Rakesh: In electronic media other religious people using some vedic quoting to convert people please do something by giving proper explanation to this in all India level like through facebook some thing
Swami Ram Swarup: Idea of Atharvaveda mantra 12/4/7 is that a person should attain knowledge of four Vedas completely and not in pieces (incomplete). If someone steals the vedic knowledge in pieces, he is punished by God. Even Rigveda mantra 1/164/39 states that if a person after studying/listening to Vedas does not realize the God, then also his study/listening vedic knowledge will totally go in vain. So, to get support from ved mantras in pieces with the intention to spread personal views, etc., is a sin.

Actually, when a person will fully listen to Vedas attentively, with full concentration and devotion then naturally, he will praise the Vedas and formless, Almighty God, leaving behind all the blind faith and falsehood. Now, if some people are doing as quoted by you, in your question, nothing can be done. We can only spread vedic knowledge in this time where everyone is free to quote his views whether false or true.

Ramesh: Aistin ka prakash viduth samikar milkan oil drop se stapit he right or wrong
Swami Ram Swarup: Your question is not clear, please. Please, describe in brief.

Prarthana: garbhdhan sanskar aur garbh sanskar karne ke liye har mahine me alag alag sanskar ke mantra havan hote he aur uska kharcha bhi bahut hota hai agar hame panditji se karvana ho to ? agar ye sanskar hum khud ghar bhetke kar sakate hai kaya us mantra ki jankari hame kahase milegi jise deavishakti hamare yaha janma le sakhe plz uttar hindi me de
Swami Ram Swarup: Garbhadaan sanskar ko hee garbh sanskar keh sakte hain kyunki karna to sirf garbhadaan sanskar hee hota hai. Vedon ke anusar ismein kuch bhi kharch nahin hota. Koi ved ka vidwan kewal yajmann kee shraddha anusaar dakshinna hee leiga aur woh dakshinna 200/-, 300/-, 400/- tak ho sakti hai. baki havan samagri aur aahutis dalne ke liye 300-400 gm ghee kee zaroorat hotee hai. Baki koi laalchi pandit aadi hai to woh jitna marzee kharcha bataaey.

Yeh sanskar khud bhaithkar nahin kiya jaa sakta. Aap arya samaj mandir mein jao woh saste se saste mein sanskar kar deingey.