K: I am in love with a guy who has a shani mangala yoga. I don’t have that yoga. I was advised not to marry him, but since our relationship has run in to many long years im determined to marry him. Are there any remedies to minimize the affects of this yoga? Please give me an answer to this problem, for im really very helpless. may the the blessings of the triple gem be with you.
Swami Ram Swarup: If the boy is earning well, educated and you can spend your life to look after the boy and to maintain your husband’s house properly, to spend long, happy life and the boy is also capable to take your care properly then you both may solemnize marriage. As regards, other problem quoted by you- Match should be fixed based on the good qualities of both sides. As per Vedas, it has no concern with teva, nadi dosh or manglik etc. Actually, such matters are not even mentioned in Vedas.

Anil: Swamiji namaste I want to put one doubt. Many Hindu people used to puja of “tulsi” They burn dipak in night. Is it right?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually, it’s one’s own faith that they worship Tulsi and light a diya. But God has not mentioned such worship in Vedas. We have only to worship formless, Almighty God who creates the universe.

Apeksha: Pranaam Maharajji, I want to ask you that if a person repeatedly does bad to us and we always keep quiet, just by thinking that God will teach him/her a lesson. But we see that the bad person is living very comfortable life. Does that mean that God is doing good to him? What should we do?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Only thinking will do nothing in such cases. Either we must worship God properly, based on the path briefed by God in Vedas like daily name jaap of God, performing of Yajyen and practice of yoga philosophy etc., or we must seek shelter of police, court etc., to teach the culprit a lesson. Comfortable life means he has been availing the result of his good deeds of previous life, when the effect of good deeds will be over then every comfort would be snatched away from Him, by God. So, all the comforts are temporary in the absence of real worship of God.

Rajul: Namaste Swamiji, I am regularly reading your question answer page and I find it very useful. I also perform gaytri yagna at home 108 times every sunday and I feel very peaceful. I want to follow the spiritual path and need your guidance. I am at the moment too engrossed in my day to day life of working and earning. Please guide me in the right direction
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, if possible, you must come here in Ved mandir to take personal spiritual guidance regarding name jaap, practice of yoga philosophy and performance of Yajyen. If, you are away and can’t come then please write to me.