Nirmala: Namaskar Swamiji, If Mundan sanskar has not been done, hair is not cut, what are the consequence in later life. Does this influence the soul and his previous yonis? One has to go through upanayana Sanskara before chanting Veda, otherwise, it is a sin. Is this true?. Shiva Lingam is the symbol of our biggest universe? Our immune system is 520 million years old.Is consciousness a product of the brain, or is the brain the receiver of consciousness? Population is still more in number nowadays? Where does all those souls come from? What is Kalam?
Can a organ transplant for a soul be a terrifying experience?
Which direction must one keep his head while sleeping?
Prithvi aur sharir ke beech mein koi kaam karta hai? (gravitational force)
Which direction must dead body’s head kept?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskar beti. If we do deeds according to Vedas, that will be considered by God as pious deeds and against the Vedas, those will be considered sins. Because in Vedas chudakarma sanskar (mundan ceremony) is required to be performed then everybody must perform. Otherwise, the hair of body within the time period of mother’s womb are called unclean. Secondly, when mundan ceremony is performed then several precious blessings are obtained by the child which become more and more beneficial in his future. Even the same makes his future bright. Yes, please without performing upnayan sanskar knowledge of Vedas can be gained from any Acharya being the traditional matter.

No, please shiv ling is not the symbol of our universe. The symbol is actually the alive power of God and the non-alive matter prakriti.

Brain is a product of consciousness otherwise brain is a non-alive matter made of prakriti. In this regard, I paste my article as under-

Number of souls are constant

You are right that due to lack of Vedas’ knowledge all human-beings have been facing problems, tensions, illness, early death, corruption and thousand other problems. But, you see the number of souls though are unlimited but are constant also. So, when birds, insects, animals will become less in number, naturally population of human increases and if number of human goes down then other numbers of species/yonis will increase. So, in all circumstances, number of souls remain constant.
As regards human-beings are now indulged in several types of sins yet their number are increasing. But fundamental law of Vedas are unchangeable and therefore the increasing number of humans relates to the birth in “Asur” yoni as per Yajurved mantra 40/3. So, it does not mean that number of human-beings are increasing and increased number are getting pious birth. They have to face the result of their previous lives’ sins in the shape of sorrows and become ever ineligible to listen to Vedas, whether they take birth in India or abroad.

No, organ transplant cannot be terrifying experience for souls due to advance medical science. However, after transplantation, soul experiences the pain for sometime because the effect of medicine is over. But this transplantation is for long life of human body. It is better if the head is placed towards east side. Dead body’s head can be kept in any direction because it is dead and would bear no positive, negative effect.

Anand: Presently my wife 4 months pregnancy, Now can i plan (My self alone) for Sabarimala temple (hills place).
Swami Ram Swarup: You can plan at your own please. It would not make any bad effect. However, according to Vedas, worship of only one Formless, Almighty, Omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe is required. But now the people are free and can do any worship.