Harish: Sin happens due to attachment or sanskars ..We cant reverse what sin we did but we can destroy root cause of sin ie attachment or sanskars by ashtang yog,meditation and yajyen..Am I right? If yes ,then How much time it takes to destroy sanskars? What if we start practicing only in old age (say after 50) and destroy sanskars and get moksha?
Swami Ram Swarup: You are very much right that sins/effect of bad deeds of previous lives’ and present life is destroyed by performing daily Yajyen/havan with ved mantras, name jaap of God and practice of Ashtang Yog under guidance of learned acharya of Vedas and Yog philosophy. The said worship is eternal, everlasting and is accepted by God. Say all Vedas. It depends on aspirant that how much time, suits him to be devoted. I mean to say, more devotion will give early result and less devotion will take long time.

Chhote Lal Patel: Qya Bhagwan hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Han! Bhagwaan hai. Aap khud hee socho, hawa-paani, sooraj-chand, ghoomtee earth kisne banayee. Admi to bana nahin sakta. Isliye jisne banaye Uska naam God hai.

Kya Bhagwan Hai

Bhagwan ko siddh karne ke liye sabse zyada anumaan pramann kee avashyakta hotee hai. Aap anumaan lagao ki yeh antariksh (Akash/space), sooraj, chand, sitarey, Prithivi kisne banayee aur sab planets ghoom rahe hain, yeh gir kyun nahin jaate. Inhein kisne apnee shakti se pakad kar akash mein sthir kar dharann kiya hua hai. Aap ka jawaab yeh nahin ho sakta ki kisi scientist nein ya kisi aadmi nein banaye hain uska naam Ishwar hai. Jab aap koi kamra(room) banyeingey aur kamre ke liye eent(brick), cement, ret(sand) , concrete , paani vagairaha sab kuchh de do to kya mistri mazdoor ke bina weh kamra ban jaayega. Isi prakar yeh itna vishal jagat bina kisi ke banaye nahin ban sakta aur jisne yeh jagat banaya uska naam Bhagwan hai.

Mahayogi: Swami ji namaste, This time I am asking you very important question. Kindly explain Sankhya Sutra adhyay 4 sutra 4. what impact father’s death bring to his noble son? And afterwards this, should yogi follow all the customs of vedas including marriage. Please answer this question from your experience. I am worried that I may be different from others because I have seen death of father.
Swami Ram Swarup: Sankhya shastra sutra 4/4 preaches that in some cases the knowledge can be attained without guru. In this connection, there is a story that a poor Brahmin left his house for some other place to earn the money because his wife was pregnant and he had no money. After a long time, he returned back to his village with earned money but due to night time, he had to make his stay in dharamshala. He took the room to spend night and to take rest. When he wanted to retire to bed, he listened to the weeping voice from the other connected room. He shouted from his room, to stop the weeping of the boy, who was staying in the next room with his mother. The boy was sick and was therefore crying. So, in turn, boy also told his mother that the person is baselessly shouting. I am sick, in trouble that is why, I am crying and why doesn’t he go away from his room if he is feeling troubled. In the morning, when Brahmin came out of the room and the lady with her sick son, came out of her room, then the lady saw that the person who was shouting, was her husband. She told the son that last night, to whom you were telling to go away was actually your father and she told her husband that it is his son. The story concludes that wife of Brahmin gave knowledge to both i.e.,- her husband and her son by which, the husband came to know about his son and son came to know about his father, in the absence of guru. The meaning of Sankhya shastra sutra 4/4 is as under-

“Pitaputravadu bhayordrishtatvaat.”

(Ubhyoho) of both (drishtatvaat) on seeing (Pitaputravat) equivalent to father and son i.e., when father saw his son, he recognized him as his son and when son saw his father, he recognized him as father. This all happens in the absence of learned acharya.

Second issue of the sutra is this that father sees (knows) the birth of his son and the son, at one time, sees the death of his father. The said birth and death creates the asceticism in heart of an aspirant, without guru. Similarly, famous poet Kaalidas acquired asceticism when his heart was broken by his wife and he left the house for study and one day became famous, learned poet Kaalidas. Here, asceticism also originated in his heart without Guru. In this sutra, there is no question of customs etc., related to marriage, etc.