Anil: Kechue ke char tukde kar dene par vo char naye kechue ban jate hain. ek atma se char atma kaise ban gai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Jo kuchh bhi is sansaar mein hota hai weh Ishwareeya niyam mein hee hota hai. Isliye agar kechue ke chaar tukde karne par bhi woh chaar tukde zinda rehte hain to yeh bhi Ishwareeya niyam hee honge. Arthat usmein chaar jeev pravesh karenge hee, tabhi woh zinda rahega anyatha nahi. Kyunki soul (jeev) ke kabhi tukde nahi hote.

Varun: Guruji ke charnoon main mera pranam Guruji recently you explained about the matter of niyiti/kismat. Here you mentioned that a person not following vedic path will get only that much that is written in his/her kismat. I agree to it in the domain of happiness and sorrows. But Guruji will it also pre-define ones future too like one would become a doctor, an army person or even a thief or criminal. A person choses to become something and then works hard for it but if he/she believes that the fate is already written then a person will become lazy as it ends the story of purusharath and the saying that god help those who help themselves. I agree to the fact that a person may face immense obstacles in his course of life but that cannot be concluded as being GODs desire to prevent a person from reaching that goal . I mean that sorrows and obstacles may not be seen as GODs signals of not going the pious way even a person following the vedic path faces immense obstacles esp. today therefore Vedas say that follow the path even at the cost of your life. So Guruji can we say that Obstacles and sorrows come in life due to bad deeds but one should not sit by to cry over them but face them and follow the Vedic path to get rid of these obstacles itself to make the path of success( material and spiritual) easier by destroying the potential obstacles. Please enlighten me. Aapke charnoon main mera pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. To become doctor, army person etc., society makes it able. I have several times written that luck can be changed by following Vedic path. There is no matter of God’s signal because in books, I have also written that this human body has been blessed by God to follow Vedic path otherwise God punishes. Vedic path is followed not at the cost of life but human life has been given to follow Vedic path. So, by following path, obstacles are over. My blessings to you.