AS: Hari om Kirpya muje marg batawo kider me sanyas le sakta hun Muje guru ki bahut jarurat hai

Swami Ram Swarup: Yadi aapke paas samay hai to ek bar yahaan Ved Mandir, Yol mein aao, tabhee aapke sanshay door honge. Ashirwad.

Mei Kam: Dear Guruji, Is it beneficial to read the books written by the learned from abroad such as Dr. Maxmueller and Metterlic? Thanks!

Swami Ram Swarup: Blessings beti. No, please. Because they have not correctly hundred percent explained vedmantras.

Anonymous: Why do some children suffer abuse in their childhood? Is it past live karma? What type of past life karma can lead to such act? These children when they grow up, these karma and abuse affect them in their later life?

Swami Ram Swarup: In fact, it is not possible to state whether such cases are the result of previous lives’ deeds or present lives’ deeds by elders to the children. If the children are made learned about the future and to forget the past then no problem arises. Actually, Vedic spiritualism is required to be delivered to such kids, which makes their future bright.

Suheal: Maharaj ji pranam. Kindly throw light on the relation between Vedas and Sanskrit language. How do yogis see ved mantras in meditation ? Is it like alphabets we write or hear only voice?

What was the script of the original Vedas revealed by god to four rishis?

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Vedic sanskrit language is divine language which emanates directly from God where as worldly Sanskrit emanates from divine vedic Sanskrit language. Such, the most secret matter are either never told or explained on site. An aspirant must only get the valuable knowledge of vedas from Acharya to reach the stage where he himself can observe the above quoted matter. I’ve several times told that knowledge of vedas emanates from God and God being Almighty originates the same in the heart of four Rishis not by speaking and not by writing because God is formless.

Anonymous: Pranam Guruji I have started meditation n mantra chanting. At times I feel very good charged while so times I feel very depressed low and cant chant and meditate – please advise what should I do.

Swami Ram Swarup: Blessings beti. An aspirant with firm decision must go on daily to do practice of Yog philosophy and name –jaap of God. He must oversight other worldly activities. Beti you may again write if any problem arises.