S D Joshi: I can do (read) Bhagavat katha myself?
Swami Ram Swarup: As mentioned in Yajurved mantra 7/48, we all human beings are always free to do pious deeds or sins but result will be awarded by God in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively. So, you can also read Bhagwat katha yourself. But, in addition, I would like to advise you to make contact with local learned acharya of Vedas or local Arya Samaj to know about the Bhagwat purann, before its study because some contents/stories of Bhagwat purann do not tally with Vedas. However, if you are not interested to make contact with local Arya Samaj or learned of Vedas advised above, then you are free to read Bhagwat Purann at your own.

Sampath Kumar: Please send me Vedas in Telugu.
Swami Ram Swarup: Needful has been done, please.