Vidhya: 7 months pregnant ladies can go to jeevasamadhi temple like mantralayam?
Swami Ram Swarup: Seven months pregnant lady must avoid hardworking. To go to temple is not bad and is not even a sin but keeping in view the health, she should avoid.

Dàyashanķar: Swamiji ko mera dandwat pranaam. Swamiji main or meri wife mere bhaiya or bhabhi or amaaji 7 Apr ko aana chahate h swamiji apaki anumati chahata hun.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. You all may come, beta.

Moin: I agree Idol worship is not form or not the way of worshipping, But according to Vedas How to worship almighty (who is formless, Imageless) . And what Muslims do is right way which they worship assuming he is formless. We should follow it ?
Swami Ram Swarup: According to Vedas, to do agnihotra/Yajyen with ved mantras only, to do Ashtang Yog practice mentioned in Vedas and Yog Shastra only, to do name-jaap of God and the name is mentioned in Vedas only and in addition to do services to mother, father, learned guests and learned acharya who is learned of Vedas and above stated Yoga Philosophy etc., is real worship of Formless God, Who creates, nurses and destroys the universe because the above said worships are not man-made but are preached by God in Vedas. God is formless and therefore His worship performed by anyone is right.

Secondly, agnihotra/Yajyen is performed wherein we chant the eternal and everlasting, true divine qualities of God, which is called worship of God. Here, we also do the services towards parents etc., quoted above, which is also worship of God. Thirdly, when we do practice of Ashtang Yog philosophy under the guidance of a learned acharya, it means we practice five Yam i.e., follow and adopt truth, non-violence, remain always away from stealing, celibacy/control over five senses, perception, mind and intellect from doing sins, avoid gathering of unnecessary goods to live upon. Thereafter, five Niyams are-Shauch, santosh, tap, swadhayaye, Ishwar prannidhanani.
Then do practice of asan, prannayaam, pratyahaar, dharnna, dhyan, Samadhi which is also a worship of God. The meaning of worship in Vedas is – to give respect (aadar, maan, sammaan) by obeying the orders of Almighty God mentioned in Vedas. As the above quoted worships have been ordered by God in Vedas and we follow and adopt the same, it means, we are worshipping the God and there are several other orders and preach of God in Vedas which we have to follow like speaking sweetly, promote brotherhood, donate and help needy persons etc.