Anonymous: If we believe in karma, who decides what karma holds how much weight? If I kill a human, how many good deeds do I need to do to pay for that sin? If after killing a person I donate 10 lakh rupees to poor, will my sin and good deeds will be Equalizer? I know God decides that and a life is worth more than a billion dollars. But what if I commit a sin in my 80’s and have no life left to repent?

I don’t think a human on this earth can live a sinless life. There is peer pressure, pronography which is very easily available on the internet, filthy TV shows and movies where ever you see there is sin.

If God is love I am very sure that he is, he should have done something to get us out of our sin, coz we humans are weak and we can’t fight sin with our own strength. A normal person who works and takes care of his duties is bound to sin.

Do you think that praying to God will works? If he is loving God then why can’t he directly talk to us?

Do you believe in devil? And is he a person or its just in our thoughts?

Swami Ram Swarup: Karma’s philosophy especially has been preached by God in Yajurved. That is why, Yajurved is related to karma kand (though all four vedas preach about karma philosophy yet according to Yajurved mantra 1/1).This human-body is meant to study vedas and perform dally agnihotra/Yajyen and practice of Ashtang yog to realise God. Mantra states that Yajyen karma is most supreme pious deed of universe. But due to indulgence in illusion, mostly the people are after pomp and show and materialism and this is the main reason of doing sins etc., but recognizing the same as pious deeds human being is fully free to do pious deeds or sins but God decide to award happiness or sorrows respectively. So as serious or heinous sins done accordingly serious and acute punishment is awarded by God. Donation will do nothing in the matter of minimizing sins/effect or its punishment.

Vedic philosophy preached by God tells us that God never forgives when sin is committed in old age and no life is left to repent then repentance/facing the result of deeds is experienced in next birth. Human-beings/living beings have taken birth to face the result of their previous lives’ deeds and it shows that no human-beings or other living-beings are living sinless life. When following Vedic path under the guidance of learned Acharya of Vedas, an aspirant becomes sinless and does not indulge in pious deeds also, then automatically he attains salvation and such liberated soul does not take birth and therefore is not seen on the earth.

As quoted above, God would do nothing but we have been provided with human-body to follow Vedic path to destroy our sorrows and to attain salvation.

Infact, most of the people do not know that how the God creates universe and how the knowledge of vedas emanates directly from God in the beginning of every non-sexual creation. Vedic knowledge is meant to be followed by humans to destroy illusion and to get long happy life and finally to attain salvation. So, matter of loving God and to destroy sins is mentioned in Vedas. Therefore without following Vedas, no one can love God and destroy illusion and sorrows etc. any love is based on listening the good qualities of his/her beloved. As far as God is concerned, His best and pious qualities are mentioned in Vedas. When an aspirant listens God’s divine qualities from a learned Acharya from vedas, then automatically his love starts, otherwise not.

It is us who need God. So, we must follow Vedas to know and talk to God. If devil means ghost then you see the matter of ghost does not exist in Vedas. Therefore, there is no existence in Vedas. It is a tradition of blind faith that people believe in ghosts due to lack of vedas’ knowledge.

About Ghosts

There is no existence of ghosts. But mostly the people who want to earn money or try to take enjoyment make it popular through falsehood and self- made frauds. They only spread such false worship of ghosts. They only promote the said worship by giving false proof of existence of ghosts and people are attracted and accept the same as if it is true.

In short I give two instances:

A poor man met me. He was suffering from acute stomach pain. He told me that his relative had taken him so many times to a baba who used to do treatment of ghost. The man was beaten badly there number of times, to accept that there was a ghost in him. The poor man said to me that at last helplessly, he (poor man) accepted that the ghost is within him, only to save himself from beating. But the fact was that he was having acute stomach pain. When such person accepts existence of ghost under pressure then the people who are present there, accept and start saying that they are eye-witness when the person accepted the existence of ghost.

This is what the false worshippers of ghosts want. They actually thus achieve the result of beating of the poor people. I suggested him some medicine and yoga asan and he became all right soon.

Second instance is that one of my followers brought a gentleman to me. He told that his friend’s daughter is caught by five witches. He further told the story that when the girl goes to bathroom in the morning, there the five witches slap on her upper arms and the sign of slaps of fingers exist on arms. The girl faints. So this story also looks a true one. But a learned person of Vedas, who is aware of the fundamental law of nature never accepts such stories at any cost to be a true one.

According to Yajurveda chapter 39, the fundamental law states that when alive soul leaves the human body, the soul remains under control of sutratma Vaayu by the power of God. At this time the soul always remains in sushuptwastha i.e., like in comma till rebirth. So how a soul can be a ghost? And in a stage of comma (sushuptwastha) how a soul can give harm to anybody?

I thought if I will straightaway refuse the existence of ghost, then the problem will not be solved, because the father of the girl was firm believer of ghost. So I told that this girl must come to me along with her parents daily at least for 10-15 days then she will be okay.

When first day the girl came to me, I asked her to tell all about the witches/ghosts etc. She repeated the story and told that her parents had spent lot of money to cure her. Her parents used to take her to such persons who dealt with such cases of ghosts. The persons used to ask her parents to offer wine, chicken etc., which her parents provided. She used to sit before them continuously for full night also. She was beaten by them with iron chains a number of times.

The second day I started giving her preach of Vedas. After one week, with the result of preach of Vedas, I was able to make her understand that there is no existence of ghost on the earth and she agreed.

Based on fundamental law of God I already knew that there is no ghost on the earth and the girl is telling all lies. Then in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere I told her that O daughter! When you have understood the fact of non-existence of ghosts then tell me truly about the story of witches and the signs of slaps with five fingers on the upper arms and what about fainting. I myself made a promise to her that I shall never tell her statement to anybody. Then she told that she is a student of class 9th and she never wants to go to school. But forcefully her parents used to send her to school then she thought to play such game.

When she was about to go to school in the morning she used to enter the bathroom and used to beat herself on both the upper arms leaving the signs of fingers thereon. She used to do the acting of fainting and afterwards she used to tell her parents that in the bathroom she saw five witches who beat her. With the result of such drama she used to enjoy the remaining day as holiday.

Then I told her that if she does not want to go to school, whatever may be the reason, I will make her parents agree, but she should stop doing such acting. And I will not tell anything to anybody. She agreed.

Next day I called her parents without girl and told them that I have cured their daughter. Now the witches will not come again but in this process they should stop their daughter from going to school. I asked them to arrange her education privately. Now she is married having sons and daughters.

After a lapse of six years I told the above true story in one of my regular preach where my follower who brought the case to me, was sitting in the public. Now he is a retired Govt., servant from a higher gazetted post. He was very much surprised after listening the fact.

So we must follow the fundamental law of nature only then there will be no problem to understand the truth.