis to reply to the same.

In the meeting, there was a special chair on which learned Rishis answering the question was only allowed to sit on. Several learned persons answered the question of the king but all in went in vain. The king was not satisfied. At last, Ashtavakra rishi who had black skin and was deformed by 8 parts of body. He used to walk with a limp. His face was black complexioned and was ugly. He slowly entered the hall where the crowd of learned persons was seated. Ashtavakra muni at last reached the special chair and set on the same. As soon as the muni sat on the special chair meant for learned Rishi the so called learned and the other persons started laughing thinking that Ashtavakra is having deformed body, black colour and ugly face therefore cannot be a learned Rishi to answer the question of the king. Then calmly and similarly Rishi Ashtavakra asked King Janak that who were those persons who were laughing and for what purpose were they there?

The King Janak answered the Rishi that they were learned of Vedas and had gathered to answer his question. The Rishi told the King that they were not learned but they were cobblers. The king along with so called learned persons were astonished after listening such wordings of Rishi Ashtavakra .Therefore, the king asked the Rishi to explain that how he had told the learned persons as cobblers? In turn, Rishi replied that cobbler is a specialist to know all about the skin. I have realized that they have judged my skin well that it was black and ugly and my body is deformed. After judging my skin well, they started laughing. They are not learned of Vedas, they do not know about the knowledge of Brahma. They are only cobblers. Had they been learned of Vedas, they could realize my soul which is residing in my body and which is the purest, away from sins immortal,
everlasting, form of divine knowledge etc., etc. But they are cobblers have seen my ugly physique with their open eye made of skin. Now, king put your question and I will answer. All crowd was silenced and surprised with the right and true wording of the

Then the Rishi asked King to put him the question. King repeated the same and in truth. Rishi Ashtavakra replied that O King! Neither you are king, nor beggar, nor hungry. You are immortal soul who resides in the body.

C V S Rama Rao: I understand that in tantric literature there is a difference in the concepts of Paramasiva, sadasiva, siva, isvara and rudra. Can I be clarified on this point? Regarding my earlier question as to Bharaiva I meant vis a vis devas and devatas. I shall be grateful for a clarification. Who are matrikas or matrganas? What is their role? Is there any book translating Shyamala Dandakam of Kalidasa?
Swami Ram Swarup: A deep study of four Vedas reveals that we have only to worship formless, omnipresent, omniscient, almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. Tantrik matter has not been mentioned in Vedas, therefore learned do not accept the same being unauthentic.

Rekha Nautiyal: I have started doing havan daily by Gaitari Mantra.I want to ask how to stop those people who are against havan daily. They say if you waste 15 minutes in havan, it has no use. If you do maala jaaping in 15 minutes it will be more beneficial. For Kal yug , only kirtan is fruitful. Havan etc was in satyug so it is not too good. Kindly tell me in detail so that I could stop their mouth.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is a matter of great happiness that you have started havan with Gayatri Mantra. Chanting of Gayatri Mantra and offering aahuti in hawankund is complete worship of God. This will give you great benefit in the future. When anybody starts adopting a true path, naturally he is criticized by others. Criticism actually is based on illusion. Because everybody does not know the benefit of havan. In Yajurvaveda
mantra, it is said that havan is like a business. Businessman invests money in the business to make more and more money. Similarly Yajurvaveda states that if a person spends ( for e.g.) Rs. 10/- in havan then Almighty God Returns his money in manifolds. Secondly, havan is the best worship of God as well as it purifies air, food, clothes, every item of the house and even universe. It gives long life, it increases assets in house etc., etc. Please read the article on benefits of Yajyen.

Fundamental laws of nature are eternal and unchangeable. God in Vedas has made fundamental law of worship like havan, practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, services to parents, elders, Acharya etc. Discharging of moral duties according to Vedas etc., etc., which are always unchangeable, keeping behind the alteration in worship etc. You see, there is a fundamental law of survival. To survive, we take food, water and oxygen etc. Can the said rule of survival be changed in any time period i.e., Satyug, Treta, Dwapur
or Kalyug. Can the crops ripe without the sun? This again is a fundamental law of God. So, those who sat that havan, yoga practice etc., were being performed only in Satyug, Treta, do not know the Fundamental law of God mentioned in Vedas, please. But nowadays, you must not tell the truth to others. But you must do your worship daily, because no one will be able to understand your truth, please. You had some desire to know the truth for which you started putting question on this website everybody does not desire to get eternal knowledge of Vedas. They are satisfied with their life though people without worship of God have been facing several problems, diseases, tensions, disturbances of mind etc-etc. When God will give them blessings, then only desire of getting the eternal knowledge of Vedas arise in their heart.

Sachin: I recently read Valmiki Ramayan and I am very much disturbed by the fact that Lord Ram had supported a person like Sugriva who planned to kill his own brother and even had a bad eye to his own brother’s wife Tara in Kishkindha kand when
Lakshman ji came to him to remind him of his promise. I want to why Lord Rama supported such evil person Sugriva who killed his own brother and evil woman like Tara? Sugriva also consumed alcohol.
Swami Ram Swarup: Sri Ram was a great dignitary having divine qualities with in him like knowledge of Vedas, truth, protector of public, just unbiased, lover of people, had no jealousy against anyone, had an equal eye for all, great warrior, did practice of Ashtang yoga and attained Samadhi. All the said qualities have been mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan, Balkand, Chapter 1, Sarg 1. So, How can such a great dignitary not do justice and not love Sugreev and his public due to his qualities of possessing equal eye for all. Bali, the brother of Sugreev was killed by Sri Ram justifiably. Sri Ram told the crime of Bali to him that Bali tried to kill his younger brother Sugreev. Being a king,
Bali did not do justice in this way. Secondly, Sugreev was not dead yet Bali made Sugreev’s wife as his (Bali’s) wife. So further, this was a great sin on which Sri Ram gave him punishment. Vedas tell that after the death of brother, another brother can make his brother’s wife as his wife on the consent of the widow, if he requires children from her.
So Sugreev did well according to Vedas. Sugreev only made Bali’s wife as his own wife, after the death of his brother Bali.

As regards alcohol etc., it is their personal matter and the person who takes non-veg or alcohol, God gives punishment to them accordingly.

Sumalatha Bhandari: According to my birth date, how is my future?
Swami Ram Swarup: If counting of persons in India will be done then so many persons will be there whose date of birth will be same as yours and sure some will be found as the richest persons and some will be of middle class and some will be poor. So date of birth does not make people rich or poor etc. It is only the result of previous lives’ deeds and hard working of present life along with worship of God. So please try to worship God daily and go ahead to do hard work to earn money. Sure God will help you.

Rahul Barooah: Rashi of mine and my would-be life partner are different. Is there any way to get over with this problem?
Swami Ram Swarup: Names of Rashi do not make people able or unable to marry. It is only good qualities which make married life a success. Sri Ram married Sita based on only good qualities and several marriages in the ancient times were based on good qualities of both sides. They never thought about names of Rashis etc.

Arvind Pachauri: I started chanting tara mantra 108 times, Om namah shivaya 108 times and gayatri mantra 108 times in night before sleeping. One night I dreamt and was instruted to do panchbhoota poojan. It also said that the poojan samigree is there in Pnachbhoot cement bags which I have bought recently. I had not bought any cement bags. However the message was for good work hence I want to do Panchbhoota Poojan but I don’t what is this poojan. I seek your help to let me know about this poojan, its process and what for it is done. Secondly should I continue chanting of the above mentioned mantras in night before sleeping.
Swami Ram Swarup: According to Vedas, chanting of Gayatri Mantra and havan with Gayatri Mantra is worship of Almighty, formless God. Dreams are often false and must not be considered. According to your dream also, how can the Panchbhoot Samigri be collected in a bag? So, forgo the dream. However, the meanings of Panchbhoot are several but where worship is concerned then the best meaning of Panchbhoot is human being/living beings. So services of human beings is the worship of Panchbhoot because human body is made of panchbhoot because human body is made of panchbhoot i.e., Agni (Fire), Vayu (air), Jal (Water), Aakash(Space) and Prithivi (Earth).

Cavas Bacha: What is the harm of Surya Grahan?
Swami Ram Swarup: Surya Grahan must not be seen directly with open eyes otherwise no other harm takes place.

SSKK: I have dosha in my kundli.
Swami Ram Swarup: Seva dosh, Mangal dosh, Kaal Sarp Yog, Pitri Dosh, Teva, Kundali, Nav Grah Poojan etc., have not been mentioned in Vedas. So one should never be afraid of the said dosh. Marriages are always settled based on the good qualities of both sides.

Navin Chandra: Dear Swamiji, I was shocked to come across the following 2 quotations from the Vedas. Please prove that they are wrong: “Almighty God, you have created this womb. Women may be born somewhere else but sons should be born from this womb” – Atharva Ved 6/11/3 “O Husband protect the son to be born. Do not make him a women” – Atharva Ved 2/3/23.
Swami Ram Swarup: The views quoted above about women and son are totally false and against the Vedic culture. Such views must be condemned because it is a try of
arrogants to destroy the eternal Vedic culture.

In Vedas, there are several prayers to fulfill pious desires. By doing Yajyen, the desires are fulfilled by God. The idea of Atharvaveda mantra 6/11/3 quoted by you is that if a women takes nutritive diet properly and desires to protect the public then she gives birth to a male baby. In the mantra there is a word “Prajapati” which means she desires to protect the praja i.e., public. Second word is “Anumati” which means her desire is same as desire of her husband. Another word is “Seeniwali” i.e., she takes nutritive diet. “Prajapati” i.e., protection of public is only possible by male child because he has to become a warrior to fight against the enemies to protect the nation. If in the Mantra, the word “Prajapati” had not been mentioned then the meaning could be other. Secondly, God has made the universe and in Atharvaveda God states, “Istri Hee Brahma Babhoovitha” i.e., Women is like a Brahma. Brahma creates universe in which women and men both take birth. So is woman who gives birth to both men and women under the law of Almighty God. If Brahma had generated only male members in world in non-sexual creation then there was no question of male or female and uptil now the human being could have finished due to lack of new generation by women. But as per eternal
law of Vedas, vide Rigveda mantras 10/129/1,2,3,4,5,6 the creation is also eternal comprising of males and females, together. Rigveda also states that mother is equivalent to God which is the highest respect of women. But in all Vedas, father (men) have not been told to be equivalent to God. Atharvaveda Mantra number 2/3/23 quoted by you is not in the Atharvaveda, please.

Rajesh Nair: One question that always comes to my mind is that why there is so much suffering in the world. You may say it is all because of karma. I too believe in the concept of ‘u reap what u sow’. But it is also not true that Almighty is in a position
to prevent human from wrong doings, why then so suffering and despair?
Swami Ram Swarup: Creation is eternal. Eternal knowledge of Vedas too, emanates direct from God at the time of beginning of earth. Just like God laws mentioned in the Vedas for the universe are also unchangeable and unchallengable. In Vedas, it is a Fundamental law that God never objects human-beings to do either good deeds or bad deeds but result is awarded by God accordingly. So God never prevents human beings to do sins. Human beings is always free to do right or wrong. But as far as result of deeds are concerned, the same is not in the hands of human-beings but result of deeds are always awarded by God. Actually, most of the people lack knowledge of Vedas.
In Vedas, God never forgives sins of any man or woman. Most of the people are worshipping God by over sighting the Vedas rule of non-forgiveness. People think that they have pleased the God by their worship against the Vedas and God has forgiven them and thus the sins, corruption, injustice etc., are increasing and people have been suffering accordingly.

Sandiv: Every day morning I do the gayatri mantra and also the surya mantra once every day and on Sunday I do 5 times in the morning [om grini suryaya namaha].
can this be done in the eve as well or is this only for the morning, and should both mantras be done before sunrise?
Swami Ram Swarup: I can only recommend chanting of Gayatri Mantra which is in Vedas. Vedas never say worship of non-alive matters like sun. Yes, Gayatri Mantra is chanted both times i.e., morning and evening/night. Mantra will give more benefit if in addition you do havan from Gayatri Mantra, daily both times.

C K Vatsa: In their eternal journey, on their common mission, to attain the ultimate goal, do we, the Jeev-Atmas, co-travellers in the present life, ever bump into each other in our susequent lives, as fellow travellers, though unaware of our previous associations. This thought has been nagging me for quite sometimes. Kindly elucidate.
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul takes body of humans/animals/birds etc., according to their deeds. As per Rigveda Mantra 10/135/1,2 human beings thus came on this earth to face the result of previous lives’ deeds and to do present deeds also. Soul comes alone and goes alone. But based on the past, present lives deeds “Give and Take” matter involves and the previous associations may occur.

Jyoti: What we called “divorce” in Hindi?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Hindi you can say “Sambandh Vichched” or “Tyag”.

Prakash Lakhani: Nav SHARVARI SAMVAT 20064 kee Mangal Kamna. Prabhu kripa se aapke man men gyan jyoti isee prakar jaltirahe aur aap samast jagat mein gyan prakash failate rahen.
Swami Ram Swarup: Aap ki shubh kamnaiyen sadaa mere liye utsah vardhak Raheingi. Main hameisha junglon, pahadon aur ghar mein bhi ekaant mein hee samay bitata raha hoon. Lekhani ka karya bhi mujhe aap jaise mahanubhavon ki prernna se prarambh karna padaa tha or computer ka karya bhi mere premi shishya kapil Rampal ki prernna ka phal hai nahin to mere hrideya mein aisee koyee ichcha kabhi nahin uthi thi aur mein ishwar prerit tap, swadhyaya, Ashtang yog sadhna mein sadaa ekaantvaas hee karta raha hoon. Aaj apne mujhe nayee prernna dee, mein aapke shubh, prernna yukt bhaav aaj tareekh 27th March 2007 ki sham ko dekh raha hoon. Prantu prataha kaal ke samay koi sajjan aaj mere paas lagbhag 5-6 ghante baithe, mujhe yeh prernna dete rahe ki mein ekaant vaas tyag kar bahar aakar janata mein Ved vidya ka prachaar karoon, unki prernna par bhi mein vichar karta raha and ant mein socha ki mujhe janata mein updesh deney chahiye. Mein aapka and un sajjan dono ka aaj abhari hoon and ishwar se prarthana karta hoon ki ved vidya avinashi satya gyan ko phailane ke liye mujhe shareerik evam mansik shakti pradaan karen.

Sagar Madhusudan: Can an HIV/AIDS patient get cured by any yoga practises?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think Yoga practice is not able to cure AIDS disease please.

Preetam: Is it scientifically proven that a soul can transfer from one body to another?
Swami Ram Swarup: Science has not yet been able to realize the transfer of soul from one body to another.

Dhirak: When is a good time to have another child? Please advise about my job prospects.
Swami Ram Swarup: If your financial condition allows you then matter of next baby can be considered. As regards job prospects it depends on your hard working please.

Rekha Nautiyal: During Grahan period, people do not eat anything, do not worship, mandirs are closed. Why it is so? Is there any mention in Vedas about this?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas do not tell about stoppage of worship and eating, please.

Srivedi Innani: Please give me the sloka that comes under the following numbers sloka No:-234-236 in bal kand of Tulsidasji ki Ramayana.
Swami Ram Swarup: Doha 234,235and 236 as under:-
“Dekhan Mis Mrig Bihag Taru Phirayee Bahori Bahori
Nirakhi Nirakhi Raghubeer Chabi Baadi Preeti Na Thori.”


SC: Pranam Swami ji (I happy to covey again my greetings for contacting you again from a long gap). For one request you told me that, now the cassette for doing havan is released (step by step information). Please tell me the price of this cassete and from your ashram if you sold havan samagri then also inform me price of this havana samagri. Swamiji in this website I read that for doing havan mango tree wood may also used. But when I contacted to local Arya Samaj they told that for doing havan mango tree wood is not used.
Swami Ram Swarup: Cassette for havan may be sent to you on receipt of your postal address. Its price is Rs.25/- excluding postal charges. Havan samagri is not sold by us, please. You may purchase it from market. Mango tree is the best for havan and next is bargad, peepal, sheesham, beri. Especially from mango tree, a matter is released on burning, which is natural insecticide. Phenyl (disinfectant) is also prepared from mango twig. Mango tree also releases less smoke (Carbon Dioxide) than other woods.

Jai: My thirst for spiritualism is growing. I have read few books. Can I read Vedas in Hindi? Please guide me to get something useful attributed to my life.
Swami Ram Swarup: The main motto of human life is to realize God while discharging all moral duties and doing all pious deeds for family, society and nation. For this very purpose, regular advice of learned Acharya of Vedas is essential. I will advise you to please study some of my books to enter the spiritualism. Though you should come here to learn Vedic and Yoga philosophy but if it is not possible then you must listen preach on Vedas through CDs. It requires little financial investment. If you wish then explanation of Ved mantras in hindi have already been recorded and CDs are being prepared. The cost of one VCD is Rs.40/- and audio CD is Rs.30/- excluding postal charges. Spiritual books and CDs may be dispatched to you on receipt of your postal address if you so desire. Total audio CDs are about thousand which are being prepared slowly. List of books is available on the website.

Sumit: Is it possible to open the agya chakra by Surya trataka for one month? If not please tell me what to do for it’s opening?
Swami Ram Swarup: Agya Chakra is not opened by Surya Tratak etc. Listening of Vedas, shastras and spiritual books from an Acharya. Name Jaap, Yajyen and practice of Ashtang yoga is required to open Agya chakra.

Sundeep: I have Mahadasha Shani started in my life in 2000. I’ve been having a very difficult time since then in business and fortunes. I just keep losing money in anything I do.
Swami Ram Swarup: Nowadays, mostly we have neglected knowledge of Vedas. In Vedas, shastras, Gita, Valmiki Ramayan and other ancient holy books, Shani Mahadasha/astrology has not been mentioned. So one should not be afraid of shani dasha. The problems are only due to result of our own deeds done in previous lives. So a regular worship, havan, name jaap of God (Om or Gayatri Mantra) is required to kill the effect of previous lives bad deeds which have been creating problem in our present life. Regular advice of learned Acharya of Vedas is also necessary.

Nand Shankar: I am interested in knowing why Gautama Maharishi cursed his wife Ahalya and turned her into stone.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Valmiki Ramayan, it is mentioned that Ahilya made immoral contact with Indra. When Gautam Rishi came to know about said contact he cursed Ahilya, his wife that she will live within the limited premises of ashram like a heavy stone which does not move from one place to another. So Ahilya remained in Ashram like a stone but Ahilya was not turned into stone. To turn into a stone by a living being is impossible being unnatural.

R R: I have been following your teachings of Vedas since the past 2 years. I have learnt a lot from you and 99.9% of what i know now in spiritualism is directly or indirectly due to you only. You have send me several books free of cost (Ramayana, Manusmriti, GIta, Vedanta Part 1 and 2, brahmacharya book and Yoga darshan).You have been clearing my doubts also frequently through the website. You have also send me the cassette of gayatri mantra and yajna. I sincerely want to thank you for all this. I have modified my lifestyle according to your teachings. I was a non vegetarian and since the past one year I have become a pure vegetarian. I have left reading newspapers, TV
etc. and don’t have interest in wasting my time like mean other youth ( I am 18 years old now). Now every evening I read books send by you and try to incorporate the teaching in my life. At present I am reading your Brahmacharya book and I have already finished reading that book 2 times. But each time I read this book I feel I get rejuvinated and
encouraged. Again your writing skill is awesome. In the present world it is very difficult for youths to maintain complete brahmacharya. They cannot be solely blamed also. The environment in which they grow, the things to which they are exposed, the lack of Vedic education they receive, lack of knowledge of Vedas by their teachers and parents etc are the causes of this. I too felt hard to become brahmachari initially but now after reading your book I have taken a vow to remain pure brahmachari for the rest of my life. I don’t know whether I will enter Grihasthashram or not as thinking about all this is not the right
time now as you have said several times that marriage etc. happen at the right time with the grace of God. Again even a grishthi can be a brahmachari like Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Arjun etc. I chant the Gayatri mantra twice in the morning and evening (some times it becomes night as I have to attend classes from afternoon to late evening) with meaning in the heart as advised by you. I would love to do yajna every day but I am not able to do so for several reasons. Firstly my family members do not know the Vedic knowledge and do not wish to know it also. So they are nor very happy seeing me studying these books sent by you. But they are good people and will not do any thing. But doing yajna etc they will not allow me as my mom fears I will become a sanyasi etc. These doubts arise because she doesn’t know the eternal culture in which every family does yajna daily twice and is not interested in knowing also. I do know that I have to do tapasya strictly as a brahmachari. At times I face setbacks which depress me.
Swami Ram Swarup: I appreciate your views my son. You have followed the path which is a motto of human life. I bless you for a long, happy life.

It is further pious deed that you have left non-veg. Atharvaveda states that God never excuses any sin but God pardons the human-being who was non-vegetarian but has left it. I heartily congratulate you. But you must read newspaper for general knowledge, keeping yourself always in touch with current affairs.

Yes, I agree that nowadays due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, it is difficult to maintain
complete Brahamcharya but not impossible. In Bhagwad Geeta, Sri Krishna Maharajji also states that Oh! Arjun though it is difficult to control the senses, perceptions and mind but daily practice (study of Vedas, name jaap and Yoga practice) and by attaining ascetism it becomes easy to maintain Brahamcharya and to control senses etc.

Your tapasya will also give benefit to your parents. So in the near future all will feel peace automatically. Bad incidents are due to the result of bad impression on the mind of previous lives’ deeds. So one should not worry but Tapasya and firm decision should go ahead which will sure kill the previous lives bad deeds.

Everything happens due to the sanskars (effect of karmas on chitta). If you are doing your tapasya faithfully then one day the sanskaars will be burnt then no problem will arise. So I think you are going on the right path which must be continued by you with whole heart and at you level best. God is helping you and will ever help you. My blessings are always with you my son.

Shrikant: I do sadhna daily. While sadhna I feel something spinning inside my body for few seconds. Could you please tell me about that?
Swami Ram Swarup: It will be better if you write about the type of your sadhna (worship), please. Based on your sadhna only the fact will be judged.

Ramesh Kumar: I want to know the actual concept of God. As for as my knowledge is concerned, the concept we follow is that there are three Gods: Brahima, Vishnoo and Mahesh. If I am right then how can there be three Gods? The God should be only one and he is neither born nor can be died, he has neither relatives nor wife or such thing, he has no shape no body. If we apply these things at brihma, vishnoo and mahesh, they fail to pass this test out because they have shape and they have wives and as god has no wife how can they be gods? Is there any eternal spiritual power supreme to them if is any? Please solve this problem. I am really very confused and unbelieved about the concept of God.
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and again creates it. God is formless. Being formless there is no need of statue or temple of God according to Vedas. As a matter of fact, you, I or every human being, lives in a body. Body is separate, we are called souls. Vedas say soul has no form even.
Then also we know each other. For example even if you have not seen the photograph of King Akbar then, you can know Akbar by means of the study of his qualities. So is the case with the God. If an aspirant really goes to his Guru and listens Vedas like Shri Ram, and ancient kings and their public then he will be able to know hundred percent about formless God. Then comes realization for which Vedas (especially Samveda) says that he who performs Yajna, does jaap (according to Vedas) and practises Ashtang Yoga Philosophy while remaining in family like Shri Ram etc., he sure realizes ,being eternal law.

There is only one God who is formless, creates, nurses and destroy the universe. He is almighty and supreme, beyond description, beyond imagination and beyond calculation. He is omnipresent and omniscient. Divine qualities of Almighty God is described in eternal knowledge of Vedas. Vedas emanates direct from God. So all Hindus and others too believe in Vedas. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are the name of one said god. God has no wives please because he is almighty and needs no any assistance etc. No one is above God please. All religions tell to worship God.

Jerry Michael Brooks: Can you help me understand what the Aruna Parayanam from the Krishna Yajur Veda really says in English. Is it true that this is also a ritual/yagnya to heal? Is this a part of a yajna to Surya God? Can it be said as prayers to Surya? Or as part of yajnam to Surya? Will Surya yajnam heal and give good health and fame?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please, there is no Arunna prannayam. I will advise you to read my book Patanjal Yog Darshan part I and II in which Vedic Yoga philosophy and Prannayam subject has been briefed. The Surya(Sun) rising in the sky is not worshippable being non-alive matter, please. Yajyen is performed for long life to fulfill pious desires, to worship God and to realize God. There are thousands of benefits of Yajyen relating to long, happy life and worship of God only.

Amit Dua: Swamiji, I am from an Arya Samaji family and am a firm believer of Vedas. But there is a question which confuses me sometimes – We read many prayers in Vedas. Why God Himself revealed his own prayers in His revealition?
Swami Ram Swarup: I am sure that you are educated. Sometimes your teacher, lecturer definitely had been delivering lecture on moral duties etc., and I am sure that he sometimes used to tell that a student must respect the parents, teachers, lecturers, elders etc. The said preaching of teacher/lecturer is not beneficial to them (to teacher etc) but definitely the act of the said preaching of teacher/lecturer always gives the benefit to the student. Parents also give such preach to the children for their benefit. Similarly God being our father and who creates universe and nurses us has a natural mercy in Him to give the knowledge of the Vedas to us. And Vedas contain the prayer, praise and worship of God for the benefit of the public and not for God. No prayer, praise or worship to God can make any good or bad effect on God. Rishi Patanjali states in his Yog shastra sutra 1/24 that God is away from any effect of any died or result of deed etc. God has made such prayer for our benefit only and God vide Yajurveda mantra 7/48 has stated that human beings are free to do any Good or bad deed but result will be awarded by God.

Nila: Thanks for your help and give your positive energies to us.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you and your family for a long, happy life. You are always welcome please. You may also read this site even once a week for getting spiritual knowledge which is further beneficial to you and your family for a long, happy
life. This human life is meant for worship of God daily. While discharging all moral duties and doing hard work to earn money. It is a well known fact that neither rich person nor poor is happy with the life, tensions, problems, diseases usually occur which is a result of previous lives’ bad deeds. Vedas tell that effect of those bad deeds can be finished before they give problem and it is only possible by worship as mentioned above.

Patel Shailesh Kanubhai: I am inspired by your letter and I will now and never blame God for the any thing happened in my life. I will try and become successful in my life to earn money to fulfill my parents need. Give me your blessing to give me energy and courage to fulfill my aim.
Swami Ram Swarup: I am pleased my son by your views. My blessings are always with you for your success at every step of your life. Please always do hard work towards right path. You may send your problem if any to me for advice and solution.

Preeti: Can you please kindly write me mantar for vidya?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mantra to attain vidya is hard study, brahamcharya, concentration and devotion. One must leave the laziness and must not be dependent on anyone. He should work hard with the assistance of teachers/professors/lecturers, himself to study hard. It is a moral duty of a student to concentrate on hard study and to look after his health. Avoid bad society always concentrate on your Brahmacharya. Awake early in the morning and after bath- brush etc., do holy name jaap of God at least for 15 minutes. Go for morning walk and light exercises daily. Take plenty of water i.e., at least 15 -to 20 glass in a day. Always respects your parents, elders and teachers. Must be soft spoken, avoid TV to see bad scenes, films etc. this all will help you to concentrate in your study.
Whatever you study and learn, try to write on rough book a lot without seeing books etc. I have written a book on Brahmacharya in Hindi, WHICH CAN BE SENT, free of cost, TO YOU ON RECEIPT OF YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS IF YOU SO DESIRE, PLEASE. THE book is specially meant for students. As regards, Vidya concerning spiritualism, the same efforts are exercised under guidance of spiritual master. Book is
useful for students as well as family members.

Anitha: What are the effects of a brahmin boy marrying another caste girl on the ancestors?
Swami Ram Swarup: Caste system has not been made by God in Vedas. So on the matter of marriage qualities must be kept in mind. Therefore it makes no difference if boy and girls have good qualities to discharge their family duties and look after their children well. Good qualities must be learnt from Vedas, shastras and holy books. For eg. Boy and girls must serve their parents, elders. Must be God fearing, boy must be earning well to feed family properly, boys and girls must be educated. Both must shower their love to children of whole family and others. Boy and girl must never lie. Girl must be obedient to in-laws. She must be hardworking and several other good qualities must be
gained by listening Vedas. Family of both sides must be satisfied by each others qualities. So it is very clear that even marriage is being performed between Brahmin families and in case of any shortcoming in any boy/girl then also the marriage in cancelled. So one
should not look only at caste.

Nila: In your answer you say at the end ‘beware fo hidden foe’ please how I can do this help me please.
Swami Ram Swarup: You may keep a strict watch on the activities of the concerned people with whom you are attached. Secondly, you must chant Gayatri Mantra, do daily havan with Gayatri Mantra and must also do name jaap of holy name of God daily. Then God will also help you in the matter and hidden foe may be defeated in such way.

Umesh: How can we have better bramcharya in students?
Swami Ram Swarup: With firm decision, Vedic advices of an Acharya, giving up laziness and doing hard work towards right path will sure help the youth. I will advise you that you must study my book on brahamcharya. Book is in Hindi worth Rs.100/. excluding postal charges. Book contains several advise to youth which helps to maintain brahamcharya. You will sure be able to guide people in this matter after studying the said book.

Harish: What happened to karan’s kavach and kundal after he gave it to indra? Did he really took it back to devalok?
Swami Ram Swarup: God creates universe. But actually it is a real mercy of Almighty God on us to shower knowledge of Vedas in the beginning of the creation. Vedas’ knowledge is a constitution of universe and he who follows the Vedic path, attains a long, happy life. Vedas tell the truth. Whatever is there in universe, all has been mentioned in Vedas by God. Vedas have not been written by any Rishi-Muni, man or saints etc. It is a knowledge which emanates direct from God. So Vedas like God, always tell truth. All the learned know that whatever is there in Vedas, that is true. As there is no mention in Vedas about Kevach and Kundal or Devta like Indra or Swarag-Narak etc. So the same are not authentic please. Vedas tell that he who performs Yajyen/Agnihotra then the Ved mantras protect him. Vedas tell that Ved mantras thus are called “varma” i.e., “Kevach” i.e., protection. So we must be learned and finish blind faith. Vedic knowledge always overcomes illusion/blind faith.

Vijay Khosla: Please tell me that the things we deserve after many hard work we still don’t achieve them?
Swami Ram Swarup: There are three types of Karmas, the philosophy of which is pasted below. So according to Prarabdh, the hard working may also go in vain. But human life is meant to do worship of God and then it is a Fundamental law of God that “God helps those who help themselves”. So we must concentrate not on prarabdh or future but only on Kriyamann karma i.e., present pious deeds. The main pious deeds is Yajyen-worship of God according to Vedas. So we must do worship of God daily to finish the effect of prarabdh. Mere hardworking will do nothing because it will not kill the effect of prarabdh karma (deeds).

R L C: I belong to backward community. Where I will go for Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Kindly write to me the Sutra 3/45. Excuse me for disturbing you in these auspicious days in your Ashramam. Kindly give me the sutra. also request your Holiness to convey me the meaning of these Asta Siddis in English and their powers if practiced or shown to the world. From Swami Vevekananda’s writings I have understood that if a manhas acquired Anima he could read the mind of a person. Kindly convey me the powers of other Sidhis. Your most worshipful.
Swami Ram Swarup: God has not made any community. Community is man made so not accepted by God and by learned persons. I have written a book on Patanjal Yog Darshan wherein detailed explanation of each sutra has been mentioned. So you are advised to study the book which will be sent on receipt of your postal address. In the book, the details of all eight siddhis have also been briefed. If still the explanation in English is required, you may send E-Mail again. I think I have also explained the said siddhis on this website also in English, please check website also.

Karan Khanna: I understand that it is wrong to consume meat but I also wonder at the same time that more than 80% of the world’s population is non-vegetarian and also many of them are living very luxurious lives with no worries at all. They are very happy and enjoy alcohol, drinks in the parties, eat lots of chicken…but nothing wrong happens to them. Why is this discrepancy swamiji? And if we say, they will be punished by God someday, we mean that 80 % of world’s population is going to suffer terribly at the hands of God? Please enlighten.
Swami Ram Swarup: Rigveda Mantra 10/135/1,2 and 3 state that luxurious life is a result of previous lives’ pious deeds. The sins being done at present under the shelter of luxurious life will have to be faced full of sorrows in future births. The said law is Fundamental and law has been mentioned in all four Vedas. But nobody must be jealous to see the luxurious life of anybody else otherwise it will be itself a sin to be faced in future.

Rajesh Milly: Can you please let me know that what was the estimated age of Grandfather Bheeshm (Devavrat) & Yudisther when the Mahabharat Fight was on.
Swami Ram Swarup: Bheesham remained alive for about 172years and as regards Yudhishthir, I have not yet calculated his age, please.

Deepak Rawat: Tell me something about Nithari Kand?
Swami Ram Swarup: Nithari Kand is an heinous crime against humanity and especially innocent babies, girls and women which is highly condemnful matter. Yes, now it is a duty of administration to punish the culprit by treating it as rarest of rare case giving capital punishment. Administrative authorities must also be alert in future for such recurrences.

Kavitha: I want to learn Vedas with one and each word meaning. But I don’t know Sanskrit. So please suggest me for Sanskrit books. And also my baby is 3yrs old. So can I start teaching her Vedas now as well. I know that sending gurukul is at the age of 8. So I have a doubt, is it ok to start at the age of 3? So please clarify my doubt. Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: Your views to study Vedas are highly appreciated. God has given the knowledge of Vedas for the human beings, which is being neglected nowadays. In Atharvaveda kand 4 Brahamodnam sukta 35 it is clarified that food is meant only for our body. Food finishes the hunger of stomach alone then our body survives. We see that a rich family takes choicest food but in the absence of spiritualism, such family remains worried, sick, in problems, tensions etc. Why? Atharveda gives the answer that soul which resides in body is also hungry but not of food like chapatti, rice, dal, fruits, milk etc. Soul is actually hungry of knowledge of God which is called “brahmodanem”. So
if we only feed our body then we never feel merriment, happiness etc, etc., because soul is hungry not for food but for brahmodanem i.e. listening of Vedas, performing of Yajyen, name jaap, practice of Ashtang Yoga etc. Then only we will be able to attain a long, happy life. To study Vedas actually guidance of Acharya is necessary and not knowledge of Sanskrit. Infact Sanskrit is quite easy being our mother tongue. Moreover, Vedas are not to be read first but are to be listened from an Acharya i.e., why Vedas are also called “shruti”. Shruti means to listen. We must deeply understand that listening is not difficult. Everywhere public goes to saints to listen their preach. In the preach saints recite sanskrit shlokas and public listens. Then neither saints nor public says that listening of Sanskrit shlokas is a difficult task. Then why can’t the public not listen to Vedas. But problem to listen the Vedas is this that most of the saints have not studied the Vedas. Such saints are
afraid of the fact that if people will start listening Vedas then people will become learned like Rishi-Munis which most of the saints do not want due to their selfishness. So public must beware of such saints. It is our duty devoted on us by God to listen /study Vedas. We must obey God not others. Everything will be ok if aspirant starts listening Vedas from his Acharya. Otherwise, you may take lesson through postal correspondence or e-mail correspondence, as you wish. I would advice you to chant Gayatri Mantra daily and to perform havan daily with Gayatri Mantra. This will make a good effect on the mind of your loving baby and will enable your baby to study Vedas in future. You are also advised to study my book “Yajyen Karma – Sarvashreshtha Ishwar Pooja” in Hindi worth Rs.65/- excluding postal charges. In the book Ved mantras have been described. From the Ved mantras mentioned in book, daily havan is performed. Some other holy books written by me are also beneficial for you in initiating the study of Vedas.

Nowadays people send their child to school at the age of 3. But minimum age of child must be 5 years. As regards Vedas, havan must be performed daily and some good teaching from Vedic book (which I will send you on receipt of your postal address) must be delivered to baby even at the age of three years but not continuously for more than twenty minutes half an hour. It will give good result afterwards.

Khusburaj Shrestha: I used to read lots of the book from Osho Rajnish and I am influenced a lot from his thoughts. On the contrary I am also developing the bhakti marga concept within my mind. Sometime I feel there is some unfit things that both can’t go in the same time. While I keep faith in Ram and Krishna I have to surrender total to the pious god that will purify me. On the other side if I study the Osho literature I have to
root out all types of faith and religion and to think as an empty mind of person. Why is so happening to me?
Swami Ram Swarup: This earth and all the matters of the earth like Sun, moon, water etc. and even our own body have been created by God and after creation He originated the knowledge of Four Vedas in the heart Four Rishis. In Vedas, details of Gyan (knowledge of all matters/Science etc.), Karma(deeds) and Upasana( worship) have been preached by God Himself ,Vedas say that three wisdom must be adhered to in the life together. Target of human life to attain long, happy life and salvation can not be achieved even if any of the three is over sighted. We utilize all the materialistic articles of universe made by God so we must also listen/study Vedas being an important matter of creation which gives us long, happy life. All our ancient Rishi- Munis and all present learned also adopted Vedas’ path, being authentic. So, there is a key in our hands given by God in the shape of four Vedas which opens all the locks of illusion and the said key opens the secrets of all holy books etc. So we must tally our path with the knowledge of Vedas always. So you may go ahead please with osho thoughts and Bhakti marg in accordance with the preach of Vedas. Path of Sri Ram and Sri Krishna was Vedic path. The said Supreme dignitaries adopted the above quoted three wisdoms all together, in the life.

Sudhansu Jain: I am seeing some different colour like blue, red, green during yoga. Is it the first stage of enlightening of kundlini shakti?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, it is not the first stage, please.

Rahul Radhakrishnan: I would like to know whether a brahmachari can consume POTATO and TOMATO? Can one take masur dal?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, a brahamchari can consume potato, tomato and all vegetables but he must avoid onion and garlic. He must take boiled vegetables having curry (in liquid) therein. Yes, dal masur in liquid form can be consumed but mostly a brahamchari should take vegetables along with dal.

Rahul Radhakrishnan: Is you gita part 2 ready?
Swami Ram Swarup: I am nowadays really busy to complete Geeta part-2. Though, the book is under print but there is a huge task for me to write, proof read etc. I found so many printing mistakes in proof reading. Moreover, some lengthy additions in each shloka are being made. So I think, further two months will be required to complete
the book, please.

Hemant Pansare: I just want to know who am I and what is the purpose for which I have received this birth?
Swami Ram Swarup: Relationship is always made at least within two matters which are always separate from each other. One says that this is his house. So house is separate and person is separate. Another says that this is my house, my son, my wife etc. So person is separate, his house, son and wife are also separate from each other. That is why the relation was made. Similarly when someone says that this is his head and leg, ear and eyes etc., so here also it is clear that the person who is making relation with head, eyes etc., is separate and the said organs and the whole body are separate. Otherwise relation can not be made. No one on the earth says that he is eye, he is head, he is leg, he is body etc., but always says that all the organs of body belong to him. So naturally question arises that who, “HE” is to say that this is his head. So “HE” means “SOUL” who resides in the body. Rigveda mantra 1/164/20 says that this body is like a tree. Tree is destroyed one day. So body made by prakriti’s five matters (earth, air, water, space, fire) is destructible, prakriti being non-alive. In said tree, God and soul also reside and both are alive matters. God is omnipresent but soul is not omnipresent and resides at only one place at one time. Suppose we are sitting in a dark room in the night then we are unable to do any task like studying but in the light of electric bulb we become able to do job. Similarly human body only works when the soul resides in it. That is soul works like an electric bulb otherwise we daily see so many deaths of youngsters also whose healthy body is there but does not work, eye can not see, ear can not listen etc., so which matter (tatv) had left the body. Yes it is only soul. Purpose of human life is to overcome the sorrows, tensions and to attain salvation by worshipping God under the guidance of an Acharya.

Death and birth according to the deeds are eternal until the whole good or bad deeds are burnt by doing hard practice of ashtang yoga and study of Vedas, the same are not stopped. Human beings mostly take birth to face the result of previous sin/pious deeds. And in the present life they due to illusion do several sins or other deeds to face in the future births. Yajurveda mantra 40/2 states that we should discharge our moral duties and while doing pious deeds according to Vedas we get salvation. So deeds are to be done. The aspirant who gains knowledge of Vedas, ashtang yoga philosophy etc., he usually preaches the people also. So it is up to the people whether they are desirous of worshipping to kill the past deeds to get salvation or not. Mostly people are after materialistic articles/pomp and show etc. mere talking will do nothing. Why the voice of President Bush, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, our late Prime Minister Indira Gandhiji and the voice of learned Yogis are listened? Because they struggled for their motto and became appropriate person.