Apeskha: Good afternoon Swamiji! I hope and pray to God that you may remain in best of your health. I want you to explain me the concept of Gotras. Is the system of Gotras still prevalent?
Swami Ram Swarup: Since, the caste system has not been mentioned in Vedas, but based on the present pious deeds gotras have been told and must be obeyed.

The meaning of ‘gotra’ is a path, family line, genealogy and a learned acharya on whose name the path of vansh (gotra) has been made. For-example, there was “Bhardwaj rishi” on whose name Bhardwaj gotra stands, etc..

According to Rigveda Mantra 10/85/21 marriage should always be solemnized with girl from different gotra. Manusmriti Shloka 3/5 states that the girl who is away from the six generations of parents is only to be married.


I have a Muslim friend who always says to me in a very sarcastic way that in Islam only 4 marriages are allowed but in Hindu religion your Hindu scriptures say there are as many as marriages are allowed. I know Swamiji that in Hindu religion says to marry only one woman but please can you quote me that verse from any scripture which proves that Hindu religion does not allows polygamy and gives permission of only one wife. because I want to prove that Hindu religion does not allows polygamy so please quote any verse Swamiji.

Next Swamiji can you tell me the name of that demon who has kidnapped 16,000 girls and whom Krishna killed and married all those girls because those girls were expelled from their homes and their relatives were not ready to take back those girls but Krishna allowed all of them to live in his palace as their wives and Krishna did not have any kind of sexual relations with those girls. Can you tell me the name of that demon? MAY GOD BLESS YOU SWAMIJI. OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM.
Swami Ram Swarup: The Hindu religion is based on the eternal philosophy of Vedas which allows only one marriage but in case the wife is characterless or possessing other evil qualities then the husband is allowed to get children from other female and he can take divorce from the culprit wife. (Vide Manu Smriti Shloka 9/76 and 9/81)

Sri Krishna Maharaj was married to Rukmanni. The true pious character of Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj has only been mentioned in Mahabharat epic by Vyasmuniji. It is also to be noted that Vyasmuni wrote only 10,000 true shlokas of Mahabharat and uptil now there are about 1 lakh 20,000 shlokas hence about 1 lakh 10,000 false shlokas have been added. So, the Mahabharat should only be listened from learned acharya of Vedas who can only give true picture.

My blessings to you.

B: Hello maharaj ji sadar charan sparsh. maharaj ji pichale 2 sal se mai job ke liye pareshan hu par mujhe koi job nahi mil rahi hai jaha jati hu sare koi n koi kami nikal dete hai maharaj ji mujhe job kab tak milegi mai JRF ki taiyari kar rahi hu aur maine sanskrit se MA kiya hai maha raj ji mera job kab lagega.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you , my daughter.

You may also try to pass B.Ed , M.Ed. exam to become eligible for lecturer or professor job first, otherwise continue your efforts to seek a job as per your choice.

You are advised to perform daily hawan with Gayatri mantra and also too chant Gayatri mantra with its meaning both times i.e., morning and evening. If required, a book regarding method of doing hawan can be sent. The hawan and chanting of Gayatri mantra is a worship of God and may God help you, please.