Deepak: Swamiji charan sparsh. As you gave me the holy name of God, you always keep saying that one must keep doing the name jaap of God. Should I keep saying that name all the time or in morning only after havan? Thanks. Your son, Deepak.
Swami Ram Swarup: Name jaap and havan are done usually both times i.e., in the morning as well as in the evening. However, if a person has spare and lonely time, he may also repeat the said worship otherwise whole day is required to discharge family, personal societies and national duties/pious deeds.

Punam Singh: Swami ji namaste me Janna chahti hu pitradosh nivaran ka saral upay kya hai or kya Karen se lukodarma hota hai.
Swami Ram Swarup: Pitra dosh, teva, present palmistry, kaal sarp yog, Vaastukala, navgrah poojan etc., do not exist in Vedas. So, learned never accept the same being unauthentic and against the Vedas. Yet, you are free to do at your own accord. I paste my article in this regard-

“Pitr Dosh”

Pitr means those who look after us to educate, to nurse, and to protect us etc. So the said dignitaries are mother, father, grandfather, elders, acharya, etc. Hence, the pitr who have gone to heavenly abode, for those no pitr dosh is there.

Vedas are eternal knowledge direct from God wherein such kaal sarp yog, pitr dosh etc., are not mentioned, so you need not to worry. Daily havan even with gayatri mantra, which is a great worship of God will give you benefit. The meaning of kaal is also time. So death comes according to time for which the God has given life to us. This is all based on our previous lives’ pious deeds and sins. So there is no effect of kaal sarp yog, pitr dosh etc., in the life, but effect of deeds (karmas) only. So, one must always do pious deeds to be happy. Present pious deeds can burn our previous deeds also and life’s time can also be extended wide Yajurveda mantra 3/62.


The alive parents are to be served faithfully. Everybody knows that a person who is alive takes food, water, puts on clothes etc. After death body is burnt. Now how the parents will be able to take food. They according to the karmas get next birth too. So shradh is against the Vedas’ philosophy.

Aakash: Pranam Guruji Guruji I am asking again a question in response to your prescribed method of studying guruji you have said that I can read one book as many times I want before I write. But my question was that I have to read a lot of books because I am preparing for civil services. It is not like that I am reading a question and then learning an answer and the I can write the answer to cram it,. But this prepration is more abot understanding and for that I have to refer a number of books and trust my self that I would remember the important things that I intend to. So please free me of the doubt that I cannot learn without writing what I read. I mean I have been learning by reading only it had been my way of learning and I am good at it. but since you have said that I MUST write I feel compelled to write every thing.

2. Like I have to read a number of newspapers and rember the material now I cannot write every thing I read in the newspaper to learn but only make note of important things for future reference. So please tell me if I can follow my own way of studing and I can still learn and rember the things.
Aapke charnoon main mera pranam

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. As you know very well about the study of books, then you study accordingly, please. Therefore, you follow your own way. Again, my blessings to you.