Anonymous: Swamji, is there anyways that God comes to you in dreams and gives you the enlightenment of knowledge because I have this dream where I met a serpent and suddenly all I could do was chant a mantra and in that dream I was chanting a mantra which I have never memorise but i was chanting in in the right manner…. is it because I was keen on reading Vedas and I am also a Shiv-ganesh believer…. ever since then I have been having this dream on seeing a serpent… Please elaborate on what is this all about… I read Vedas and it gives me a lot of answer in every situation i am having but I am just clueless on this one… thank you so much for having this side of questions and answers.
Swami Ram Swarup: No, my daughter, God never comes in dreams, being formless. Moreover, nowadays, nobody meditates or studies Vedas to worship formless, omnipresent, Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. I would like to tell you that following the said path of worship, dreams never come also.

Vedas tell that dreams are mostly false. Dreams are seen based on previous lives’ and present life’s events. Secondly, Vedas tell that dreams always give pain/sorrows etc. So, one should worship formless God according to Vedas. So, that dreams do not come. In your case, you are worshipper of Shiv and Ganesh and in the case of Shivji Maharaj, a serpent is involved and hence you see the same in your dreams. In the end, I would again advise you that dreams are not good to be seen and one must start worship of God so that dreams do not come.

Mady: I want to know, if Vedas tell us how to live our life and in which way why do they cost so high or why do they even cost?
Swami Ram Swarup: I would like to mention that I could not understand your statement – Why do they cost so high and why do they even cost? Please throw light whether cost means price of Vedas or something else?

Yes, Vedas tell us how to live our life. Even Vedas tell to make the best routine of our day. for example to get up early in the morning at 4 0’ clock, to have bath, clean teeth, wear clean clothes and then start studying and listening Vedas, practise Ashtang Yoga i.e., Yam, Niyam, Asan, Prannayam, Meditation etc. thereafter to discharge family duties and when sun rises, early in the morning, then to do daily agnihotra with ved mantras. Thereafter, Vedas state about discharging duties of Brahamchari (student), family holder, Vanprasthi and sanyasi.

Thereafter, in the evening, to start again the spiritual duties. Vedas tell about duty of each person in the capacity of husband, wife, politician, army commander/person, agriculturist etc. I mean to say all duties of the human beings in detail. That is why, everyone must study/listen to Vedas.

You see, Manusmriti Shloka 2/6 states in this regard:-

“Vedaha Akhilo Dharamamoolam”

i.e., all Vedas state all duties (deeds) of human beings.

Similarly, Bhagwad Geeta 3/15 states the same fact of duties. So, how a person would be able to know about his respective moral duties unless he studies/listens to Vedas.

Therefore in the absence of the knowledge of the Vedas, false gurus, who are against the Vedas are misleading the public by telling them the self-made duties/deeds/worship which is against the Vedas and hence blind faith begins and unauthentic deeds are adopted by public.