Rohit Bhat: Namaste swamiji…..kya vedas .puranas,upnashids mein kahin prophed muhammad ka zikr hai kya…..
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. No, please in Vedas proper noun has not been used by God, being only a subject of knowledge. In this connection, I paste one of my answer:-

Vedas is a divine knowledge where, there is no reference about anyone. I have clarified a number of times, the point that Vedas do not contain any history, story, fiction, falsehood, etc. In Vedas, proper noun has not been mentioned. Knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from God at the beginning of the earth which gives us education about three eternal matters-Rigveda tells about science, knowledge about all matters of universe. Yajurveda states about moral duties, pious deeds etc., and Samveda tells about worship of God, Ashtang yoga philosophy. Fourth Ved is Atharvaveda which justifies all the said knowledge and also tells about medical science. As regards Avtarwad, Vedas totally negate the view.

Vedas also tell that God never sends any Rishi-Muni, Tapasvi, preacher to preach spiritualism etc., to the public because God does not have any desire then how can God desire to send any preacher? If He will send preacher then He will have to preach the teacher about Vedas Himself. It means God will have to favour someone by selecting a particular person to give knowledge of Vedas to preach further. Then question arises that from where the desire originated in God when He is always free from desire and second question arises that when He has selected one person to preach to public then why could He not preach entire world when He has unlimited power?

It is an eternal law that God always originates the knowledge of four Vedas at the time of creation to four Rishis at the beginning of the earth. Hence, it should be noted that God selects four Rishis who were the best learned/tapasvis in previous universe but could not get salvation due to which they had to take rebirth. So, giving of knowledge by God to four Rishis is not favourism because God gives them knowledge for which the four Rishis were entitled because in the previous universe, they were about to get salvation but final destruction took place and they met with death. So, the study of all four Vedas reveals that no proper name has been used in Vedas. Vedas are eternal knowledge, unchangeable and unchallengeable. Rules and regulations of Vedas therefore cannot be ever changed.

Also, ancient Rishi-Munis as well as present Rishis perform Naamkarann sanskar (name ceremony) of child according to Vedas and they give holy name to child from Ved mantras. For example- Nowadays also the names like Brahmanand, Vishnudutt, Shiv Kumar, Mahesh, Aditya, Varunn, Sumedha, Arki, Archi, Richa, Manisha etc., which are the names taken from Vedas, exist. It does not mean that Vedas contain the description of the said name-holder. Similarly, Ram, Krishna, Sita, Radha are the names which have been taken from Ved mantras but it does not mean that such names in Vedas indicate anything about person. Names taken from Vedas have their own eternal divine meaning. For example: Sri Krishna’s name along with that of Balram has been taken from Vedas by Garg Acharya. Great Yajyen was organised and name ceremony according to Vedas was performed there.

Bipin: Param pujaya Guruji, our charan sparsh & dandawat pranam at your pious feet.
Guruji, with your blessings we all are fine here and our worship is going on. We wanted to come to Ved Mandir in next month but now since our daughters’ school exams are getting over in late April we will be able to come in the month of May. Accordingly, Guruji, we wish to come during the annual Yajyen for doing vedarambh sanskar of our daughters and to listen Vedas & to take its further knowledge from you. Last time we came in Nov-11 now we will be coming after six months. We will be taking your darshan after six months which seems to us longer period. In fact I wish I can take your darshan every three to four months. But due to work/circumstances it is not becoming possible. At the end of daily hawan both times, we pray to your good self & Ishwar and I take your darshan in dhyan. My daughters are remembering you and they are also waiting to take your darshan. Guruji, please advice whether we can come to Ved Mandir. After receiving your consent we will book tickets. We hope all members will be fine at Ved Mandir and we convey our regards to them. Awaiting for your reply please. Pranam, Guruji. With charan Sparsh at your pious feet.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my son. Yes, my son, you all may come here at the indicated time, as desired.