Anuradha: Pranam guruji! I read your web site and found an answer to my question which always confused me that why God created this world and whether he had a desire to create this universe.. though i got an answer to this question that this process is eternal an automatic and takes place automatically at a certain point of time. But I still am unable to understand some things:
Is God the architect of our body (eg mann, digestive system, etc.) I mean this architecture of universe n all matters of the world is thought of by God or is this architecture also automatic… for eg God says to stay away from sensuousness even in married life… but then why God has made the process of giving birth to a child in this particular way which automatically invokes sensuousness and attracts a person to do it again and again; as when God knew that our body is made of rajogun, tamogun and satogun.. why didn’t He made a simple way of eating a fruit given by Guru to a lady after marriage and she getting pregnant… moreover why he made such weathers like extreme winters and summers in which its difficult for a person to get up early at 4 am and do naam jaap.. please guruji, satisfy my queries as i am quite depressed about my thinking in this way..
Swami Ram Swarup: There are innumerable divine qualities of God amongst which it is also a quality that God is ever desire-less. He gives everything but takes nothing in return. We the all human beings have been blessed with human body to know God’s qualities and the creation through His eternal knowledge of Vedas. But nowadays most of the people are after the materialistic articles of world keeping aside the main motto of human life. The main reason for the same is illusion/ignorance/attraction towards worldly matters. I mean to say that your question that why God has created the universe is good and shows your desire to get its answer. I shall try my level best to give you the answer but my experience tells me that answer of the question ends the matter whereas answer must be a start of Vedic worship of God to realize the answer within us. You see, the process of creation, nursing, destruction and again creation is automatic, eternal and everlasting under the control of small divine power of God and not God. So when the process is automatically eternal and everlasting then there remains no any question to put that why God has created this world.

Yajurveda mantra 31/3 tells that only one-fourth power of Almighty God acts in non-alive matter prakriti and creation starts. In Rigveda Mandal – 10th sukta 191 tells that present creation like sun, moon, earth, air, living bodies etc., are the same as was in the previous unlimited creations and destructions etc. When final destruction takes place the whole matter of the world turns in a shape of prakriti which itself is immortal and subtle (the minutest) matter i.e., the whole creation hidden in the shape of prakriti. It means the world as a matter of fact, is not destroyed but takes turn i.e., is converted into shape of prakriti. This process is also eternal and at present scientists tells it in their words that matter is not destroyed but changes its form. Therefore, world is not destroyed but changes its form of prakriti, so God is not architect of world’s creation being eternal, everlasting and automatic but everything is controlled and managed by this one-fourth power of Almighty God only.

God does not say I mean does not orders but His preach in the Vedas tells us to follow the right path of Brahamcharya upto 25 years, 33 years, 44 years of age and then to enter in married life. But you see who follows it, most of the people do not try to control over his senses nowadays. Vedas further state if somebody has listened and followed the right path of Vedas to maintain Brahamcharya like Bheesham Pitamaha he should follow for his own benefit. But in absence of Vedic knowledge and to hold the same in daily life like Bheesham Pitamaha has become quite impossible due to illusion. Vedas also preach us that while doing the pious deeds (duly achieved by Vedic knowledge) and discharging all our moral duties towards family, society, nation anyone can attain long happy life and realize God like ancient Rishis, King Dashrath, Raja Aja, Kuru Raja, Puru Raja and their public etc. Now I would like to tell you in these days in whole of the world it is quite difficult to see people who come in any one of above quoted category. One should immediately actually start listening of Vedas, performing havan/Yajyen and practice of Ashtang Yog philosophy daily under the guidance of learned Acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy. So God has made the process of generation through parents (after marriage), details of which has been mentioned in all Vedas especially in Yajurveda. The said procedure was known by Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, several Raj-Rishis, Rishi- Muni’s and public adopted in life and got learned children.

Now there are learned persons nowadays who have learnt Vedas and have been enjoying the life in family by getting son and daughter based on the knowledge of Vedas like dignitaries quoted above. The said dignitaries never forgot the preach of the Vedas to maintain Brahamcharya even in married life, because they learnt and followed Vedas. So stay away from sensuousness even in married life is a matter of learning Vedas, then the devotees will enjoy the life. Those who do not study Vedas they at their own consider negative meaning of staying away from sensuousness in married life etc. So I would like to advice here even to study book named – “Bramcharya Ek Dukh Nivarak Divya Manni” wherein you’ll get immense knowledge of Brahmacharya in married life. The book can be sent on receipt of your postal address if you desire.

In family life you’ll then see that process of giving birth to a child does not invoke sensuousness. It is not a fault of nature or matter of the world if we use them even if those are prohibited in the Vedas like any kind of addiction or non-vegetarian food. Therefore, who will break the rules of administration of God as mentioned in Vedas, he is punished by God. I mean to say that God has provided all types of Vegetarian food which are beneficial to human beings but when human being doesn’t listen or study Vedas due to laziness and duly indulged in illusion, they start taking non-vegetarian food addition etc., and thus commits sin in the administration of Vedas then what God will do except giving him punishment?

In Vedas as well Yog Shastra it is preached that prakriti helps a Yogi to maintain administration of God by listening Vedas and hard practice of Ashtang Yog philosophy to realize God. Therefore, Prakriti does not affect such Yogi who is desirous of attaining final liberation. Secondly nature tells (symbolic) to the general public that whatever you want I’ll fullfill your desire of doing sins etc., or do some pious deeds etc., but Prakriti’s effect will always remain on you because you are not desirous of attaining knowledge of Vedas and following it in daily life.

Same is the case of summer-winter etc., which never make bad effect on Yogi but always affects a person who is always after materialistic articles and never takes interest in spiritualism. Such person always makes excuses and thus becomes liable for the punishment of Almighty God. So, everyone should get or devote time for the spiritualism also in the absence of which no one is able to spend the life peacefully and happily.

Jitendra Mishra: Sanatan dharma ke anusar ‘oum’ke swaroop ka parichay den
Swami Ram Swarup: Sanatan Dharm ka arth hai jo anadi kaal se chala aa rahe hai aur bhawishya mein bhee rahega chahe yai sampoorn sansar pralya avastha mein chala jaye. Yeh dharma vedic dharma kahlata hai. Kyunki Vedoin ka gyan Ishwar se uttpan hota hai. Vedon mein hee Parameshwar ka naam OM kaha hai. Is bare mein apna article paste karta haun –

Om & names of Almighty God

Yes, Om is the best name of Almighty God, say Vedas. OM has three Hindi words. Aa,Uu and Ma. Aa is meant for Aakaar from which three names of God are made i.e., Viraat, Agni and Vishwadi. From Uu= uukaar from which Hirnyagarbh, Vaayu and tejas names occur and Ma = makaar from which Ishwar, Aditya and Praajyan aadi, holy names of God are made. Rig Ved mantra 1/164/ 46 says the God is one but His names are several. But here only the said names are given. Viraat means he who creates the universe. Therefore His name is Viraat.

Agni means he who is knowledgeable, omniscient, to be known and adorable. Therefore His name is Agni. Vishwa means in whom the space, fire etc., i.e., all bhoots are pervading or he who is in all these bhootas and is omnipresent. So His name is Vishwa. Hirnyagarbh means in whom reside these sun, moon i.e., dyulok and are originated i.e., why His name is Hirnyagarbh. Vaayu means by which the universe is held , gives lives and destroys them and is the supreme power, that is why His name is Vaayu. Tej means who is a form of light Himself, i.e., God does not take light from anywhere else. But gives light to sun, moon, stars etc., So the unbroken, unconstructed/unproduced and eternal shape of light is Almighty God and not sun, moon, stars, candle or any lamp of the world or any light of the world. Because all these lights are broken one day, but not God. Ishwar means who and whose knowledge is always a never dying truth and who has unlimited pleasure or merriment in Him. Aditya means who can not be broken into pieces and thus cannot be destroyed. So His name is Aditya. Praajyan means He who knows every manner and behaviour of whole of the universe without misunderstandings. So His name is Praajyan.