Anonymous: Dandwat Pranam Swamiji. These days my mind is not stable. I am feeling extremely depressed at the current situation. My wife has abused me continuously over the past many years but there are at times she behaves well. My brother harasses me continuously. I have been thinking of doing yoga and havan regularly but there are times where I feel extremely low. I don’t like eating, drinking, working, family or friends. I am in a situation where I might get sinful just to forget the worries and I don’t like it. What should I do?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The first sign of the dharma (righteousness/religion) is to wield patience otherwise life becomes dull. So stability of mind is the first good sign of the life which will have to be maintained. It is maintained, first by firm decision that I’ll happily face the circumstances/problems and simultaneously to get mental and physical strength, we’ve to worship God daily both times otherwise the target will never be achieved in the absence of blessings of Almighty God. So, I would advise you to start both the said pious deeds immediately and then try to discharge all your moral duties and face the circumstances happily.
The reason must be known and when you’ll try to destroy the reason, the problem will be over. In the family life, love and cooperation from both the sides is required. Similarly the reason of harassment by your brother should be known to rectify it. However, if you would’ve cool mind and would not oppose your brother then at one time he’ll automatically calm down.

Yoga and hawan is the best worship of God as stated in Vedas which should not be discontinued at any cost, please, because it is mentioned in Vedas. This pious deed/worship will sure give you success one day. However, you must always make loving contact with family, good friends who are always helpful. Bad society should always be avoided, should read daily newspapers especially editorials and good magazines and its content should be discussed within family and good friends to increase general knowledge and get peace. This also helps to maintain stability of mind. Sin creates sins as violence creates violence and hate creates hate. So, the human life has been awarded by God to overcome the result of previous lives’ deeds to be faced. Sins are of three types –
(i) mansa (i.e., bad thinking in mind is a sin)
(ii) vacha (to speak about committing sins/bad deeds etc.)
(iii) karmana (to commit bad deeds/sins with the help of senses, perceptions [organs])
So, if a person even thinks to commit sin it means, he has already done a sin. So, please be careful in life about thinking bad things because it is our own created bad deed which will have to be faced in the shape of sorrows by us. Please, be brave and follow the right path. You’ll get success one day, my blessings are with you.

Mrs. Shashi Chand: Swami ji pranam maine kabhi ved shastron ko to padha nahin jo bhi thoda bahut jana aapke quest&ans yaa aapki books jo abhi mujhe padne ko milee . man ko tripti mili iske liye aapka bahut 2 dhanyawaad aasha hai aap aise aage bhi hamara marg darshan karte rahenge. swami ji mera ek question hai kya hamare Vedon main sparsh vidya ka gyan hai .kya yeh chikitsa hamari purani dhrohar hai. with warm regards. Shashi
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter, for a long, happy life. I would also advise you to listen spiritual video and audio Cds in which Vedic pravachan and Vedic bhajans sung by me exist and give immense knowledge and peace to all concerned. As regards, today’s sparsh vidya, it does not exist in Vedas.

Bhawana: Kitne prhar hote hei or kitne kitne time ka ek prhar hota hei?
Swami Ram Swarup: Pahar eight (8) hote hain. Ek pahar teen(3) ghante ka hota hai.