Jai: What are the difference between jiva and gid?
Swami Ram Swarup: Souls are unlimited whereas God is one.

Worship of one God only

God is one and no other God is even equivalent to the God who creates the universe as is also said in Yajurveda mantra 27/36. The mantra says that God is one and neither other God was born, nor will be born, equivalent to this God.

So God needs no assistant to spread His knowledge. Even God has no desire. Suppose God today desires to spread the knowledge of Vedas then it will be originated in all human beings automatically. Why will he depute any assistant being Almighty?

Direct interaction with God is not possible in Vedas, God being above the senses, beyond calculation and beyond imagination. Interaction is only possible by mind and organs and in the realization of God the mind and body are no more functional. Death and birth etc., is also controlled by Almighty God wherein no unnatural occurring/ matters can be imposed. Nobody can change the fundamental law of nature. Vedas speak about only worshipping formless God.


Soul is alive. Soul has to face the result of his deeds. Soul takes body of human beings, animals, birds, trees etc., according to deeds of past lives. Soul feels sorrow, happiness etc., through body. When soul leaves body, it feels nothing but carries all karma to be faced in next birth through his chitta’s (chitta) vritti (vritti).

Souls are innumerable but are constant in number having similar qualities like being pure, immortal, alive etc. Soul is infinitesimally small, is invisible. The bodies of all living beings contain souls.

Not God but soul has desire, hatred/malice, merriment, sufferings, attachment etc. While attracting itself towards materialistic articles made of prakriti soul forgets his original form. As a result, soul recognizes himself as body. This is the stage of soul being unwise.



(TAM) that God (NA) not ( VIDATH) known (YAH) who (EMA) all worlds (JAJANN) creates and (YAT) from you (ANYAT) separate from other souls(YUSHMAKAM) from you (ANTARAM) with in all (BABHOOVA) is (NIHAREINN) fog like smoke (YAT) that God (PRAVARITAHA) covered (JALAPYAHA) baseless discussion (ASUTRIPAHA) satisfied only in Prann [breathing system] (UKTHASHASAHA) only paying lip service (CHARANTI) deals or behaves.

Meaning: Like an invisible matter which is covered with fog similarly dealing in only lip service and indulging in baseless discussion and are satisfied in their breathing system, Oh! Man-woman, you do not know the God who creates the five matters/universe and the God who is separate from other souls and who is within all.

Jai: Swamiji I heard words like danda etc found in ved are from Dravidian languages is it true?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. Danda word is not mentioned in Vedas. However, the matter of greeneries, trees exists. Secondly, Vedas is not a book and therefore have not been written by anyone. Vedas have also not been preached by uttering ved mantras. It is a knowledge which emanates directly from God and is originated in heart of four Rishis. Therefore, question of Dravidian language does not arises.

Jai: Swamiji, do aliens exist?
Swami Ram Swarup: As per Vedas, souls (alive lives) exists in all three lokas i.e., Prithvi lok, antariksh lok and dyulok. However, aliens is not mentioned in Vedas. But lives exist which may be named as alien by us but not by Vedas/ God.