K H: Pranams Swamiji. I am a tamil brahmin belonging to Yajurveda sect. My parents have executed an agreement with the medical college in our town for donating their bodies after their demise. I need to clarify regarding the performing of daily, monthly, yearly rituals [after their demise] as prescribed for Yajurvedis and if dissolving the sacred ashes is one of the primary duties of a brahmin son to his parents, request your suggestions or “parihara” for the same.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In Vedas, there is no mention about donation of dead bodies instead Yajurveda mantra 40/15 states to burn the dead body immediately after death. However, the act of benevolence is recommended in Vedas. So, in view of the same if at one’s own wish, the body is donated for the benefit of other human-being’s, it cannot be neglected. Main matter is alive soul who leaves the body to take another birth and who is immortal. Secondly, it is the wish of your parents, then also the son should respect the wish and obey it. Brahmin son is he who listens and knows the Vedas and performs daily havan with Ved mantras. He always discharges his duties faithfully. He controls his senses, perceptions and mind, he always remains away from sins. He makes contact with learned acharya. He follows the Vedic true path which is eternal and everlasting. He must obey the parents and serve the elders always.

Jagdeep: What is the meaning of this food is jhootha?
Swami Ram Swarup: If someone takes even a small portion of food to eat, it means it has become jhootha. Vedas always tell not to take jhootha food of others (leavings).

Suresh: Swami ji, if a person want to finish his ego and proudy nature then what should do for this?
Swami Ram Swarup: To finish an ego, is not an easy task, it is ego which has been destroying several lives of human-beings and does not allow a person to get peace. He who wants to finish the ego should start daily havan, listen to preach of Vedas, he must learn ashtang yoga and practice it daily. After a long process of doing the said worship, a man becomes able to maintain Brahmacharya i.e., controls five senses, perceptions, mind and intellect. This is the stage where ego ends.