Aneel: Swami Ji, is it necessary to “marry” (Even if one doesn’t have any intense desire or lust for the same)? Please get me out of confusion.
Swami Ram Swarup: If anyone is not desirous of getting married life, he should follow the rules and regulations of Brahmcharya ashram which would be great achievement for achieving the main target of life i.e., salvation. Otherwise, without marriage, life may become a curse nowadays due to indulgence in illusion etc.

I have written a book named Brahmcharya- Ek dukh nivarak divya manni (in Hindi) worth Rs.80/- excluding postal charges, which should be read by you because it is applicable to brahmchari as well as married people. You may send your postal address for the same, if you so desire.

PM: Swamiji Namaskar, Q1) How can we know our previous life?
Q2) How to start studying Vedas as I don’t know Sanskrit.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskar.
(i) To know, the previous life is not Vedic culture. Better, if a person starts worshipping God following the path of Vedas, then he certainly becomes Yogi and would know his previous life. Yogi only knows and no one can know, please.
(ii) If you know Hindi or English language then we will send you some Vedic literature (in Hindi and English) where you’ll find Ved mantras and their detailed explanation in Hindi which will enable you to enter into the knowledge of Vedas.

Shashikant Pandey: What is love and How it is differ from physical attraction? Please explain in detail?
Swami Ram Swarup: The true love is based on soul and not on Physical attraction whereas love which gets minimized and destroyed one day is based on physical charm only. When a person starts to love someone, knowing good qualities of lover and if he knows something about soul, then his love is based on soul to soul. Physical love is temporary whereas soul based love is everlasting and immortal. If love makes base of physical charm then it fades away with age and time and one day gets finished.


There are two types of love (i) Based on physical charms (ii) Based on heart to heart i.e., soul to soul.

When most of the people do not know about the soul then the love based on soul cannot be witnessed in the world. As it is a known fact that people are getting attracted towards worldly charms like assets, physical beauty, wealth etc. Such love can be sold and bought in the market. Love based on physical charms automatically declines with time whereas love based on soul is everlasting.

Mostly, nowadays, I think, physical charm is the base of love which should not be there because one day the body becomes old and then love based on the body is vanished away. So, please be careful. Vedas tell that opposite sex must not give their heart to each other before marriage.