Sagar: What does “Atharva Veda 5:17:8-9” say?
Swami Ram Swarup: Atharvaveda mantra 5/17/8:

(UT) If (YAT POORVE) already (DASH) ten (ABRAHAMANNAHA) ignorant (PATYAHA) protectors of (ISTRIYAHA) voice of God i.e., Vedas are there,

If already ten ignorant protectors of voice of God i.e., Vedas are there. Idea being, if ten persons respect only the Vedas and they in the present times also purchase the four Vedas and keep in house but they do not study the Vedas it means, they can’t protect the Vedas. On the other hand (CHET) if (BRAHMA) the learned person of four Vedas (HASTAMAGRAHEET) holds the hand of Vedas i.e., (SAH EV) he is only (EKDHA) distinctly (PATI) the protector of Vedas.

The real learned person of Vedvanni can only protect the Vedas.

Atharvaveda mantra 5/17/9

(BRAHAMANNHA) i.e., learned of Vedas (EV) only (patihi) protector of the Vedas (na rajanyaha) not the kshatriya , being busy too look after the citizens (na vaishayaha) not business, being busy in conducting the business i.e, only Brahmin is the real protector of Vedas. Brahmin is the learned of Vedas and he can even do shastrarth to prove the truth, so he is the protector. (suryaha) the God (prabruvan eti) speaks (tat) about the vedvannni.(panchbhyaha manvebhyaha) in the five catagoriies i.e., the man is divided into five categories –Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, shudra and nishad.

Idea:- That is God who is omnipresent says the above said facts to the five categories of human beings. Main idea of the above two mantras is that God has blessed us with the best knowledge of Vedas in which three education exist- science , i.e., knowledge of all worldly matters, form of pious deeds and to leave the sins and third is how to worship God. It is very much clear that when ved Vanni is spread throughout the world then it means that it has been protected. If Vedvanni will remain conferred to one or ten Brahmins/Brahmarishis and not spread then after the death of Brahmin, the Vedvanni will perish away. So, it is duty of king of the nation to make contact with learned acharya of Vedas to spread Vedvanni, say Vedas.

P: Shri Guru Maharaji aaj mera janmdin hai aur app mujhe aahirwad do ki mein aap ke charno mein saari umar seva karta rahun.
Swami Ram Swarup: Bete, Mera tumehare janam din par shubh ashirwad . sadaa sukhi raho.

Rajni: I want to know about by future according to Vedic astrology.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Future is based on pious deeds, hard working towards a right path and God helps those who help themselves. It depends on your hard working and pious deeds. One should worship God daily to get His blessings in every matter. Good job, education, richness, happiness etc., is the result of previous life’s pious deeds and present life’s hard working, dedication, devotion, hardworking, honesty etc. And in this life one should always also do real worship of God to finish the obstacles if any which may be due to previous life’s bad deeds. So worship is always required along with hard working, devotion, dedication towards right path to get progress in the life.

Please, start the day by chanting Gayatri mantra in the early morning sitting on suitable asan like Sukhasan, Siddhasan or Padmasan etc. concentrate on the point between two eyebrows which is called “Agyachakra”. The Gayatri mantra should be chanted along with its meaning both times. Also, please try to perform daily hawan even with Gayatri mantra. Then try to study any of my books daily and put up question if any.

After 15 days chant the Gayatri mantra only thrice thereafter do the name jaap of Almighty God-“Om”. The jaap must be done daily by heart and not orally. Please read “How to do havan” for the questions asked yesterday.