Jayakumar: Namastey Guruji Maharaj, Charan Sparsh Kindly let me know in nature what is the logic of food chain as per the Vedas. I mean, why that big animals etc eat small animals or cat kills and eat rat etc. Why these sort of himsa is naturally existing in nature which should not be there as it would be against Vedas.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my son. Your question is relevant but you see why do we eat chapatti, dal, fruits, dry fruits etc., which are small in size/weight than human body. It means food must easily be eaten. Same is the case of animals. As regards violence, the animals and birds are in bhog yoni, that is, they have been earmarked to take their food accordingly and hence the sin is not awarded for their violent nature. I also paste my article in this regard.

All plants come under udbhij yoni but have been earmarked by God as vegetarian food of human-beings. Similarly, the non-vegetarian food has been earmarked by God to be taken by wild animals etc., and not humans. Matter is quite clear, please. You see, non-vegetarian food is earmarked for carnivores. When a lion catches hold of an innocent, even an innocent calf, deer; the lion catches hold of them by their necks and such animals lose their life suffering great pain. And their pain, suffering can be seen/observed by anyone. But the plants/vegetables’ life has been fixed by God. That is why, crops/vegetations are cut but human-beings do not see any sign of suffering, fear on their part.

Secondly, fundamental laws made by God are clear in Vedas wherein the lord of universe has given orders that vegetarian food should be consumed by humans. Then how can consumption of vegetarian food be considered in the category of violent act or sin.

You see, management has been made by God of providing vegetarian food to humans to survive otherwise nobody can tell as to how human-body is to be kept alive to make the soul to live within body. You need to eat something to survive and that is the vegetarian food as per the law of God.

D S: How to help poor people? I have done everything suggested to improve but I haven’t got good results.
Swami Ram Swarup: We’ve to do our pious deeds for the society and poors etc., but without desiring its result. So, one should always do deeds selflessly. When you are doing your level best for the poor then why do you desire immediate result of your deeds. Please go ahead at your level best always, selflessly.

Shivaji: During Vedic ceremonies and while performing Aarti jointly before God, on which side of the husband, should the wife stand? What do the Shastras say about this?
Swami Ram Swarup: Wife should be at left side of the husband.