Abhinav: Swami ji pranaam, Your website is superb You clear confusions of so much people and we thank you for that Swami ji my confusion is that if a person gets moksha or salvation can he again get birth when universe is created next time or he becomes free forever And how a soul comes into this cycle of rebirth for first time? Please reply. Thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. thank you beta. If a person attains moksha forever then one time will come that there will be no birth because all the souls will get salvation. So, Vedas preach and the ancient Rishi-munis, based on their experiences have stated that there is a fixed time of getting salvation which is thirty-six thousand times of earth’s creation and time of final destruction.

In this connection, Mundokupnishad Shloka 3/2/6 states:-

“Te Brahamloke ha prantkaale pramritat parimuchyanti sarve” which shows the period of salvation i.e., 36,000 cycles of final destruction.

Rishi-Munis are mantradrishta i.e., they after studying Vedas and doing Yajyen with ved mantras, name jaap of God and after doing hard practice of Ashtang Yoga, attain Samadhi and in Samadhi, they see all the mantras and get knowledge.

Kaushal Sharma: Kaliyug kewal nam adhara chopi ramyan ke konse kand me hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: To read find the requisite chowpayee, the matter being lengthy, the reference of the chowpayee cannot be mentioned here. Please locate at your end and it is also not known whether the chowpayee relates to Tulsikrit Ramayan or vinay patrika or other books written by Tulsidasji.

Yeh avashya hai ki Rigved ke anusar Ishwar apne niyam nahi badalta isliye anadikaal se aur is prithivi ke aadikaal se jo Vedic niyam hain jismein nitya Yajyen, Yogabhyaas, naam-simran, mata-pita, gurujanon avam vriddhon kee seva, bhautik evam adhyatmik donon tarakkiyon kee sath sath unnati kahee hai iskee bhi atyant avashyakta hai.