S: Pranam Guruji as a student can I sit for 20-30 min of meditation daily. I hope its enough. As I think somewhere in your books I read that one should sit at least equivalent to ones age.
Secondly u told us to concentrate b/w the eyebrows, but Guruji we cannot pinpoint that location while in meditation. But it’s a rough area that we know that we are focusing on is that area only.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. A student must sit for name jaap atleast fifteen minutes and thereafter continuously for asan and prannayam , he should give time atleast for half an hour. Same should be repeated in the evening. In addition, twenty minutes agnihotra with ved mantras must also be performed. All above worship must be done under guidance of learned acharya of Vedas and Yog philosophy. Thereafter, whole day is left for his hard study. He should wake up early in the morning atleat at 5 O’ clock and go on bed in night uptil 10:30 to 11 O’clock.
Yes, we must concentrate between eyebrows at a point. It is not a rough area, it is called agyachakra. All rishi-munis, devotees have been focusing/concentrate at the same point. Yog Shastra sutra 3/1 also refers.

Anu: Guruji pranaam koi ladki widow kyu hoti h kya ye paap karmo k karan hota hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Beti, jo ved vidya sunta hai aur uske anusaar jeevan gujarta hai to nitya Yajyen karke weh apnee aayu ko badaa leta hai. Is prithivi par ab Ishwar se utpann ved vidya ke anusar koi birla hee chalta hai. Kal hee main ek jagah Rigved se pravachan kar raha tha ki “ Deergha tamaha” arthat koi bahut adhik agyan ke andhere mein hain to weh aur unke parivar mein das saal ki aayu se hee rog shuru ho jaate hain , isee prakar mrityu bhi jaldi aane lagtee hai . Isee prakar hum Mahabharat granth aur Valmiki Ramayan, Shastra aadi ke adhyayan se yeh jaante hain ki pichhle yugon mein yani Mahabharat kaal tak ( lagbhag ek arab chhiyannve karor saal tak) ek samay mein chheh- chheh peedee zinda rehtee thee, ved vidya ke Prakash se aur na hee kisi bachchey kee mrityu hotee thee. Sub taraf shanti thee. Ab ved vidya ka gyan na hone se charon taraf ashanti ka vatavarann aur bhay ka vatavarann sthapit ho gaya hai.