PSD: Dear Sir, I had one affair with one girl. She also ready to marry with me, but her parents not interest in this relation. They get their marry to another guy. So i am very unhappy. I want to know that there is any relation of this girl in my earlier life.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Relation with any girl or boy of previous lives’ is not known to anyone.

Our present, pious deeds only give us happiness. As regards your love, nothing can be told in this regard because physical love is not stable. Only love of souls is everlasting. Please, check both of you and if your love is based on soul (which is worldly not possible) then you may go ahead and can merry on your own. However, you must be earning well, first.

Prashant: Sadguru jo hum par naam ki bakshish krte hien. Vo naam hai kiska. Marg darshan krien.
Swami Ram Swarup: Ved vidya ke gyata Gurujan Ishwar ke naam-Om, Gayatri mantra aur Brahmacharya aadi kee diksha deity hain aur Ishwar se utpann ved-vidya ka gyan deikar Ashtang Yog vidya kee bhi shiksha deity hain.