Mohammad Tariq: Swamiji , Aapki site pe paigamber sahab ke bare padha badi khusi hui.”Aap jabki satya kya hai jante hai ki mohammad sahab akhari rishi akhari pegamber hai .aur unka jikra vedo purano jese grontho me bhavisya vaniya hui hai to phir logo ko isse aagah kyu nahi karte .unko sach baat kyu nahi batate ke sanatan dharm ke akhari rishi mohammedsahab hai aur islam hi satya sanatan dharm hai? sukriya ….
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas are knowledge and not the book, please. It has not been written by any Rishi-muni, man or woman etc. Actually, the knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from Almighty God, who is formless. Then the said knowledge is originated in the heart of four Rishis by the power of Almighty God. A thorough study of the four Vedas would reveal that any story or proper name of any Rishi, muni, man, woman etc., does not exist in it. Instead only knowledge is mentioned therein, please. No doubt, as per holy Quaran Sharief Pegamber Sahib is the Akhri Rishi/Pegamber and the same is respectfully accepted by Islam Dharma.

Anonymous: Presently I am UK studying and doing a job. I am not able to achieve my goal. I was in a relationship but there was a huge age difference and I am getting out of it.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you for a long, happy life. You are a student and I’m pleased you are studying in United Kingdom. Simultaneously, you also do job there. Please, go ahead, do hard study and job to get the goal. You’ve rightly decided not to marry with her. Student is strictly prohibited by Vedas to fall in love etc. you’ve to make your future by hard study to also fulfill the dream of your parents.

Anonymous: How do I know when avatar (Incarnation) come on earth and right now any avtar (Incarnation) in this world?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is only one who creates the universe and no other can create the universe except God. Please think deeply is any one except God empowered for creation, etc.? The pious qualities of God are unlimited whereas qualities of soul, which resides in human body, are limited. That is why He is God. This fact is also mentioned by Rishi Patanjali in his Yog shastra sutra 1/24, “KALEASHKARAMVIPAKASHYAIHI APRAMRISHTAHA PURUSHVISHESHAHA ISHWARAHA” i.e., He who is not indulged in any sorrows/sufferings (kalesh), in any kind of deed (karma) and result thereof (vipakya), He is supreme in souls and is called Ishwar (God), whereas, soul is indulged in all the said matters according to deeds done in previous, and in the present life. So this is also a difference between God and souls and therefore soul can never be God based on the different qualities.

Amongst unlimited qualities of God, few may be enumerated-that God creates, nurses and destroys the universe. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and Almighty, beyond description, beyond imagination, and beyond calculation. Nobody on the earth can deny such qualities, but these qualities are to be discussed and considered deeply and he who does the same is called MUNI as per Vedas and shastras.

Let us think over one quality of God – Being Almighty. Almighty means God has all powers and thus God, to control the universe and to do any kind of deed for the same, can not be dependent on another, at any cost, being Almighty. Again shastras say, which is a true saying too, that there must be reason behind for any creation, matter etc. God is a reason to create the universe. Parents are the reason to give birth to a child. Ravana took Sita forcefully which became a reason for war between Shri Ram and Ravana etc. So as per Vedas there must be a reason of avtar and after studying eternal knowledge of Vedas and thinking deeply, there seems no reason to take avtar by Almighty God. As in Yajurveda mantra 2/26, so is in Shwetashwaropnishad shlok 6/8 wherein it is mentioned that there is no reason to form a God and thus God is also formless i.e., nobody can make God but God creates universe from non-alive prakriti. Secondly the said Upnishad says that the
deeds of God of creation, nursing, and destruction of universe are eternal, natural, and automatic. So naturally God needs no avtar to destroy Kalyug, earth, or devils etc., being Almighty i.e., God has all powers and is independent. Not God but only His powers are enough to control, create, nurse, destroy the universe. That is why Upnishad says that God has no desire to create etc., but it is eternal and natural and this sort of desire is named “IKSHAN” and not desire to create etc.

Suppose God has to kill a devil and He takes avtar and God kills the devils by arrow etc. It means God is not Almighty and independent because God has taken help of Avtar (Human body) and arrow, gun, etc., which is impossible.

This all I have told based on fundamental law of eternal knowledge of four Vedas. Yet if anybody says about avtar then it is their own views and they are satisfied with their views and can not be commented because they could have been realizing at their own but so far as eternal knowledge of Vedas is concerned, Avtar is not possible.

God is formless

Being formless there is no need of statue or temple of God according to Vedas. As a matter of fact, you, I or every human being, lives in a body. Body is separate, we are called souls. Vedas say soul has no form even. Then also we know each other. For example even if you have not seen the photograph of King Akbar then, you can know Akbar by means of the study of his qualities. So is the case with the God. If an aspirant really goes to his Guru and listens Vedas like Shri Ram, and ancient kings and their public then he will be able to know hundred percent about formless God. Then comes realization for which Vedas (especially Samveda) says that he who performs Yajna, does jaap (according to Vedas) and practises Ashtang Yoga Philosophy while remaining in family like Shri Ram etc., he sure realizes ,being eternal law.

If we will meditate concentrating outside our body which is also against Vedas/Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, then our attention will always naturally remain outside i.e., attached with outer world i.e., decoration/music/dances etc. In that case subject matter of God will be over. It will be converted into spending fun, doing dances and singing attractive songs by ladies and gents, which is totally against Vedas. Thus the chapter of praising God, True Acharya, Rishi-Munis, performing Yajyen, practice of Ashtang Yoga, eternal knowledge of Vedas etc., will be over.

It is also baseless to say that study of Vedas and practice of yoga philosophy is difficult. It is self made story because Vedas are also called Shruti i.e., Vedas are to be listened first and not to be studied. So to listen to the Vedas, a learned Acharya is needed. The Acharya will explain the Ved mantras in the Yajna in your own language i.e., in English or Urdu etc., and for an aspirant to do asan, pranayaam, meditation etc., is also not difficult. It is all difficult for those human beings, including present false prophets, (who are against the Vedas), who are lazy, can’t awake early in the morning to listen Vedas and fail to do practice of yoga philosophy. Those people are always after money, materialistic articles and pomp and show etc.

Vedas are not written or spoken by God. This knowledge is emanated from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis as stated above. God is Almighty i.e., He has all powers. So He needs no assistance to do universal deeds. In human body alive soul resides and soul is dependent, soul requires mouth to speak, eye to see, hand to write etc., etc. but not God. From His power God originates the knowledge of Vedas in the rishis without writing, or speaking etc. Vedas’ knowledge is divine. The fundamental of the Vedas is this that it was not written or spoken. The knowledge by the power of God was originated about one Arab 96 crore, 8 lakh and 53 000 years ago. Then first time the four rishis of unsexual creation started pronunciation of the mantras by the power of God. God wanted them to know word meanings and senses of the mantras and therefore the rishis knew all. Then first time the four rishis started pronunciation of the mantras. They taught the
mantras to other ignorant people. Then another rishis were produced who knew the Vedas by heart by listening only. There was no paper, ink or pen there. The Vedas were being learnt by mouth to mouth and traditionally this process is yet in force. But mostly not by heart but taking help of the printed book. So printed books are not called Vedas but these are called samhita.

Samhita means the collection of Ved mantras. Therefore Present printed books cannot be considered as Vedas and will never be in future, but samhita. Kapil Muni throws light on this point in his Sankhya Shastra 5/48 that when a rishi does tapasya in the shape of Yajyen, study of Vedas, practice of Ashtang Yoga then the Ved mantras still (now also) originate in heart of the Rishi and the rishi pronounces the mantras. Those mantras are called Vedas, which emanate from God. So Vedas must first be listened (study) from alive Acharya (Guru who knows Vedas). Then only Samhita (books of Vedas) can help.

S: Pranam Guruji, my father is 77 years old. His urine has got blocked. Doctor has recommended surgery. What should I do?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, please. At this juncture, the surgery becomes essential. So, do not worry, everything will be O.K. please, convey my blessings to your father. I pray to God for your father’s early recovery.

Anonymous: Saadar Pranam Swamiji, under what circumstances is second marriage permitted? King Darshrath, Shri Krishna, etc. also had two marriages and so did many others.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Second marriage should always be avoided, please. King Dashrath and Sri Krishna Maharaj etc., were like Rishis and they had controlled their senses, perceptions and mind and hence second marriage was not a problem for them because all matters of sensuality were completely controlled by them.

Kumar: Parnaam almost all preachers speaking on puranas and not Vedas? puranas is itself a contradictory scripture? then how it stop us from being mislead? All masters stressing on atma and leaving body far behind, whereas without body atma cant get free itself? Atma`s only duty is to keep our body activated for a certain period of time and nothing else, isn’t it? We should stress on doing karma which is the ultimate truth of our life and only karma can help atma also and nothing else, isn’t it? Only karma can give us advancement and progress towards all aspects of life? Better to do karmayoga. Isn’t it? Why we are running after atma which can be purified only by performing our karma , rather engage in doing karmayoga which lead our atma towards God.atma is disloyal if body doesn’t do its karma honestly? Why all developed countries are far more advanced than ours, they are rich, beautiful,honest, with all facilities, clearly means their atma is more pure than ours, god is also there and if so then what we are talking about?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Learned of Vedas do not accept the contents of Purann, as they do not tally with Vedas. Swami Dayanand Saraswatiji has also clearly proved that Bhagwad Purann was written by Bopedev and not Vyas muniji. Since the contents of Vedas and Puranns always differ that is why the kathavachak/preachers of Puranns never preach Vedas and vice versa.

So, learned always preach Vedas and I may tell you he who listens to Vedas always remains away from being misled. Vedas’ knowledge emanates directly from Formless, Omnipresent, Almighty God Who creates, nurses and destroys the universe whereas Puranns have been written by human-beings. It is a renowned phrase-

“To err is human”. So, one should always listen to Vedas which have not been written by any Rishi-muni, man or woman (human-being).

Without body, Atma (soul) cannot be known similarly without soul the body cannot survive.
No, please, atma’s (soul) sole duty is not only to keep our body activated for a certain period of time but main target of soul to get human body is to make contact with learned acharya to listen to Vedas, to practise Ashtang Yoga Philosophy to realise God while discharging all moral duties. Otherwise, our position would be like an animal or bird in whose body also resides the soul to activate body for a certain period of time only.

Yes, we should stress ourselves to do karma but in the absence of knowing the karma’s theory which is mentioned mainly in Yajurveda, we may fall in illusion. As a result, we may start committing sins thinking them to be pious deeds. Karma would only help the atma if atma has gained Vedic knowledge and thus Atma directs the senses, perceptions and mind to do only pious deeds and not sins. Otherwise, senses and mind stress Atma to do sins and duly indulged in illusion, Atma accepts the worst order of worst mind and worst intellect.

You see, without getting permission of atma (soul) nothing can be done by our senses, perceptions, organs and mind. So, the soul which is indulged in illusion gives worst order and hence the problem. Karmayog is only done when it is known well from Vedas and the preach of a learned acharya of Vedas’ philosophy. Atma can’t be disloyal if Atma has gained Vedic knowledge otherwise what to talk about Atma, each of our organ, senses, mind, intellect becomes disloyal and atma suffers.

Yes, all developed countries are far more advanced due to the nationalism which remains in its citizens. Yet, crime rate ever increases. Several diseases, blind faith, immortal activities, rape cases and several other cases are taking place there in the absence of the knowledge of Vedic spiritualism. You see, when Vedic spiritualism existed in previous three Yugas then the said worst condition did not exist there. Even the people were learned, rich, honest, satisfied by all means, had control over senses, perceptions and mind. The said statement is available in Valmiki Ramayan and Mahabharat epic written by Rishi Valmikiji and Vyas muniji respectively.

As regards developed countries, they are advanced only in materialistic/worldly affairs and not in spiritualism. As a result, their problems, sorrows, tensions, diseases, crime rate etc., is increasing at alarming rate. You see, if a person is suffering from acute disease then whether he would prefer money first or get himself liberated from disease? So, money is not the target of human-beings. Yet, money is required and should be earned hard workingly. Money serves human body only by virtue of food, shelter (accommodation), vehicles etc., but spiritualism gives both benefits i.e., worldly pious happiness as well as spiritualism.

You see, Ravann, Duryodhan, Kansa, Dhritrashtra, Alexander, Nepolean Bonaparte were richest persons but they were never exempted from problems and bitter death at last because they were devoid of spiritualism. So one should at least start worship of God with following preach-

Shubh Karma

Hard working, devotion, dedication, honesty, services to the parents and elders to follow eternal religion mentioned in Vedas, practice of Ashtang Yoga, discharging moral duties to get progress in education, science simultaneously with spiritualism like, daily havan, to be in contact with the learned Acharya, to get his advice, are some of the pious deeds which make the future bright and obliterate the sorrows, problems, diseases, etc.

One must wake up early in the morning for early morning walk and exercises, must sit on meditation and chant holy name of God, must be away from any addiction and non-vegetarian. Such pious actions lead to long, happy life and bright future.


Please, start the day by chanting Gayatri mantra in the early morning sitting on suitable asan like Sukhasan, Siddhasan or Padmasan etc. concentrate on the point between two eyebrows which is called “Agyachakra”. The Gayatri mantra should be chanted along with its meaning both times. Also, please try to perform daily hawan even with Gayatri mantra. Then try to study any of my books daily and put up question if any.

After 15 days chant the Gayatri mantra only thrice thereafter do the name jaap of Almighty God-“Om”. The jaap must be done daily by heart and not orally.

The Gayatri mantra is as follows —



Meaning of Gayatri mantra stating each word is as follows. Its meaning is based on Vedas and Sanskrit grammar. Grammatical hints are in short please.

Om has three Hindi words. Aa, Uu AND Ma. Aa is meant for Aakaar from which three names of God are built, Viraat, Agni, and Vishwadi. From Uu = uukar from which Hirannyagarbha, Vayu and Tejas names occur and Ma = makaar from which Ishwar, Aditya and Praajyan aadi, holy names of God occur. Rigveda mantra 1/164/46 says God is one but His names are several. But here OM the holy name of God is only being explained.

VIRAAT = Viraat word is made from dhatu ‘Rajrideeptau’ i.e., manifest. Therefore Viraat means He who manifests the universe. As God manifests the universe, thus Viraat is the name of God. Rigveda mandal 10, sukta 129 states that like potter makes pot from clay, similarly God creates universe from non-alive matter prakriti. Prakriti is unseen matter. From unseen matter, the whole universe is created in the visible form. Science also says that matter is never destroyed but changes its form. Suppose a paper is burnt, paper changes its form into ashes. Then ashes are crushed and thrown in air. At this moment, the paper changed into ashes becomes invisible but was never destroyed. Similarly the whole universe at the time of final destruction is turned into prakriti i.e., into unseen form.

AGNI = From dhatu, “ANCHU GATI POOJANAYOHO” the word “AGNI is made. Its meaning is: He who is a form of wisdom. “SARVAJAYEN” i.e., Omniscient. That is, knows each and every atom of universe and even beyond universe. He who is to be known, to be gained and is worshipful. So Agni is the name of God.

VISHWA = Vishwa word is made from dhatu, “VISHPRAVESHANE”. Its meaning is He in whom the universe is entering or He who is entering the universe. So being omnipresent, Vishwa is the name of God.

HIRANNYAGARBHA = i.e., ” JYOTIRVAYIHIRANYAM”. Its meaning is, who is the base of all sun, etc., luminous lokas or He who is the living place of all luminous lokas.

VAYU = from dhatu, “VA GATIGANDHANYOHO”, vayu word is made. Its meaning is He who holds, gives life and destroys and is the mightiest amongst all. So the name of God is Vayu.

TEJ = from dhatu, “TIJA NISHANE”, the word Tej is made meaning He who is self made and self-enlightened and gives light to sun, moon, stars etc. God does not take light from anywhere but gives light to sun, moon, stars, etc. so the unbroken, unobstructed/unproduced and eternal form of light is Almighty God and not sun, moon etc. So the name of God is Tej.

ISHWAR = from dhatu, “ISH ASHWERIYE”, the word Ishwar is made. Its meaning is whose knowledge is thoughtful and true and He who has unlimited wealth, fortune and glory etc. Therefore the name of God is Ishwar. Here it is not out of place to mention that soul (man/woman) has limited qualities and are dependent whereas God is independent and has unlimited qualities that is why He is God.

ADITYA = from dhatu, “DO AVAKHANDANE”, Aditya word is made. Its meaning is the one who cannot be broken into pieces and thus cannot be destroyed. So God’s name is Aditya.

PRAJAYEN (PRAGYA) = from dhatu, “JYEN AVABODHANE”, Prajayen word is made meaning whose wisdom is totally without any misunderstanding and thus he who knows every matter and behavior of whole universe without misunderstanding. So God’s name is Prajayen. So here also it is not out of place to mention that illusion can never attack on God and God is totally free from illusion.

BHUHU = “BHUHU ITI VAYEE PRANAHA” i.e., He who is the base of lives of universe, is most beloved, even more than Prann i.e., breath. So Bhuhu is the name of God.

BHUVAHA= “BHUVAHA ITI APANAHA” i.e., He who is totally free from any sorrow, and the soul removes his own all sorrows after coming in contact with Him. So the name of God is Bhuvaha.

SWAHA = i.e., “SWAHA ITI VYANAHE” who is omnipresent in the universe and is holding the same. So the name of God is Swaha.

SAVITUHU = He who creates the universe. So the name of God is Savituhu.

DEVSYA= who gives all pleasure/merriment, so the name of God is Dev.

VARENNYAM = He who is the most supreme and acceptable. God is most supreme and acceptable for worship.

BHARGAHA = the purest entity (though God is formless, but finding no suitable English word of Sanskrit word, “SHUDH SWARUPAM” the word entity has been used.)

TAT = i.e., the God i.e., of the purest entity.

DHIMAHI = i.e., we must hold (sort of meditation) because

YAHA = the God

NAHA = our,

DHIYAHA = mind(i.e., in our minds)

PRACHODYAT = by inspiration (fulfil the mind with wisdom)

“We meditate the God who is the base of lives’ of universe, totally free from any sorrow, omnipresent, creates the universe, gives all pleasure/merriment, most supreme and acceptable, purest entity; May the God enlighten our minds with wisdom by His inspiration”.

Here it is not out of place to mention that idea of a (one) Ved mantra is based on ideas of several Ved mantras. So in the above Gayatri mantra, there are three things —-
Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha, Savituhu, Bhargaha, Devsya are some qualities amongst unlimited qualities of God. These are called Stuti i.e., to say about God with His real qualities and not self made etc.

Secondly Dhimahi means meditation i.e., one should always sit in meditation and do hard and pious deeds for which he will have to study Vedas in full, while discharging moral duties towards family and nation.

Third and last is DHIYO YO NAHA PRACHODYAT. It is a prayer to God explanation of which is cited above.

How to do havan

Please sit in the morning to perform havan. Havan must be in sunlight then it is more beneficial. Then half a bowl of fresh water with a tablespoon must be with you with small twigs especially of mango tree if possible, havan samagri, ghee, camphor and match box must be there with you. Please sit on sukh asan on four times folded blanket and blanket must be on mat.

Sukh asan i.e., sit on duly folded feet in comfortable position. Then first close your eyes and concentrate between two eyebrows and chant Gayatri mantra three times within heart and not by mouth. Then open your eyes.

Take one spoon of water in right palm. Chant this mantra, OM AMRITO UPASTRANMASI SWAHA and drink the water which you have put in your palm. Then again take the spoon of water in right palm then chant the next mantra, OM AMRITA APIDHANMASI SWAHA, and drink the water. Then again take the water in right palm and chant the mantra, OM SATYAM YASHAH SHRI MAYI SHRI SHRAYTAAM SWAHA, and drink the water. Then wash the right palm while sitting, with the same water kept in bowl.

Then put the twigs into havan kund with one piece of camphor and burn it. During this process chant the Gayatri mantra again and again till such time the fire is lighted sufficiently. Then chant the Gayatri mantra and at the last add the word Swaha and offer ghee with tablespoon, quantity equivalent to 4 to 5 drops. And if you are alone then also offer in fire pinch of havan samagri from your right hand’s finger and thumb avoiding forefinger. So this offering may be of 11 times, 21 times or 51 times as the time suits. It is the simplest way and I have not quoted the complete method of Yajna. The havan with Ved mantras are always offered as the best worship of God only please. Do havan daily and both times

My blessings to you for a long, happy life.