MC: Pranam Swamiji. Please explain me Swamiji that what difference is there between the naam jaap of a person who has deeksha AND the other person who has no deeksha but keeps doing naam jap of OM with faith. I am asking this question because I do naam jap of OM ,but I have no deeksha. Will my naam jap with faith be effective as compared to a dikshit person. I will ever remain grateful to you. I am following your advise to do naam jap of OM and also Gayatri mantra. I get feared that the efforts of a person who has no deeksha go in vain.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Deeksha is a traditional pious deed as mentioned in several ved mantras like Yajurved mantra19/30. So, we have to follow the vedic rules otherwise, success is not achieved. For example Atharvaved mantra 19/71/1 states “Paavmaani dvijanaam” i.e., Oh! Ved maata, you purify the person who has attained dwij i.e., second birth. So, first birth is obtained from parents and when a person from learned Acharya of vedas, gets deeksha, gets second birth wherein Acharya becomes his spiritual father and ved mata becomes spiritual mother. So, deeksha is necessary. So, you must also get deeksha from a learned acharya but continue name jaap -OM. But your efforts will not go in vain because you are following me, as you said.