V: Pranam Guruji Guruji I had previously also asked the question but did not get the reply so l am asking again. Sorry for the inconvenience I have following your preach but I needed some guidance. Guruji for my state administrative job I am required to study a subject of my choice. I opted Anthropology I am 70% done with it. But then I encountered the topic related to Evolution and related things. That I know are not supported by Vedas. So felt that may be by reading and learning such topic I am doing some WRONG or SIN. So I am left in a strange and confused situation, I am not able to move ahead in the studies. It is little distress full. Please guide me. This subject is necessary for me but I can’t study till I am clear of this doubt.

2). Guruji even Arjun had kill his brothers for his dharma. So I hope there is no wrong in studying such topics that are part of our syllabus as you always tell that it is student’s duty to study well his books. Aapke shishya.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

(1) Yes, my son, evolution theory does not tally with Vedas because it is man- made and not God made. If it would’ve been God made then surely its matter would have been mentioned in Vedas, which is not the case. Now, your examination is conducted by men and you’ve been taught the evolution theory by men. Therefore you will have to answer questions as taught to you in the college by the professor etc. (men). And therefore it will not be a sin on your part. You go ahead and pass the K.A.S. examination for which I’ll be happy.

(2) Answer, as above.

Jeetu: Pranam , ham jante hai ki kuch karam galat hote hai , phir bi hum unhe karne se nahi hat te aisa kyu.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Is bat ko samajhne ke liye yeh samajhna zaroori hai ki hum aur tum shareer , mann aur buddhi nahi hain. Yeh to prakriti se bane jad tatva hain. Hum aur tum aur sab pranni shareer main rehne wali shudh, chetan, ajar, amar, avinashi jeevatmayein hain. Ab short mein hee samjhna hoga ki jeevatma jaanti hai arthat hum jaante hain ki yeh bura karma hai parantu mann aur buddhi jeevatma ko bura karma /paap karma karne kee prernna dete hain, inspire karte hain aur jeevatma jo karma bandhan mein phansa hai, apne shudh, chetan swarup ko nahi jaanta. Weh jeevatma mann buddhi ka gulam bana hua unki baat ko maan kar mann- buddhi ko paap karam karne kee agya de deta hai. Iska main karann yeh hai ki hum vedic shiksha prapt nahi karte, ved ke gyata vidwaan ka satsang nahi sunte aisey vidwaanon se prernna paakar /gyan pakar Yajyen , yogabhyaas aadi sadhna nitya nahi karte.

Danish: Aadab, Swami ji i tried to order Shrimad Bhagwadgeeta – Ek Vedic Rahasya..1 ,2 ,3…bt I was unable to find any option to order. Please tell the way to order them. I want them urgently…thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: Aadaab bhaizaan. Necessary information has been sent to you, please. Send your postal address, the books will be sent to you, immediately.