Gaurav: Mai geeta pdkar prabhavit hua hu. Muze aur adhik knowlge geeta se parpt krna hai . Mai mera jeevan is ke liye arpan krna chahta hu. Mai maharastra se hu. Swami ji muze kuch slah de.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yeh sab jante hain ki Bhagwad Geeta aaj se 5,300 varsh pehle vedon ke gyata Vyas Muniji ne leekhi hai. Unhone Mahabharat Granth likha aur Mahhabharat Granth ke Bheesham Parv ke hi atthara adhyaye kisi ne Mahabaharat Granth se bahar nikaalkar chhapwa diye or uska naam Bhagwad Geeta rakh diya. Iss par humko aapti nahi hai. Theek hee hai parantu hamein yeh samajhana zaroori hai ki jab Bhagwad Geeta leekhi gai tub aaj ke koi bhi mazhab utpann nahin hue the. Bhagwad Geeta poori tarah se ved mantron par adharit hai. Isliye Bhagwad Geeta ke shlokon ka arth aajkal ke mazhab ke anusaar nahin lagaya jaa sakta. Mazhab mein avtarwad hai parantu vedon pe adharit likhi Bhagwad Geeta mein avtarwad nahi hai. Iske upar main apna article paste kar rahaa hoon-

Bhagwad Geeta – an extract of Bheeshma Parv

Geeta Shloka have not been uttered while being between two armies in the battle field and I’ve been preaching and stating the said facts in my books also for last twenty years. However, the authentic shlokas of Mahabharat epic written by Vyasmuniji are 4500 and thereafter 5500 shloka have been written under the guidance of Vyasmuniji by his disciple. So, only 10,000 shlokas of Mahabharat are true but until now the Mahabharat epic contains about one lakh , twenty thousands shlokas i.e., one lakh ten thousand shlokas are false, say all the learned of Vedas on this earth. Logically the said fact of false shlokas being added is also true because the way of writing one lakh ten thousand false shlokas does not tally with Vyasmuniji’s way of writing. In the ten thousand true shlokas, there is a Bheeshma Parv of Mahabharat . The extract of Bheeshma Parv containing eighteen chapters has been arranged to be printed separately by somebody and the collection of such shlokas printed in the shape of book has been named as Geeta.

Bhagwad Geeta is a preach based on Vedic knowledge. In Vedas, worship of a formless, omnipresent, omniscient God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe is preached. Vedas never tell about Avtarvad. Rigveda states that the laws of the Almighty God are firm and unchangeable. So, avtarvad is not possible, please. Actually, in Bhagwad Geeta, Sri Krishna Maharaj has not declared himself as God. He was a Yogeshwar. God manifests in the heart of Yogi, at this stage, yogi forgets himself and there is a provision that yogi who speaks from the side of God can declare himself as God.

In Vedas, it is clearly mentioned that until and unless a person listens/studies Vedas and obeys its preach under the guidance of a learned acharya, he can’t be a perfect person and thus he cannot make his life long and happy. Though all four Vedas teach worship but main and deep knowledge of worship is mentioned in Samveda and in 10th chapter shloka 22 , Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj also states that amongst four Vedas, he is Samveda. I mean to say, in Vedas, it is taught and stressed that one should only worship a formless, omnipresent , omniscient , Almighty God who creates ,nurses and destroys the universe and again creates it. So, the process of creation and destruction is eternal. Vedas also state that because the God is Almighty, i.e., has unlimited powers and is unchangeable, so He remains always formless, omnipresent etc., and never takes Avtar (incarnation).

Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj along with Vyasmuniji were ardent followers of four Vedas. So neither Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj nor Vyasmuniji can accept Avtarvad. That is why, when a learned of Vedas studies or preaches Bhagwad Geeta, then he preaches the eternal truth and he never preaches about Avtarvad. Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj has also not declared himself as God in Bhagwad Geeta. Due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, mostly people accept Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj as God. I have written deep comments on Bhagwad Geeta giving examples of ved mantras in each shloka. I would also advise you to study the same.


God is only one who creates the universe and no other can create the universe except God. Please think deeply is any one except God empowered for creation, etc.? The pious qualities of God are unlimited whereas qualities of soul, which resides in human body, are limited. That is why He is God. This fact is also mentioned by Rishi Patanjali in his Yog shastra sutra 1/24, “KALEASHKARAMVIPAKASHYAIHI APRAMRISHTAHA PURUSHVISHESHAHA ISHWARAHA” i.e., He who is not indulged in any sorrows/sufferings (kalesh), in any kind of deed (karma) and result thereof (vipakya), He is supreme in souls and is called Ishwar (God), whereas, soul is indulged in all the said matters according to deeds done in previous, and in the present life. So this is also a difference between God and souls and therefore soul can never be God based on the different qualities.

Amongst unlimited qualities of God, few may be enumerated-that God creates, nurses and destroys the universe. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and Almighty, beyond description, beyond imagination, and beyond calculation. Nobody on the earth can deny such qualities, but these qualities are to be discussed and considered deeply and he who does the same is called MUNI as per Vedas and shastras.

Let us think over one quality of God – Being Almighty. Almighty means God has all powers and thus God, to control the universe and to do any kind of deed for the same, can not be dependent on another, at any cost, being Almighty. Again shastras say, which is a true saying too, that there must be reason behind for any creation, matter etc. God is a reason to create the universe. Parents are the reason to give birth to a child. Ravana took Sita forcefully which became a reason for war between Shri Ram and Ravana etc. So as per Vedas there must be a reason of avtar and after studying eternal knowledge of Vedas and thinking deeply, there seems no reason to take avtar by Almighty God. As in Yajurveda mantra 2/26, so is in Shwetashwataropnishad shlok 6/8 wherein it is mentioned that there is no reason to form a God and thus God is also formless i.e., nobody can make God but God creates universe from non-alive prakriti. Secondly the said Upnishad says that the deeds of God of creation, nursing, and destruction of universe are eternal, natural, and automatic. So naturally God needs no avtar to destroy Kalyug, earth, or devils etc., being Almighty i.e., God has all powers and is independent. Not God but only His powers are enough to control, create, nurse, destroy the universe. That is why Upnishad says that God has no desire to create etc., but it is eternal and natural and this sort of desire is named “IKSHAN” and not desire to create etc.

Suppose God has to kill a devil and He takes avtar and God kills the devils by arrow etc. It means God is not Almighty and independent because God has taken help of Avtar (Human body) and arrow, gun, etc., which is impossible.

This all I have told based on fundamental law of eternal knowledge of four Vedas. Yet if anybody says about avtar then it is their own views and they are satisfied with their views and can not be commented because they could have been realizing at their own but so far as eternal knowledge of Vedas is concerned, Avtar is not possible.

Isliye main aapko advice karoonga ki yahaan ved mandir se aap mangaakar Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta- Ek Vedic Rehasya avashya padein. Usse aapki kai bhrantiyan nasht ho sakti hain aur vedic rasta mil sakta hai.

Suprith: Dear swamiji, this is not exactly a question that has to be asked here but pardon me if I’m wrong. I want to join you and contribute a bit towards your work as a volunteer. So I just wanted to know whether I can get a chance or not. I would be happy to join you from December last week and can continue until April. Thank you Suprith.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are always welcome, here, please.

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Swami Ram Swarup: Friendship is not bad if it is selfless.