Anjali: Shankar ji ne kis rishi se Ram katha sunne k bad use bhakti ka updesh diya?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry, I do not know, such story is not written in Valmiki Ramayan. Han! Tulsikrit Ramayan mein kaha hai ki Agastya Muniji ne Shankarji ko yeh Ram katha sunayee thee aur Shivji ne usey bhakti ka updesh diya parantu Tulsikrit Ramayan ko vedon ke gyata vidwaan authentic nahi maante.

R S: Pujya guruji Maharaj, Regards n Charan sparsh. My son has written to you and he is waiting for your reply eagerly. With regards, R.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter. RS beti, I’ve already replied to your loving son..

Neha: Guruji pranam.. bhut bhut thanx mere qus ka ans dene ke liye.. guruji mere ko ye janena tha.. khabhi bhr jaane ya busy hone je wajah se hawan ne ho pta. Kya iseka hume paap lge skta h?? Guruji kya ye jarori h hawan suit pehan ke he kiya jaye.. kyuki subah ke life busy hoti kai br itna time ne ho pta.. subah jaldi he nikalana hota h kya hum kisi bhi kapedo me hawan kr skte h. Guruji aur jb bhi aana ho wo contact nu aapene diya h useme cll kreni hogi na?? Guruji aapeki bhajan ke cd kha se milegi…
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you, my daughter. You are always welcome, beti. Neha beti, jub kabhi hum bahar jaate hain ya kisi kaam mein busy hotey hain tub bhojan karna nahi bhoolte ya der-saveir mein bhojan kar hee leitey hain. Hamein yahaan yeh samajhna hai ki Ishwar kee Pooja bhojan se bhi adhik zaroori hai. Isliye busy hokar bhi der-saver mein Ishwar ka hawan kar lena chahiye. Na karna, paap hee hoga. Kyunki manushya ka shareer Ishwar kee Pooja ke liye hee mila hai. Hawan koi bhi vastra pehan kar kiya ja sakta hai, bus shareer dhaka hona chahiye. Han! Beta, us contact number par call karne se aapko yahaan ved mandir mein aaney ka sahi—sahi rasta bataya jayega. Aapka yadi postal address hamein mil jaye to bhajan kee CD yahaan se bhej deingey.

Shamina: What do Vedas say about Rebirth?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, Vedas state that rebirth exists in the universe. In this connection, I paste my article in this regards:-

Rebirth and different yonis

Idea of Yajurveda mantra 39/6 is that after leaving the human body, the soul goes to several matters in the space etc., and then according to good or bad deeds takes next birth. Yajurved mantra 39/7 states that those souls who do sins they take birth with violent nature like wolves, bear and those who give fear to others in human body, they take birth in body with dangerous nature like crocodiles, poisonous snakes, tigers, lions, wild boars etc., those who give fear to others, they will be of timid nature also like rabbits, deer etc. Those who give justice and make others fearless, they will take next birth in a fearless nature. Those who are indulged in illusion, they will take birth in a place where the atmosphere will be full of illusion (Yajurveda mantra 40/3 also refers).

Those who are learned Yogis but are not yet attained salvation, they will take next birth in a place where there will not be any illusion but divine enlightenment. Those who have not controlled their five senses, five perceptions and mind then in the next birth they will be of restless nature. But those who have controlled their senses etc., will be of calm, peaceful nature. Those who have followed eternal knowledge, they will also be of peaceful nature in the next birth.

Atharvaveda mantra 9/10/16 states that those who are not learned in this birth, they will get the birth as “sthavar” rooted plants etc., as birds and as animals etc., and those who are learned they take next birth as rishi-munis. So the soul based on his sins or pious deeds takes birth in upper class or lower class. The above said Atharvaveda mantra also states that the soul in the human body knows each and everything that is each outer matter of the world but due to involvement in illusion, soul does not know himself.

As Manusmriti states in shlok 1/43-46 the soul according to deeds takes birth as animal, non-violent deer etc., carnivores like tiger, leopards etc., devils, human beings. The said are of “jarayuj” type i.e., those who take birth from their skin i.e., tissue. Soul takes birth as “undaj” type i.e., those who hatch from eggs like birds, snakes, crocodiles, fish, tortoise, etc. Soul takes birth in “Swedaj” type i.e., those who take birth from sweat, humidity, moisture, for-example, lice, mosquitoes, flies, bed-bugs, etc.

Soul also takes birth in Udbhij i.e., who takes birth from within the earth like plants who emerge from seeds etc., and are stable at one place like trees etc. So there are four above quoted main origin (yonis) of which the total number comes as 84 lakhs.

Subtle body means when soul leaves the body, it has its subtle body i.e., five prann (vital airs), five organs of senses, five sukshma bhoot, mann and buddhi.

Based on the previous lives’ deeds, the soul gets rebirth either in human body or that of body of animals, birds etc. Rigveda states that without arguments and putting forth questions to learned acharya, the truth can’t be established, that is why, Arjun put forth several questions to Sri Krishna Maharaj and in Upnishads, the followers of Rishis did so. Otherwise, in Sankhya Shastra sutra 3/81, Kapil Muni states-


i.e., the traditions of blind faith spreads. So, religion should not be converted into a blind faith. No rishi has failed to describe the matter of life after death, please. Because the topic is clearly mentioned in four Vedas and Upnishads and you see, the ancient and present Rishis are learned of Vedas and do practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy. So they know about present birth, previous births and rebirths in future or salvation. It requires listening of Vedas from an acharya. However, ordinary people do not know about previous births, present birth or future in present life or after rebirth etc. No experience can be gained after death, please. It is always gained in present life.

In this connection, based on the philosophy of Vedas, Kapil Muni states in Sankhya shastra Sutra 3/78 that if the experience of realization of God and salvation etc ., is not gained in the present life, then we would not be able to listen the true preach from any experienced Rishi/Yogi and mere bookish knowledge is of no use.

Yajurveda mantra 7/4 also state that rishi/Yogi should get experience of realization of God in present life to protect ‘Som’. Som means experience of divine pleasure after the realization of God/salvation etc.

Actually, most of the false prophets have spread falsehood and we are indulged in illusion. For the last more than four thousand years, we’ve not been able to listen Vedas from Rishi-munis and hence the problem. Man cannot describe the period between death and birth. That is why, Vedas tell about three stages of a soul- who takes birth in human body – when a baby takes birth from mother, he is said to be in Manushya Yoni i.e., ordinary person; when he grows up and is attached with learned acharya of Vedas and Yoga Philosophy and takes Vedic Deeksha from him and thus himself becomes learned of vedas while discharging family duties just like Sri Ram, Mata Sita ancient Rishi-munis etc. then he is stated to be in “ Dev/Devta” Yoni. In case of woman, she is “Devi”. On the contrary when he makes contact with bad society and commits sins etc., then he is said to be in “Asur Yoni” i.e., devil. So there are three Yonis of a person: – (i) ordinary man (ii) Dev or Devta/Devi (iii) Rakshasa/Devil.
Only in dev/Devta yoni, the learned becomes able to know the period between death and birth, by virtue of listening to Vedas, doing name jaap of God, daily Yajyen/hawan and hard practice of Ashtang yoga Philosophy under guidance of a learned acharya.

Yes, everybody must be brave, hard worker, honest and should do deeds i.e., discharge his moral duties but problem arises when a person decides about his braveness, hardworking, honesty, worship and doing of deeds (moral duties) at his own, which is called illusion. Because in the absence of eternal Vedic knowledge, how has he known his deeds, honesty, donation to poor, help etc? So, one must make contact with learned acharya to listen Vedas and know about duties etc., as quoted above.