Kiran: Namaste Yogacharya charna sparsh. I have 3 questions
(1) What is subtle body ? Does it exist beside the materials body or is it just an imagination?
(2) Is it possible that with achievement of the power of astang yoga, that the soul of a yogi can leave his body at his will & enter into another person’s body & there after come back?
(3) If we are to get the fruits of our Karma in this world only then what is the necessity of Almighty God? Because we don’t know rebirth.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
(1) In this regard, I paste my article:-

Sthool which is panchbhautik and is seen by eyes, suksham wherein five prann (vital airs), five gyan indriyan (organs of sense), five suksham bhoot, mann and buddhi exist. This shareer (body) remains with the soul during birth and death. It has two kinds- Bhautik i.e., which is made of part of suksham (the minutest, the subtlest) bhoot. Second is called swabhavik shareer (natural body). Natural body remains with soul while attaining salvation.

Soul has sthool, suksham and karann sharer. There are two kinds of suksham sharer-

b. Natural.
Natural sharer is availed by soul in salvation only.

Sthool sharer is made of food- (Anna) which is being seen by eyes. Suksham sharer cannot be seen and remains always with soul, even when soul leaves the body at death. The suksham sharir remains with soul. Death means when soul goes out of the body of either ordinary human-beings or yogi. Then body and its parts like eyes, heart etc., stop working which is called death but soul is immortal.

(2) In this connection, Yog Shastra Sutra 3/48 refers that just as mind can reach at any far to far destination within fraction of a second similarly Yogi acquire the power to reach at any place along with his senses and body. Secondly, Yogi even weilds the power to know and realise about any matter without even using his body and senses.

(3) When we say that we face the result of our previous lives’ deeds in this birth then we should also know that the result of karmas which are faced by us are awarded by Almighty God.

Otherwise, anyone’s pious deeds can be availed by others and vice-versa. So, necessity of Almighty God is required at every step of our life. God only inspires us to do pious deeds. He has only created the entire materialistic world for our benefit. If He would be not within every part of the matter of world, then universe will automatically be destroyed. So, we must listen to Vedas, to know the Unlimited Divine Qualities of God.

Anonymous: mere priyey guruji. Aadar aur prem bhaav bhara mera. pranam apne paavan charno me swikaar karein. Puranmaasi ke din aap ke darshan kar ke mai dhanya ho gya guruji. Mera prashan hai ki aap ke saath vartalaap ke dauran mujhe bahut rona aa rha tha. Mujhe pta nahin aisa kyun hua.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera aapko ashirwad.

Vinay Arya: Did Yudhisthir play gambling? Did such a great man played gambling?And did Shri Krishna help such a bad person? Kyaa usne apnee patnee ko daav per lagaa diyaa? Is this Mahabharata right or wrong? If Shri Krishna helped such a bad person then he was also too bad. Then why do all call him as a Bhagwan?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yudhishthir was not interested to gamble and therefore Sri Krishna Maharaj helped a right warrior, Yudhishthir. In this connection, I paste one of my answer:-

This is also a question to destroy our eternal culture because no body tried to see unlimited pious, moral and religious qualities of Yudhishthir but Yudhishthir was made the target of gambling.

How funny this is. You see, no learned person can do such mistake. That is why, Yudhishthir did not want to gamble. But he was forcefully made to play because Duryodhan sought his father’s order (royal order) to ask Yudhishthir to play the game. That was the time when Vedic culture was in vogue and therefore the order of king Dhritrashtra could not be disobeyed by Yudhishthir but Yudhishthir declared at that time that sure the war will be fought.

At that time, Vidurji also told Dhritrashtra , on the occasion of gambling, that Oh! Dhritrashtra, your son Duryodhan, lives with you, as a jackal. But you do not understand the truth.

Vidur added that- seller of honey when sees beehive on a high tree then he does not think that he can fall down while capturing the honey. So, either he gets the honey or he falls down from the tree.

Similarly, Duryodhan is not foreseeing the great danger on him in the future because his enmity with the Pandavas would bring everyone’s downfall. Duryodhan is only after gambling.

He told that Duryodhan is like a crow whereas Pandavas are peacocks. Why don’t you abandon/leave the jackal i.e., Duryodhan and accept Pandavas who are like lions.

Now I tell you, when Yudhishthir was defeated and lost his brothers and himself also then Shakuni asked Yudhishthir to put Draupadi on dice which in the circumstances, was done by Yudhishthir and lost Draupadi also. But Yudhishthir knew that he was not entitled to put Draupadi on dice because he himself was lost in game. The said fact was also told by Vidur who was Prime Minister of Dhritrashtra. Vidur told that Oh! Duryodhan, the Yudhishthir has already lost himself and therefore he has no right to put his wife on dice. So, Draupadi has not been lost.

At that time, Vikarnna, a learned warrior also told that Shakuni told Yudhishthir to put Draupadi on dice so Draupadi is not lost in the game.

The story ends with the blessings of King Dhritrashtra to Draupadi, by releasing the Pandavas from slavery.

And the blessings was given by Dhritrashtra under pressure and fear when Bheem took a vow to break of thigh of Duryodhan. And everybody was telling in the court that Pandavas are so powerful that they could win over the Kauravas- It means Yudhishthir knew that he did not loose Draupadi because he lost himself first. Secondly, kauravas were not capable of harming Draupadi and Pandavas. So, defeat of Draupadi in the game was mere drama played by Yudhishthir in anger when Yudhishthir was forcefully asked to play the game.