Anonymous: I tried meditation by watching Youtube videos but I feel scared.

Swami Ram Swarup: Fear, tension,  i.e., innumerable problems and even the most dangerous and inevitable death are only and only destroyed by Almighty God when a devotee follow Vedic path. In this connection you may refer to Yajurved mantra 31/18. Now, I want to advise you to come to me because such type of question/problems are solved when an aspirant goes to the ashram of a learned acharya of vedas and Ashtang yog philosophy to discuss the matter in question personally. Beti if you want to come to ved mandir Yol for the above purpose then please note that you should be accompanied with your parents/ brother/ any nearest relative.  My blessing to you beti for a long happy life.

Anonymous: I am from Delhi and will like to do meditation. I am facing some problems.

Swami Ram Swarup: Beti, I have already replied you to your previous email. Your meditation was not according to Vedas and hence problem. I am 83 years old I cannot visit Delhi however my several disciples live in Delhi they used to come here at my ved mandir. One of my disciple is living in Gurgaon, she is very much fond of learning vedas and for the last several years she has been taking knowledge of Vedas from me. She is capable to remove your problem. So, if you cannot come here personally you may contact her to know eternal, everlasting Vedic knowledge which in the beginning of the creation emanates direct from God and not by anybody else. My blessings to you beti.

Anonymous: What should I do about negative thoughts? Is it ok to pledge family gold for expanding business? Aapke pass aana tha but kuch kaarno ki vajah se nahi ho raha, ishwer se yahi prathna karti hu jald he aapke pass aau aur aapki sewa ka laabh lu. Aapna aashirvaad banae rakhna. Aapki beti Pranam.

Swami Ram Swarup: Beti ek to rozana hawan aur naam Simran karo, is se bahut labh hoga. Dusra kaam badane ke liye gold girvi rakhna buri baat nahi hai, prantu Samarth aur vishwas hona chahiye ki aap mehnat ki kamai karke  girvi gold chhuda lenge. Mera aashirwad aapke sath hai aage bado kamyabi milegi lekin service na chhodna.