Seshu: Pranamam Guruji, Please bless me and also Would you please kindly let me know dressing to be worn while doing puja to God as per Vedas?
People are telling different things , is some specific dress code mentioned in Vedas while doing Puja?. I heard that if we perform Puja with some kind of dressings it would be treated as Nude puja and I am not able to believe this since we are all Atmas why do we need to follow some specific dressings and even clothes are purely determined by weather and traditions that are followed by particular ethnic group? , why Vedas pointing to specif dresses if at all it is mentioned?
Please kindly clarify. Thanks. Seshu.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. There are different kinds of worship in the world, so, everyone according to their custom wear the dress (clothes). However, while doing Yog sadhna, mostly sanyasi wear langoti which is good. While doing Worship in the temple or in the house, one can wear simple loose clothes like White pyjama and kurta. The same clothes can be wore while doing meditation or name jaap. In case of ladies, they can wear sarees or suits as suits them.

Rahul: Pranam swamiji, humare pitra last 3 year se amawas pe bhog lagane pe bhi nahi bolte h. Kripya kar ke samadhan bataiye.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Hum sabko gyaat hai ki jab kisi kee mrityu hotee hai toh uska shareer, aankh, naak, kaan, mukh aadi indriyan chita par jalaa dee jaatee hain or chetan jeevatma shareer se marne se pehle hee nikal jaatee hai. Isliye bolne walee indree mukh/ jeehva agni mein jal chukee ho toh jeevatma kis tarah bolegee or kyun bolegee kyunki mrityu ke tehra dinon ke baad woh jeevatma karamanusaar manushya, jaanwar ya keet patang aadi kisi yoni mein chalee jaatee hai. Is vishaye mein mera article neeche paste hai-


At the time of death, the soul comes out of the body and when a person is dead, his body is burnt on pyre. When soul resides in human body, person uses his mouth to eat, ear to listen, eye to see, hand to work, legs to move etc. Now the body has been burnt and the soul remains alone. Alone soul can do nothing but remains in the stage of Sushupt i.e., like in coma. Then after thirteen days, the soul takes rebirth. So how the dead person would eat the food which is made for him during Shradh. So Shradh is not mentioned in Vedas. Vedic meaning of Shradh is to serve the alive parents and elders by providing them with food, bedding and necessary goods etc., faithfully and lovingly.

Arumugam: Swamiji. I like your answer. How can I get Rigved in Tamil?
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear Arumugam, you are always welcome here to get Vedic knowledge. Rigved in Tamil language is not available here. You are advised to please make contact with M/S Govindram Hassanand, Nai sadak, New Delhi for further details advised by them.